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  1. The EQ settings I'm currently using in the Crown amp DSP are as follows: 24Hz +9dB 27Hz -9dB 40Hz -11dB 45Hz +4dB 58Hz +15dB 73Hz -10dB 88Hz +11dB 99Hz -3dB It seems to me some of these adjustments are rather large, but what do I know? I made smaller adjustments at first & found myself making larger ones to get results closer to what I thought I wanted. I was attempting to moderate some of the extreme peaks & valleys of my "No EQ" measurements. I would appreciate any advice concerning these EQ settings.
  2. I'm back after working a few hours with REW & the DSP in my Crown amp. I think I was able to generate more accurate measurements. Here is the graph of the performance of the sub without any adjustments made through the amp DSP: and the waterfall: The Crown Cdi1000 has a few DSP functions - delay, limiter, & EQ. I'm allowing my AVR set the delay & I haven't used the limiter. In the DSP section you also choose Stereo/Bridge-Mono. I've set it to Bridge-Mono which produces 1100W @4 ohms. The EQ function allows for 8 different adjustments at whatever freq
  3. Here is the graph before I applied any EQ adjustments:
  4. I also produced a Waterfall graph from REW, but I am not able to determine what it means. I've added it below for any comments from you guys:
  5. I bought a Dayton UMM-6 microphone in order to do some REW measurements. Then I learned a little about Hi-Q Architech which is the program used to adjust settings on a Crown (or Harman Kardon) amplifier with DSP like my CDi1000 amp. After a couple of efforts to make adjustments to the EQ output of the amp I was able to produce the following graph from REW: I don't know if I should try to flatten this curve beyond this. I wasn't sure how to interpret the "phase" aspect of the REW results, so I included this graph with the phase element added: I thought it was necess
  6. @SMEI've been looking into getting a miniDSP to better fine tune my sub, so your recommendation for a HPF to protect the driver will move that decision along. I have a tone generating app that I used to do the test you suggested to find the tuning frequency. It appeared to be about 21-22Hz. By 18Hz the cone was moving quite a bit again. I was shooting for 20Hz, so it will be interesting to see what it actually is, when I do measurements with REW. Listening impressions - During the build I tried to give my wife an idea of what to expect from the new sub. It was always a difficult topic
  7. Thanks, @SME for the kind words. I had planned to buy a Crown XLS amp, but before I bought one, I found a Crown CDi 1000 at a great price. I have some questions about setting up the DSP correctly. First question is about High Z & Low Z. Here is the relevant section of the manual: Output Mode: The options are: • 70V (70V/high-Z mode for Ch. 1 or Ch. 2) • High Z – Channel is configured for 70V/high-Z loads. (A 70Hz high-pass filter is automatically enabled whenever 70V is on.) It is a 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley filter in the crossover section. • Low Z – Channel is config
  8. Oh yeah. I signed the back & put a couple of coats of gloss polyurethane over it. Doesn't everyone?
  9. Thanks @maxmercy. I really wanted this to look nice, because the plan was to have it front & center in my living room - which it is. My wife loves the way it looks & definitely prefers the "no grill" look. But, the chances of me going further down this rabbit-hole - or opening Pandora's Box wider - aren't very good. I can't imagine starting another project like this. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, but it's a "one-hit wonder." Subwoofer building is very much a solo project & my wife & I don't do many of those anymore. It took what felt like an unnatural amount o
  10. It's hard to believe, but I've finished my subwoofer - global pandemic be damned. It seems like it took forever, but at some point you just have to stop. Painting the box the way I did greatly increased the time it took. Leaving it square & painting it with truck bed liner would've saved me weeks. No matter now. Here's the finished box. Just so someone will know I painted the bottom the same way... here's the bottom. Because I have a dual 2 ohm voice coil driver, I wired it in series. I ran one wire to connect the negative of one coil & the positive of the othe
  11. Thanks, @dgage. I'll look into making the hole bigger using those router bits.
  12. The SQL-15 is here. It looks great & I can hardly wait to hook it up - but I will wait a little. I added the plastic ties to give me something to hang onto. I decided to see how it fits in the box. It looked good at first, but then I noticed it wasn't going into the recessed driver support (inner baffle). I removed the plastic ties to make sure they weren't keeping it from fitting. That wasn't the problem. I assume the hole I cut is slightly small. This picture shows the edge of the driver sitting on the edge of the hole. My first thought is to hand
  13. My driver from SI is arriving today!! Nick called yesterday to let me know he was shipping it. Obviously, the trip from Claremont to Burlington is a quick one for FedEx.
  14. The world has certainly gotten crazy since my last post. My wife & I have been "sheltering in place" for the last 3 weeks. Although I have plenty of time now to work on the box, I failed to buy the color paint before the quarantine started. Being in the high risk group (senior citizen) has kept me from doing any shopping in-person. I ordered some paint online from Home Depot, but it's taking them forever to ship it. More waiting... Some good news: The Stereo Integrity SQL-15 drivers have arrived in NC! They're being shipped now, so it could come to me sometime soon. I have
  15. Just a quick update. I have attached the front baffle, so all of the construction is over. Here's a pic of the completed box with the grill frame attached by magnets. It was at this point that serious sanding began. I decided to take the edge off of the sharp edges of the corners. I used a sanding block to "blunt" those edges. After a lot of work I had barely changed the shape of the corners. I knew after I used a router once that I would not be able to use a router indoors - the blizzard of dust would ruin my house. I realized that using a round-over bit once the box was bui
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