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  1. Probably a good idea to use musician's ear plugs (something like the Etymotics Ety Plugs) after the technical run through at that point. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B010C8HZSY/ref=mp_s_a_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1501083096&sr=8-5&keywords=etymotic+earplugs Do the run through without, to double check and confirm everything is GTG, then use the plugs to attenuate by 13-20db, while still allowing for decent fidelity (unlike regular foam plugs which tend to attenuate higher frequencies making things sound muffled). I've used (and still use) Ety plugs for certain applicati
  2. Just went back to view these scenes again and you're right, there's quite a bit of audible clipping in the track. Once again though, I found it oddest when the Muto takes a breath after swallowing, probably because the other occasions are accompanied by loud sounds that could potentially clip our hearing IRL (although the clipping during the swell of a wave was also out of place). I'll have to try watching this again when I'm not so tired. The first time I tried watching it, I fell asleep by the father & son reunion. Tried watching the rest when I woke up, but with the sound turned d
  3. I tried watching that scene in Godzilla again and while there was a little, I didn't hear any particularly objectionable clipping in the female Muto's cries although I did hear some clipping, oddly enough, in an exhalation just before a cry, when the male Muto first presents it with the bomb. As far as the first foghorn blast in WOTW, I'm willing to call that one artistic license as it's much more obvious even at lower volumes. I'd like to think that it was the mixer's intent to make it sound like that to emphasize the loudness/harshness/impact of that first blast, (especially since our ea
  4. This was basically just an American reboot of the French movie 'Banlieue 13' which made it to US shores as District B13. I don't recall anything memorable about the mix and as far as the movie goes, I voted 'avoid'. The original French movie was far more entertaining IMO. There are some slight changes to the US version with some of the stunts and some changes to the script but for the most part, those small changes actually detracted from the films entertainment value IMO. Unfortunately, Paul Walker also pales in comparison to Cyril Raffaelli who originally played the same charact
  5. Liked this more than the first in the theater, but it's even better at home! Glad they didn't filter it. Funny sidenote, I was thinking to myself how the gunshots had more bass than reality till I thought about the cardboard target shaking in my hand at every shot as my buddy was sighting in his AR next to me a couple of days ago. Forgot how loud they really are (especially at an indoor range) till I took off the earmuffs (still had plugs in) while he tried my scoped rig. Max
  6. Yeah, I always LOVED the editing and comedic timing in this movie, but it definitely isn't a bassfest. Luc Besson's style tends to be hit or miss for me. When I like his movies, I really like them, but some of them are just "meh". Max
  7. If we're talking about best all-around movie WITH good bass, I've watched all the ones listed and Oblivion takes it for me, hands down. Stellar PQ PLUS great soundtrack with nice bass and pretty decent extension, and a decent story. Max
  8. I agree that the bass in Elysium was actually pretty darn good. The overall level of this movie (even the dialogue) seemed a fair bit lower though. Watching this movie at Reference felt softer than some movies at -10db! As for the movie itself, I wouldn't call it the greatest, but still good enough to earn a spot in my stable. I didn't really have much of a problem with the acting the way some reviews did. Jodie Foster's character is that of a cold, hard b###h and her performance was fine for it, as was Matt Damon and Alice Braga's. Their scripts just didn't have that much depth in them bu
  9. LOL, I wasn't a fan of FA either. Didn't want to sway anyone's opinion about it though. While it had a lot of bass, I found it to be more heavy handed than PR. At least with PR, they just used it to reinforce the impression of mass anytime something big was onscreen. With many horror movies, they use bass/ELF at certain points to heighten tension. FA just had it all over the place throughout the movie. Perfect example of "loads of bass don't make a movie worth watching" for me, but obviously other people have different opinions and preferences. Heck, I thought This is The End was the
  10. Definitely. I enjoyed the series including the soundtrack and have the series on BD, but since he was asking 'why' the movies are rarely mentioned when discussing movies with bass, I'm pretty sure it's because of the lower average levels. The lower levels don't elicit the, "WHOA... HELL YEAH!" reaction as much compared to scenes from TIH, WOTW, FOTP, WWZ etc. Can't wait to see the graphs for the rest of the series. Max BTW, I agree that The Half Blood Prince was a disappointment, cinematically and especially for folks who've read the books. The ending of HBP could/should have been
  11. If you're talking about the HP series, it's probably because the average level is pretty low when comparing them against the heavy hitters. Max
  12. I voted 4 stars and Buy. There are definitely some PQ demo worthy scenes in this movie. I deducted 1-star due to the lack of ULF, but one thing I liked about PR (and I know some folks found the constant droning bass boring), was that they consistently used that bass to reinforce the impressions of mass and impact. Anytime there was something big onscreen, there was bass. Anytime there was an impact, there was bass. In contrast to MOS for instance, where bass was underwhelming overall, and then in some scenes where you would at least expect what bass the movie had, it was almost entirely ab
  13. Curious to see what 7 & 8 look like as those were the ones where I was actually surprised by the bass (in comparison to the previous movies in the series). Max
  14. Someone posted a waterfall of the Smaug scene 'over there'. Disgusting. The added extension is limited solely to the added cuts. The graph looks like it switches between the original footage with the original filter to the added footage switching to the lower extension filter. It looks like they didn't realize (or didn't care) about the added scenes having a different filter from the rest of the footage. Sloppy. Max
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