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  2. Putty and paint, makes it what it ain't! Only downside I see is that you seem to only have 2
  3. Looks great to me. Take your time and don't worry about small details. It'll be fine. When in doubt PL premium will fill any gaps!
  4. Some carpentry sins have been committed due to time constraints and lack of both quality tools and experience, but nothing I don't expect PL and Bondo to hide. It's an intimidating build to do by hand, mostly due to the bracing, but I wanted to do it "right" and I expect the cabinet is going to be stiff as hell. Got some 21DS115-4s on deck and if all goes well they'll be at full flex at an event last weekend in June.
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  6. I'm selling off the HF section of my BIG 2ch music system. 1 pair of JBL 2360A 90Hx60V horns with brackets and throats. 1 pair of JBL 2245H 8ohm compression drivers. Condition of all is used. Expect scratches, a LOT of dust, dings etc...These are old units and aren't much for looks but they perform. The 2445's have the original JBL diaphragms to my knowledge. I believe the drivers might be original to the horns FWIW. The red terminal is loose on both CD's but they've always been that way and work fine. I've been using them for a very long time and have recently bench tes
  7. For the price these look pretty decent. The other option in that price range are the Type S 12 which has a lot lower motor force. Really the only thing the UM has going for it over this is the shorting rings and possibly lower distortion. The UM series gives up a lot of motor force and costs more though. Nobody really makes a 10" or 12" like I'd like to see.
  8. Thanks for the paper, I've been looking for some more info the topic! If you had access to a flow sim software, you could probably get some decent info out of that, even if it works with (non compressible) liquids.
  9. Probably decent, the Lab 12 has great mms and BL for its size giving it a low Q so it would work well in a horn. I don't see any reason this couldn't.
  10. https://www.comsol.com/paper/download/679311/bezzola_paper.pdf might be of interest for a 'fully optimized' design
  11. I think from the datasheet the 18mm is when BL=0.7*MAX(BL). Looks like a great deal for the price, shame that price will not be anything like that in the UK. I wonder how it would do in a FLH like the lab horn?
  12. "Klippel Verified" means whatever the marketing department wants it to... The inductance isn't terrible (5.09 mH vs a 3.95 ohm Re), but it is no mid-bass. Things are rolling off after 100 Hz. https://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/295-166--dayton-audio-mx12-22-spec-sheet.pdf I don't see any suggestion of inductance mitigation in that impedance plot, and the cutaways don't show shorting rings.
  13. I wonder if "Klippel Verified" 18 mm Xmax includes Le linearity? I didn't see any mention of shorting rings. I wonder what HF extension looks like.
  14. Yeah, I saw that the other day. Plenty of motor, decent stroke, and reportedly quiet. Only real gripe after looking at the specs is that Le/Re is greater than 1. Still, it is a decent looking driver for the $$. If I needed a 600W 12, I would certainly consider it.
  15. Looks like a new driver, not half bad on paper. Reasonable BL, not too too high mms. Price is solid too. https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-MX12-22-12-Max-X-High-Excursion-DVC-Subwoofer-2-Ohms-Per-Coil-295-166
  16. I believe you will always get a smashing win when going diy vs commercial bang for buck! There's no competition. I went that way too. You need 3 SKhorn to meet 2 BC218 over 30 hz , but under 30hz it will be more of a 2 to 1 ratio. If you went lower, the ports would need to be a lot bigger in length and noise would go down. f132 goes just up to 60 hz. The new Powersoft designs go to 100. I think best bang for buck is SKhorn, best smashing output density and wow factor is EDMSub from Powersoft with dual 30" drivers , which is 2 or 3 times more powerful long term than 1 SKhorn. Ip
  17. Hi! I have some questions for you before I can answer yours. First of all, where are you from ? What is the main purpose you need these subs? Rental, Live events, DJ, club, or home use? what type of music are you mostly working with? yes , I heard BC218 , a pair, they are tremendous subs! But very very large. Really full power at 25 hz I also heard M-Force drivers in F132 from Funktion one and some prototypes from Powersoft before launching. F132 goes as low, at 25-26 hz if I would compare BC218 to F132 I would say they have the same extension, sa
  18. kipman, we bought the epoxy and carbon fibre on a german website, "HP-Textiles". Important is to not use the classic fibric mesh for the good look, but the one where the carbon fibres are just laid and needled together. We tried different epoxy systems, but both, the one especially for laminating, but also the universal did a good job, if you know how to do the job haha Unfortunately, we still didn't finish our subs, so we dont't even know if all the work brought also some improvements except the weight savings, hopefully we know it in some weeks...
  19. I'm interested in this popplar plywood carbon-epoxy layer construction, do you have any details of the products used?
  20. Spent a full weekend ripping wood for a pair of cabinets. Plan is to augment or eventually replace a pair of Keystones. I've always been a TH fanboy but I trust that if Ricci thinks bandpass cabs are the business then I'm eager to give it a go. Looking forward to that sweet 30hz.
  21. Boxes are isobaric bass reflex with all 4 voice coils over two drivers in series making a 16 ohm nominal box. I observe up to 2dB power compression on a 94V sweep but its at the frequencies where excursion is maximized, I don't think I can see any heating effect in the data I have. I don't have data for higher voltage sweeps because that's as much as I could get out of the amp I had at that time. I used to run these drivers in sealed cabs and this resulted in the motor structure glue failing jamming the voice coil, the voice coils suffered mechanical damage (scrapes) but didn't burn. This
  22. Bennett from B&C suggested setting the true long term power limits around 1/10th of the program power, which would be 500W for an ipal for example, or 360W for the 4,5" 21DS115. I have no clue how good the cooling is on the Pyles, but power handling also depends on cabinet type, as you get less excursion (so less cooling) in sealed cabs for example, but I'm pretty sure you're not using sealed cabs for PA. You could try running the sub at a certain power limit for a while and measure the TS parameter shift. Or measure it acoustically and see where power compression sets in, maybe that is a
  23. I want to define some long term power limiters for my subs using Pyle plpw15D drivers as I'm going to hook them up to a bigger amp. However as they are car audio drivers with non PA coils I'm not sure what a sensible long term power limit would be: the former is alu which should increase power dissipation capabilities, 2.5" dia, 4 layer with two voice coils. They have a vented pole peice. The manufacturer rates the driver at 1000Wrms which from rules of thumb I have seen would suggest around 500W as a sensible long term limit. I also found this chart from powersoft: fr
  24. Any LMS-4000s out there?
  25. High power closed box doesn't work well for PA the air inside the box gets hot so after an hour or so you will get noticeable reduction in output, I have tried it and changed to a design closer to ported. Some reduction in box size should be possible by accepting a non flat un-equalised response.
  26. Excellent work. The response looks very good. No surprises.
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