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  1. Great looking build. What's the outer dimensions of the cab?
  2. Sed, Winisd isn't very accurate. It doesn't include inductance effects for subwoofers. It also doesn't include baffle and directivity effects. Sealed cabs are very easy. There really is no tuning. Put it in a 23x23x23 cube and power with a big amp. It is very hard to damage this driver. Look at the testing done here on the systems page. Note the voltage used for the maximum level output sweep. Pick an amp that can provide this voltage or under. Done.
  3. Doubtful...The only things that break in on a driver are the soft parts (suspension compliance). I'm not a big fan of DATS... Have you measured other drivers with this setup that were close to mfg spec? I know some have had good repeatable results but others have not. The more ridged and stable the driver can be made, the more accurate the results will be. You definitely want the driver in a horizontal position as well. Use a decent amount of voltage. 1 volt + is better. Driver specs are expected to vary some 30% or so by major mfg's. Double the spec is way out of whack though.
  4. Jay how many of these do you have built now? 8?
  5. Phase / time alignment is one of those things that still has a lot of voodoo surrounding it. Some would say it's overblown, others would say it's the final frontier. One thing is for sure it's a lot easier to dial it in outdoors!
  6. Live streams just aren't the same. Possible that the extra 1500 to 1800 bodies in the room soak up that much HF?
  7. Ricci

    B&C S21IB

    It's an isobaric. These are not known for huge output. The output is still limited by the excursion capability of the front firing 21. The 18's rear side of the cones are connected to the BR chamber. The front side does not radiate to the outside. The 21's rear side doesn't radiate directly into the BR chamber. It's a way that can be used to extend low end response in a smaller cab but it will not offer the output gains of using the 3 drivers conventionally. The vent size will limit the output near tuning and the 21's excursion will set the limit on the output above the tuning. Using the 2 18's and the 21 in conventional cabs (much larger of course) would greatly increase output headroom. I'm kind of surprised to see B&C use this arrangement. It's a very expensive and heavy cab due to the 3 drivers.
  8. Yeah it's heading back toward lockdown quickly here. I've already had a tour (performing not doing sound) canceled and a few spot dates with other bands that are likely to be canceled. Tour was billed right when things opened back up and reversed direction almost immediately. I've got a lot of friends who work as stage hands, or sound engineers and it's been devastating for them. It's a tough time to be a performing artist, bar or sound provider. Hell any type of person who makes a living from public gatherings.
  9. Hell yeah JM...That should make some NOISE and sound great doing it.
  10. You can use it as a vented cab without the front panel. It is designed to be used either way. If you read the initial (LONG) posts I made it goes into some detail about what the front panel "should" do. I never had a chance to fully GP test this cab design yet.
  11. Will separate...2445H CD's will ship for $200 plus shipping. Horns $500 no shipping.
  12. Hello Waipy. 8 vs 4 ohms depends on which driver. There is usually some small difference between 8ohm and 4 ohm models, but it is not enough that it would be very audible in most cases. Usually the 8ohm version will have slightly less motor force and higher Qes/Qts. I do not think you would be able to tell them apart in a blind listening test in most cases. Back panel brace T does not have an angle in the original plans. It is not divided in two. Brace Q is removed if using a plate amplifier. These may have been modified in DSL's cnc files. Neither are critical to be exactly the same as the original plans.
  13. Yep...Definitely helps get what you can from a junk AC supply
  14. 4 of these and a pair of PM90's should be quite a good sounding setup and compact for the performance available. I've not personally heard the PM90's but I've looked at the design and talked with guys who have built and heard them. The feedback and measurements are positive. Amplification will depend on budget, channel needs and available mains supply. You've got everything from Behringer at the cheap end on up through something like a PS X8. Would the PM90,s be active?
  15. Cool! Looks like a good time. Where are you located? That's a nice looking chunk of land. The Keystones are bigger than I thought. What drivers do you have in them? What drivers in the Skram's?
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