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  1. Filtered like blu-ray. I believe this would be new true 5 star film if like german track would be measured, its pretty brutal in places.
  2. Batleship is un-filtered on dubtracks. Nice, sadly dubs are god horrible ,but action scenes are worthy to check.
  3. How about hobbit? Could work very well in this movie?
  4. ^^^Maybe dts hd ma track is better than true hd on triangle, at least bitrate is better. http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/multi_comparison.php?disc1=3857&disc2=3999&hd_multiID=1598#auswahl
  5. +1 to slumdog millionaire, chopper scene is nuts. 127 hours have some pretty good scenes too(accident scene ). Thanks nube for resident evil films.
  6. I believe this is not strictly taken from blu-ray, but gives idea of extension. http://i55.tinypic.com/2wf0htd.jpg Look like its same as scandinavian blu-ray(i own it), what have that same 25hz filter as us blu-ray. There is also 2011 re-released us blu-ray, any idea how bass is in that version? http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=12845
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