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    B&C 21DS115

    I don't consider myself an expert on a par with an audiophile magazine reviewer or any such, but I spent some years gigging, some time behind the mixer, and did mobile DJ as well. So for whatever my subjective take on SQ might be worth, the DS has exceeded my expectations and even my hopes. It has been pushed hard, too, and whether sotto voce or firewalled it is solid and articulate. I have not regretted the purchase for a second.
  2. Seek

    B&C 21DS115

    Subscribed. This will be interesting So you mentioned you have a large ported cabinet you plan to try it in after the sealed enclosure testing. Is the ported cab' you mentioned by chance the 25 hz tuned one you used SW152 in? Thought I would attach a pic of the 792 liter, 22hz tune tapped horn I have a DS115-8 in, shown before finishing up the last of the bracing and stitching the front on. It's a roomful, alright, and sure moves the house. I have everything I need to get some nearfield sweeps done, everything except time this weekend. I'll try to get that done next Fri or Sat.
  3. Would "Pompeii" be a contender? My rig is not ULF capable as is (Fi Q15 housed temporarily in a 92L 25hz tuned BR, until I can finish the Lil'wrecker for it), but it sure enough beat on the house. I suspect a great deal of the energy is in the ~30hz range, but I may have missed a great deal of content below that.
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