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  1. Will separate...2445H CD's will ship for $200 plus shipping. Horns $500 no shipping.
  2. Hello Waipy. 8 vs 4 ohms depends on which driver. There is usually some small difference between 8ohm and 4 ohm models, but it is not enough that it would be very audible in most cases. Usually the 8ohm version will have slightly less motor force and higher Qes/Qts. I do not think you would be able to tell them apart in a blind listening test in most cases. Back panel brace T does not have an angle in the original plans. It is not divided in two. Brace Q is removed if using a plate amplifier. These may have been modified in DSL's cnc files. Neither are critical to be exac
  3. Yep...Definitely helps get what you can from a junk AC supply
  4. 4 of these and a pair of PM90's should be quite a good sounding setup and compact for the performance available. I've not personally heard the PM90's but I've looked at the design and talked with guys who have built and heard them. The feedback and measurements are positive. Amplification will depend on budget, channel needs and available mains supply. You've got everything from Behringer at the cheap end on up through something like a PS X8. Would the PM90,s be active?
  5. Cool! Looks like a good time. Where are you located? That's a nice looking chunk of land. The Keystones are bigger than I thought. What drivers do you have in them? What drivers in the Skram's?
  6. Haha! Excellent work. I'm glad you like them. If you don't do CF/poplar/epoxy logo/acrylic front, they won't match! 😆
  7. A LOT of variation is allowed even from the best manufacturer's. SVS undoubtedly has a ton of internal documentation on the drivers. They could've sent the data to a reviewer or someone else. Word gets around. Those are the specs from the OEM?
  8. Nice link back to your website...Exactly where did these parameters for the drivers come from? Just a repost of factory SVS specs? You should be aware that the specs and Klippel results posted earlier in this thread are from a guy who knows what he is doing and has access to some of the best testing equipment available. Also driver specs that vary by up to 30% or more are considered in spec in most cases. This is very common in the industry. No two units will ever test exactly the same. The specs posted by ITR earlier are not that far off from the specs listed for the PB16U driver.
  9. Looks great to me. Take your time and don't worry about small details. It'll be fine. When in doubt PL premium will fill any gaps!
  10. I'm selling off the HF section of my BIG 2ch music system. 1 pair of JBL 2360A 90Hx60V horns with brackets and throats. 1 pair of JBL 2245H 8ohm compression drivers. Condition of all is used. Expect scratches, a LOT of dust, dings etc...These are old units and aren't much for looks but they perform. The 2445's have the original JBL diaphragms to my knowledge. I believe the drivers might be original to the horns FWIW. The red terminal is loose on both CD's but they've always been that way and work fine. I've been using them for a very long time and have recently bench tes
  11. For the price these look pretty decent. The other option in that price range are the Type S 12 which has a lot lower motor force. Really the only thing the UM has going for it over this is the shorting rings and possibly lower distortion. The UM series gives up a lot of motor force and costs more though. Nobody really makes a 10" or 12" like I'd like to see.
  12. Excellent work. The response looks very good. No surprises.
  13. Hello... I would start by defining a few things that will help others give you advice. Budget? Room size shape? Maximum size / dimensions available for the subs? Multiple locations available for the sub? How loud do you plan to listen? Rock concert levels or more modest typical home playback levels? What experience do you have with powerful bass systems? What is your reference for the sound you want?
  14. Sounds good Phil. Feel free to post measurements or listening impressions of your sub.
  15. Chiko, I'd suggest putting some damping in there behind the drivers. It should clean up the top end a bit and "tighten" the sound.
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