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  3. Thanks for the info Ricci, I'll go for the 8ohm option as LaVoce only has 8ohm haha Regarding the pieces, yes I meant dsl's files. So actually this was a direct question to him. Anyway if they are not critical as you said I suppose that my guessings are correct. I'll upload some photos when the build begins
  4. Will separate...2445H CD's will ship for $200 plus shipping. Horns $500 no shipping.
  5. Hello Waipy. 8 vs 4 ohms depends on which driver. There is usually some small difference between 8ohm and 4 ohm models, but it is not enough that it would be very audible in most cases. Usually the 8ohm version will have slightly less motor force and higher Qes/Qts. I do not think you would be able to tell them apart in a blind listening test in most cases. Back panel brace T does not have an angle in the original plans. It is not divided in two. Brace Q is removed if using a plate amplifier. These may have been modified in DSL's cnc files. Neither are critical to be exac
  6. Hello all, first of all thanks to everyone for the knowledge share and specially to Ricci for pusblishing your works. I've been years behind the Othorns and when finally I was able to build them I leaned to the Skram as it seems more reasonable for me in terms of costs (going for the Lavoce) and mobility. I've been organizing the .dxf files that @dsl1 shared and named them according to the pdf that Ricci shared (Ricci I can send you the files in order to swap them in the front page to ease the work of newbies like me, if dsl1 agrees). I have some questions referring to that: - The ba
  7. I cant say anything about inches but i Have single 21sw152 in My living Room. The box IS 430l (0.43cubic Meters) and reflex point IS about 14.6hz. It has 3 vents witch IS 110mm Wide and about 950mm deep. it yousually Works very fine but when It Goes upper bass, Ports can Make noise (sorry For My Bad english and i am little bit of drunk)
  8. Yep...Definitely helps get what you can from a junk AC supply
  9. 4 of these and a pair of PM90's should be quite a good sounding setup and compact for the performance available. I've not personally heard the PM90's but I've looked at the design and talked with guys who have built and heard them. The feedback and measurements are positive. Amplification will depend on budget, channel needs and available mains supply. You've got everything from Behringer at the cheap end on up through something like a PS X8. Would the PM90,s be active?
  10. How much did that thing cost?
  11. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/diy-mid-hi-bms-coax-2x-12-b-c.3006048/ Almost the same setup, I think @dsl1 was very happy with it
  12. Hi all I am looking at a DIY FOH build. For the top boxes looking at the Peter Morris PM90 and was wondering if this sub in two per side would be a good match. I plan to bite the bullet and spend once so the Eminence NSW6021-6 will be the driver. On that what would be ideal power amps to run the show Chris
  13. The magic of PFC... love it
  14. this should help with your generator issues as the measurements I have seen of Powersoft amps(x4/x8) show sinusoidal in phase mains current whereas reports on the NU/NX6000 indicate large current spikes.
  15. Good to see some more SKRAMs getting use at outdoor parties! I built my 3rd for a party at easter, still with the 4x 10" car audio drivers as I ran out of time for testing the Dayton 18"s i bought. Ran for 3 days with 4x Martin W3s for top end and everyone loved it, so many compliments on the sound all weekend! Will be building a 4th soon to finally test the 18"s so i'll keep everyone updated whenever that happens.
  16. 2 of each. Osborn Point out in the Cascades (Washington). Getting out there on the forest service roads is a bit of a challenge, especially with a ton of gear, but the vantage is amazing and you can make as much noise as you like way up there. 21DS115-4 in the Skrams. Keystones are loaded with some spare OEM ceramic, stamped basket 18s from a friend at a local, well known audio manufacturer. They're no B&Cs but they sim nicely and have stood up to some abuse that is frankly well past the specs I was given for them. They've got a good motor and great excursion capability.
  17. Cool! Looks like a good time. Where are you located? That's a nice looking chunk of land. The Keystones are bigger than I thought. What drivers do you have in them? What drivers in the Skram's?
  18. Haha! Excellent work. I'm glad you like them. If you don't do CF/poplar/epoxy logo/acrylic front, they won't match! 😆
  19. So do you have Skrams or just Keystones?
  20. Gig report- very impressed. I didn't have time to do proper measurements/EQ with a mic so I fiddled around in hornrep ahead of time to get a phase match with the keystones. Landed on delaying the Keystones 5.8ms with a phase invert. Based on the rich sound, coverage, and amp levels vs output, I think that must have been reasonably close. We had some issues maintaining voltage with the cable runs and generator capacity, and I was quite conservative running the NX6000 into them since I haven't set up proper limiting, but it was more than enough to prove these cabs are quite capable. Got the same
  21. We finally "finished" our two skrams, at least so far, that we could fire them up for the first time, last weekend. Together with our self designd Top (AMT + double 12" in CB, also just "finished") this was one of the most stunningly setups I´ve ever heard. The skrams made the perfect underline for the Tops, wich were designed to produce the cleanest sound possible. It´s absolutely crazy what output just 2 Skeams have, while the Ipals arent´t even moving. Looking forward to build 2 more of them (but the next will be made of the good old BB and be Paintet with duratex. No fanc
  22. Somehow most of the links in the first post were broken again but they should be fixed now.
  23. Yes these are specs from OEM.
  24. A LOT of variation is allowed even from the best manufacturer's. SVS undoubtedly has a ton of internal documentation on the drivers. They could've sent the data to a reviewer or someone else. Word gets around. Those are the specs from the OEM?
  25. @Ricci Indeed... the specs given are for both iterations. Moreover SVS doesn't list them at all, so how can that be a repost of SVS? Anyways they come from OEM manufacturer documents not to be found anywhere else. But i will agree if you say his measurements are within industry tolerances... You are the true guru after all.
  26. Nice link back to your website...Exactly where did these parameters for the drivers come from? Just a repost of factory SVS specs? You should be aware that the specs and Klippel results posted earlier in this thread are from a guy who knows what he is doing and has access to some of the best testing equipment available. Also driver specs that vary by up to 30% or more are considered in spec in most cases. This is very common in the industry. No two units will ever test exactly the same. The specs posted by ITR earlier are not that far off from the specs listed for the PB16U driver.
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