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The Longest, Most Intense Bass Scenes from Movies


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This is a list of the longest, most intense bass scenes from movies, as recommended by you guys.  These are all done digitally, so they're what's on the disc.  The SpecLab settings are the same for each graph, aside from a little time dilation or compression to fit the scenes, so they're mostly directly comparable.


I'll gladly take requests, but please request only epic scenes that are more than five or ten seconds, not just loud effects.  Give exact timestamps from the disc, if you can.


Olympus Has Fallen - Washington Monument (0:26:55 - 0:27-16)




Earth to Echo - Launch (1:16:32 - 1:18:02)




All Is Lost - Storm (1:24:27 - 1:25:22)




The Last Airbender - Water Wall




Oz The Great and Powerful - Tornado (0:18:09 - 0:19:00)




Pulse - Server Room




The Wolverine Extended Unleashed - Hiroshima Nuke (0:03:39 - 0:04:29)




War of the Worlds - Ground Cracking




War of the Worlds - Death Rays




War of the Worlds - Plane Crash




Forum only allows 10 images per post, so continued on the next post.


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Flight of the Phoenix - Barrel Roll




The Incredible Hulk - Cop Car Smash




How To Train Your Dragon - Dragon Crash




Lone Survivor - Chopper Scene





Black Hawk Down - Fucking Irene!




Battle: Los Angeles - Final Fight (1:43:07 - 1:44:00)






X-Men 1st Class: Missile scene
ALVH: Chapter 10

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X-Men 1st Class: Missile scene

ALVH: Chapter 10


Hey Nube,


The start of X-Men 1st Class, where Magneto is tested in the room and gets angry, may also be quite long, from memory?


I've never watched it but that shuttle launch clip might also be a decent length?
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Thanks, I had forgotten. It's there now in the second post, right where it deserves!  Not super hot, but very good for such low content.  It's better than F'ing Irene, and almost exactly an entire minute long.  Good stuff, if you can reproduce it!

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I'll see if I can scrounge up Kon-Tiki again.  The storm in it was serious.


I happen to have the storm in Triangle measured.  Didn't think it was that great.  Good, but not great - it doesn't belong in this thread.  Timestamps are in the file names:





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Would "Pompeii" be a contender? My rig is not ULF capable as is (Fi Q15 housed temporarily in a 92L 25hz tuned BR, until I can finish the Lil'wrecker for it), but it sure enough beat on the house. I suspect a great deal of the energy is in the ~30hz range, but I may have missed a great deal of content below that. 

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I have a few scene's for you Nube..


Flight of the Phoenix (DTS-HD MSTR) 1:31:18-1:31:48 -- For some reason all that's ever talked about is the epic "barrel roll" scene (for good reason) but there are many good scenes throughout.  The gasoline explosion is great as well, but is more of a single effect so I didn't include that.


Phantom (DTS-HD MSTR) 0:30:17-0:31:00 -- Probably my favorite bass scene in the movie, although there are many more great moments... this is, iirc, the longest.


Live Free or Die Hard (DTS-HD MSTR) 0:11:41-0:15:05 -- I know this is a very long scene.  This is from the very first gunshot to the explosion.  I doubt you could count this as a "continuous" bass scene as there are a few short dialog breaks in between gunfire.  Willis' hand gun and the sub-machine guns have some serious weight to them. 


A serious workout for any capable sealed system.  I have 2 JTR Cap S2's in ~840 cubes and these scene's put a hurtin' on my room running flat at reference.  Thanks for all of your contributions on here and over at AVS.  I always look forward to your posts.  More scene's to come.. 

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I'm a bit late to the party, but finally watched OHF.  (Warning: minor spoiler ahead.)  Of all the captures on the site, the Washington monument scene is the one that threatened to do the most damage to my pair of Hsu subs.  When listening, I played back at -6 dB, but will test my limits carefully with higher levels in the morning.  In any case, I was very surprised by the effect.


From the scene description and the trace, I assumed I was going to get a lot of trembling and shaking from bombs exploding or something.  Instead I got a series of tight yet powerful crunches that I felt from my head all the way down to my gut.  Color me surprised, but it sounded exactly like I'd imagine large slabs of concrete to sound like while buckling and splitting apart!  It reminded me of the sound of the Bridge of Khazad-dum crumbling in Fellowship of the Ring, except with a whole lot more power and bottom end.  I'm also happy it came out so clean from my subs, albeit at -6.  :)


While I didn't care for the movie that much, the soundtrack was superb.  The explosions were great.  Very tight and full-bottomed bass.


Edit: On second watch, I'm not sure I would describe the Washington Monument scene of Olympus has Fallen scene in the same way.  This time, I noticed more of what I expected -- a sense of continuous erratic trembling.  Perhaps the higher playback levels brought the deep bass out more and made it sound less tight.  In any case, the scene is still quite impressive.  At "0", my woofers were moving pretty vigorously.  Without the -3 dB shelf I have below 25 Hz, that scene probably would have been too much.

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