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  2. actually the price for one Transducer is at ~3000€ before taxes, with the Amps, DSP, Interfaces ect. you should land under 6k, even with the big DSP.... AND it´s much easier to get those than you might think. You don´t even need a VAT number, at least, if you get to the right salesman. I´m actually thinking to build one of the EDM subs (2x M-Force) and put it under 2-4 Skrams... I think that would be a great match up.
  3. Where are you seeing the 10-15k price?
  4. Don't think anyone here is planning to buy a 10-15k sub if he could DIY a blazing bass inferno for that money. I'm also pretty sure that M-Force is only sold to OEMs and installation companies, so if you want one you'd probably not be able to buy it directly.
  5. Per Powersoft: The CINESUB is a hybrid transmission line cabinet loaded with the M-Force 301P02 transducer for infra and subwoofer applications. The design has been optimized for producing low distortion and high SPL down to 16 Hz, making the CINESUB the perfect low-frequency system for cinema applications sound systems as well as for high-end home theater installations. https://www.powersoft.com/en/applications/oem-solutions/m-force-sub#cinesub https://www.powersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/datasheet/PS_CINESUB_RD.pdf Anyone planning or have plans to implement this?
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  7. SME


    Room dimensions and rough floor plan would also be helpful information.
  8. Ricci


    It's hard to advise what is correct without more details. Measurements of the responses at the listening positions would help. The 21's appear to be vented or possibly a TL variant? Do you know what the tuning is on these?
  9. Looks like the conditions for those measurements are completely different. The response will be dominated by the enclosure alignment anyway. I would ignore these. Either driver should work well in the Skram. I would suggest the 551 due to a little bit of extra power handling and functional xmax. Nice build!
  10. The frequency response is taken from the original pdf 451 and 551
  11. The 451 curve looks like a free air plot. Forgot to close the hatch? 😅
  12. peniku8


    What exactly is this setup being used for? I see no center speaker, so it's not a dedicated HT setup, but I don't really see a point in running a 32" sub in a music setup when you already have two 21s. Might sound crazy, but since the space is so big a single sealed 32" might be on the weak side if you want solid sub 10Hz (which only makes sense imo if your wood flooring allows enough flex on the concrete for TR). Also, that space screams for acoustic treatment, but it looks quite new so I guess you're in the process of setting it up? What kind of room correction are you running and how are
  13. The 32 is at farthest wall and 90 degrees to the system and the 2 x 21inch either side. Running speakers to 80hz. 21s from 80-40hz and 32 inch from 40hz down. Is this the right way to go?
  14. Greetings... Thanks Ricci for the box design and free plans! After a lot of reading about these boxes, I decided to make them for a project I have with a friend! so far we’ve made two and I’m looking forward to turning them on, measuring them and adding them to the rest of the sound. My question is related to the speakers I would use and if anyone can explain to me the difference between these two frequency responses (RCF551 and 451) and why is such a curve at 451. 551 451 I've seen that with the b & c driver 18ds115 which we currently use in the scoops box and it
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  16. I have a few Martin Audio W3 passive 15s that I could use if I want to go that loud. This system is aimed at smaller speakers, for quieter/closer listening with more emphasis on low end extension. I will experiment with larger folding baffles though, thanks!
  17. I've recieved an answer and they suspected this phenomenon was caused by bad contact of the speaker connector on the amp. I had the amps stored on a shelf in the warehouse for a few months, so it makes sense that there was some dirt build-up and corrosion-like effects (humidity never exceeds 60% there thou, so it's only minor), since the amps were unpacked. Running a higher current through the connector seems to literally clean it, which reduced the distortion. The more you know..!
  18. Thanks! Hopefully the "burn-in" phenomenon is normal and is something that's usually done at the factory.
  19. Small update on the Hypex amps: according to them all amps are tested at the factory and run through a burn-in period there. I suspect that this step was skipped because the amps were on back order already (I waited 2 months to get my amps in mid 2020 due to the pandemic), but of course this is nothing but a speculation from my side right now. I voiced the same thoughts to Hypex and waiting for their take on that. Will keep you posted
  20. That's correct, but they don't actually change by much, especially at only 50W per 3KW element (which is 100W into 8R=two elements in parallel). For 4R tests that's 4 elements in parallel already, so it's only about 30W per element on the FA123.
  21. The resistance of the heating elements will change from the beginning to the test to the end of the test if you do not immerse them in water. This will change the results of the calculation of power into the load slightly.
  22. Regarding pascal modules they are available in the STA-1000D and STA-2000D amplifiers from img stageline.
  23. Sounds good. A lot more comprehensive than what I can do!
  24. Added a follow up video to my previous comparison between the K-10 and CVR 3002. More subs, higher power and load.
  25. When I have had the time to do some serious listening after integrating with my other ~17 hz tuned subwoofers, the experience is quite visceral. Even at low output levels, there is a sense of weight that is hard to describe.
  26. I've reported my findings to the guys at Hypex and they're looking into it now, will keep you guys updated
  27. This is pretty close to my findings too, I ran 80hz on bass music and 100hz on house/techno, I'll probably try 110hz next time for a little more punch. 12db LR for both, I haven't needed a high pass yet as I've running bugger all power so far.
  28. This is amazing, thanks Josh. Looks like I can open mine up to go a bit lower than what I had been doing previously. Thank you!
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