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  1. Filtered like blu-ray. I believe this would be new true 5 star film if like german track would be measured, its pretty brutal in places.
  2. Batleship is un-filtered on dubtracks. Nice, sadly dubs are god horrible ,but action scenes are worthy to check.
  3. How about hobbit? Could work very well in this movie?
  4. ^^^Maybe dts hd ma track is better than true hd on triangle, at least bitrate is better. http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/multi_comparison.php?disc1=3857&disc2=3999&hd_multiID=1598#auswahl
  5. +1 to slumdog millionaire, chopper scene is nuts. 127 hours have some pretty good scenes too(accident scene ). Thanks nube for resident evil films.
  6. I believe this is not strictly taken from blu-ray, but gives idea of extension. http://i55.tinypic.com/2wf0htd.jpg Look like its same as scandinavian blu-ray(i own it), what have that same 25hz filter as us blu-ray. There is also 2011 re-released us blu-ray, any idea how bass is in that version? http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=12845
  7. Thanks, here are few what i forgot to add. District 9 Town Blood creek Don't be afraid of the dark(2010) Monsters ws aliens Outlander(clipping mess ?,pretty good movie though) Doom Hulk The One(jet li) Machete Cowboys & Aliens Evil aliens(fun movie, with some good bass scenes) Grazies(remake) Sunshine(most clipping than any other movie that i know, still some good bass scenes and great movie) 3:10 to yuma(remake) 30 days of night 10000 B.C(this is good one, mammoths scene , movie? ) Bee movie(tennis scene, very nice) Constantine Downfall Domino Top gun(dolby true hd ws dts-hd ma?) Ghost in shell 2:Innocense(little known great randy thom mix) The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy(nuff said ) I robot Ice age 1-4 The invasion The Iron giant Jurassic park 2-3 Limitless Man of fire The matador Next Planet terror(elevator scene,nuff said again ) Poseidon(remake) Priest Shoot 'em up Shooter Silent hill Tear of the sun The butcher(eric roberts, this have some very low gun shot bass) Take shelter(watched this a while a go and it was good for bass and movie) Below Phew, thats all for now.
  8. Death race trilogy(part 3 is maybe 5 star movie) , hitman, eragon, minority report, odd thomas, sherlock holmes 1&2, king kong(peter jackson) 28 days later, 28 weeks later, avp, avp2, five days of war, babylon a.d, max payne, beowulf, resident evil 1-4 , the exorcism of emily rose, prince of persia: sands of time, real steel(god this movie sucks, but bass is good), piranha 3D, ninja assassin, windtalkers(dir cut), hellboy, rambo 4(theatrical vs extended, different mixes i've heard?), crank 1-2, mission impossible 1-4, trollhunter, valkyrie(tom cruise), melancholia, three of life, sinister, the island, sin city, smoking aces, toy story 2, wall-e, robocop(1987), solomon kane, happy feet, legend of guardians, blade 1-3, blade runner,
  9. Yeah, those are from dvd. Couple scenes are shown here where that nebucanesher(or what that ship name was) is landin and hits solid objects(in chapter 2 and 4 if i remember right). No idea is blu-ray filtered, was askin it too.
  10. Robocop have pretty good re-mix on blu-ray with ulf down low, but levels maybe same as commando? Then how about three of life, it includes one of best demo scene with visuals and audio/bass IMO. Btw, is matrix reloaded filtered in blu-ray, because...
  11. Could be worse than that, like 40hz hpf or something. If my ulf senses were right, red 2 might be worthy to wait too.
  12. Well was it 5.1 track or 2.0 track you measured from that blu-ray(i assume you have region a blu-ray), because this very old chart of mine is from dir cut dolby digital 5.1 dvd that is identical to 5.1 dts-hd ma track on theatrical blu-ray what i know(have them both).
  13. Well just compared both tracks on r2 ee dvd and dolby digital ex track have more grunt on it. Bosso, what you think about this? Commando and Inside, this will be very interesting.
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