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  1. Saw Star Wars in Gold Class which is the premium seat theatre here. I walked out with a headache and bass was average (in the theatre). Never experienced headaches at home and played much louder. This is the only movie I've watched since hocking off my gear. Depressing.
  2. Motorcyles! I'll still be lurking from time to time so I keep fresh on the latest and greatest right here. Lukeamdman's "basic amplifier thread" is piquing my interest at the moment.
  3. Enjoyed this site immensely and thanks to everyone who's given advice along the way. Sold all my gear today so will no longer be able to vote! Pursuing another passion. Really great site here and I've spent many hours following other threads because they hold much interest even though much of it went over my head. Bosso if I can get one of your systems to Australia I might be knocking on your door when I decide to get back into it.
  4. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here but cult classic Kung Fu Hustle on bluray had some nice bass moments in it. It is a subtitled movie but a great one at that.
  5. I've got Captivators with 17Hz port tune. I find Star Trek not to be at all lacking even though I don't experience full bandwidth effects. However when I watched this for the first time something was amiss. Can't recall exactly but I think it was just after I moved house and hadn't EQ'd properly. I didn't get what the fuss was about but redid the EQ and it was night and day. A great bass movie. Oh.... And welcome to Data Bass.
  6. Watched Monsters Dark Continent today. Didn't love the movie but a couple of decent bass scenes in it. Although I really didn't see all of the movie to be honest so don't take this review as gospel.
  7. Some good scenecaps from Bosso in "The Equalizer" thread already voted on a little while back. Covers some of the big hits. Also some caps (Bosso again) back in the "LF films 2014" thread and "Low frequency content" thread as well as some robust discussion about this film.
  8. Nube. Got Jupiter Ascending ready to go tomorrow. One vote closer to the end for that one. Wish I could watch the damn things earlier except for the bloody release to video here in Australia. Movies released in the cinema at the same time as U.S but video releases are two months behind. WTF?
  9. Had seen "The Haunting" mentioned over the years but just watched it for the first time today on DVD. Got to say it was very impressive and the movie wasn't too bad either. Reminded me a bit of the "Ragnarok" mix as far as bass is concerned. Very good.
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