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  2. As for the speakers I used b&c 21sw152 is more beastly but to me personally ds115 is much more tonal sounds nicer and softer in lower frequencies .. why I chose rcf because it is sharper, much more aggressive about 60hz than all the others, and if I put 4 the skram will go deep enough to cover that small flaw that it has unlike these two .. if we look at the PA purpose and the sound to me personally of these three rcf is the one that meets my needs. I use them primarily for my own pleasure: D hehe for PA purposes, I have my own sound system DIY (DUB / Bass music) and also work for r
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  4. Very cool. I'm sure that TH will move some air. What's the low corner on it?
  5. Thank you guy's for the awesome inputs, my apologies for the late reply. Much appreciated for side by side comparison of the ipal and nsw Ricci. Although the NSW offers the best bang for the buck, I might try an external series ipal setup, albeit with some thick ass wires. 6 is kinda pushing it for that amp, even with the 152s...specially if I want the damping factor to remain high Been keeping this box on the dl but it's basically similar to the th18 but slightly modified for 21'' woofers, code named the hornicator, I haven't done any measurements on it yet but it sounds hella goo
  6. Jordy, The 21Ipal is good as well but if you ever want to run a single cab it will be hard to find an amplifier that likes the 1ohm load. If you have a good price on 4 and the impedance will work for you go ahead. The semi inductance for some of the drivers that you listed are shown on the driver testing page on the main DB website. Yes that HR input is the current "best" match at least until I can get a cab tested.
  7. hi Choko, I could not make clear out of your poosts if you use them at home or PA purpose.
  8. Thanx guys, for you reply,s I would like to sim them, and just to be sure in comparing appels to apples. Dos any of you have driver files to import in HR, witch have the corrected inductions, as I don't understand sure how I can correct this myself. for B&C 21DS115-4, B&C21SW152-4, RCF 21N551-4, Eminence NSW6021-6 Also I can get 4 Ipal on 1ohm used for a very good price. To Ricci, would you still prefer the Eminence NSW6021-6 to the Ipal 1ohm 2x serial on a x8 channel. Is this HR data the best one to use to date? Its from July 16, 2019. As I went co
  9. Greetings! After listening to "Skram" for a long time(3mon), I can say that the box works very nicely and controls the speaker very well .. I tried to put it inside B&C 21DS115-8 // B&C21SW152-8 // RCF 21N551-8 I am currently using Rcf and staying with it because it is raw and tight, and the overall performance is better , better spread over octaves than with two b&c SW152 is deeper and stronger but therefore more muddy or undefined, ds115 sounds even more beautiful to me in terms of softness and bass, but it lacks "strength" compared to these two before ..
  10. Sure. All of the files are available in the first couple of posts. Welcome to the forum. 🙂
  11. These look amazing! I have a CNC and would love to take a go at making a pair. @Ricciis this something you still share and if so may I pretty please
  12. My recommended driver for these is the Eminence NSW6021-6.
  13. Looks like great work Hunsbedt! Good job.
  14. https://www.powersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Powersoft_X8_DS_EN_WEB.pdf So you have the choice of running the two channels bridged or as non bridged channels. Bridged is rated down to 4 ohms so you can't run all 4 drivers off this. Then looking at single channels maximum rated power is at 2ohms per channel so you should put two 4 ohm coil drivers on each channel. This excludes the IPAL leaving the SW or DS, the DS has a more powerful motor and slightly higher XVAR so should be capable of more output.
  15. Hello all. After reading a lot I have made the dicision to build 4 skrams. Was using 2 keystones (sw115) and hoping te 4 skams wil make me more happy. So what is unclear for me is the best driver choice,, and maby one of you could point me in the good direction. My amp is an x8 Powersoft of witch I have 2 channels avedible for running the 4 skrams, note that the other 6 channels are barley loaded (4x pm60 tops) so there wil be quite a lot of powershearing able to go to the 2 sub channels. I would like to get as mutch as possible out if the 4 Skram and my amp. combination,
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  17. Do 4 skrams instead
  18. https://www.digikey.com/en/resources/conversion-calculators/conversion-calculator-parallel-and-series-resistor
  19. The speakerpower can do 2+2 so you'll want to try and land a 2ohm load per channel. Look for a driver with a ~5 to ~6 ohm DCR and if you take 3 of them in parallel you're gonna a be right at a 2 ohm nominal load. Perfect for each side of your amp. Are you set on have 6? 4 21's is still a lot and may be easier to deal with.
  20. It looks killer! You've got me wanting to dive in to one of these instead of the Othorn!
  21. Finally got time to spraypaint my one remaining SKhorn today. I used Warnex paint and an inexpensive HVLP spray gun. After to layers it lookes pretty ok I guess. Tomorrow I will turn it over and finish the cabinet. After this and finishing the build, I will also glue some acoustic foam in the back chambers, as Ricci suggested.
  22. Thanks for the compliment and for the clarification. That looks like an amazing setup!
  23. Only thing bad about the NSW 21s are that I should have bought more when there was that great sale or I should have been 10 minutes faster to buy the one's Ricci had tested.
  24. Either of those woofers are excellent. The NSW is a lot cheaper here and the impedance is much easier to match amps to with a single or dual drivers. Performance wise the 21Ipal is a bit more efficient and may have a very small edge in power handling because of it but it's probably not enough to be audible. Both are absolutely top tier drivers. I own both. Either company is large enough and well established that any sort of mfg defects will be taken care of. There have been some reported issues with both drivers. It happens.
  25. What I found interesting is that, as SME already described, I think the reference point for 'loud' music listening at home (mid and near field) is around 80dbA, which is where the 'excitement' starts and I feel engaged with the music as my main element of sensual stimulation. In a live setting in a large hall or outdoors, I found that this 'excitement' starts at pretty much exactly 100dbA. I've mixed a show at 97dbA and it was just lacking excitement. When I boosted the overall volume to around 100dbA, it was there, 103db and it was too loud. My show still was a few db less loud than the main
  26. Hi SME Have really enjoyed all the details /experience / knowledge you have and continue to share. Movie content can indeed flex things a bit. Seems that more recent movies have sound engineers that are already boosting the low end, so I typically do not run as hot there. A recent movie that I thought was mixed well in the recent past was Ford vs Ferrari. With RTA and music, I've always enjoyed the feel (literally) of live music. I run the bass hot in music to get that "feel" in my chest and such of the drums/bass while still saving my ears - still can hear up to 17.5khz in
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