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  1. Probably a good idea to use musician's ear plugs (something like the Etymotics Ety Plugs) after the technical run through at that point. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B010C8HZSY/ref=mp_s_a_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1501083096&sr=8-5&keywords=etymotic+earplugs Do the run through without, to double check and confirm everything is GTG, then use the plugs to attenuate by 13-20db, while still allowing for decent fidelity (unlike regular foam plugs which tend to attenuate higher frequencies making things sound muffled). I've used (and still use) Ety plugs for certain applications, and they work well. I bought these to try https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B019M576XW/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501083683&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=eargasm+high+fidelity+earplugs&psc=1 for both, the slightly different design, that fits about flush to the ear canal (with small, flexible tabs for easy extraction) AND the convenient metal keychain case included. I now keep these on my keychain 24/7, in case I inadvertently find myself in a loud environment without advanced planning. Max
  2. Just went back to view these scenes again and you're right, there's quite a bit of audible clipping in the track. Once again though, I found it oddest when the Muto takes a breath after swallowing, probably because the other occasions are accompanied by loud sounds that could potentially clip our hearing IRL (although the clipping during the swell of a wave was also out of place). I'll have to try watching this again when I'm not so tired. The first time I tried watching it, I fell asleep by the father & son reunion. Tried watching the rest when I woke up, but with the sound turned down and drifting in and out of sleep LOL. Didn't get the best impression of the movie aside from the bass reminding me of PR. I think I actually enjoyed the Matthew Broderick reboot's entertainment value a little better overall. Maybe that might change if I'm not dozing off during the movie. Definitely sub-par for bass (and entertainment value overall) vs CATWS. Max
  3. I tried watching that scene in Godzilla again and while there was a little, I didn't hear any particularly objectionable clipping in the female Muto's cries although I did hear some clipping, oddly enough, in an exhalation just before a cry, when the male Muto first presents it with the bomb. As far as the first foghorn blast in WOTW, I'm willing to call that one artistic license as it's much more obvious even at lower volumes. I'd like to think that it was the mixer's intent to make it sound like that to emphasize the loudness/harshness/impact of that first blast, (especially since our ears can distort very loud sounds in real life too). Max P.S. as an aside, while I sometimes hear clipping and distortion on various tracks at various times, it's objectionability seems to be related to how it's used, i.e. in some cases, I find it seems to fit with the visuals/situation (like when they use clipping for jet sound effects etc.), and at other times, it just seems to be an unintentional lapse on the mixer's part (like some of the channels being clipped in the Air Battle near the end of Tron: Legacy).
  4. Yeah, I always LOVED the editing and comedic timing in this movie, but it definitely isn't a bassfest. Luc Besson's style tends to be hit or miss for me. When I like his movies, I really like them, but some of them are just "meh". Max
  5. I agree that the bass in Elysium was actually pretty darn good. The overall level of this movie (even the dialogue) seemed a fair bit lower though. Watching this movie at Reference felt softer than some movies at -10db! As for the movie itself, I wouldn't call it the greatest, but still good enough to earn a spot in my stable. I didn't really have much of a problem with the acting the way some reviews did. Jodie Foster's character is that of a cold, hard b###h and her performance was fine for it, as was Matt Damon and Alice Braga's. Their scripts just didn't have that much depth in them but they did well with the material they were dealt. Hats off to Sharlto Copley for his performance as Kruger though. The difference between his characters in District 9 and A-Team vs this character were pretty stark and he pulls off the 'crazed attack dog' brilliantly. Max
  6. LOL, I wasn't a fan of FA either. Didn't want to sway anyone's opinion about it though. While it had a lot of bass, I found it to be more heavy handed than PR. At least with PR, they just used it to reinforce the impression of mass anytime something big was onscreen. With many horror movies, they use bass/ELF at certain points to heighten tension. FA just had it all over the place throughout the movie. Perfect example of "loads of bass don't make a movie worth watching" for me, but obviously other people have different opinions and preferences. Heck, I thought This is The End was the worst movie I've seen in a while and wouldn't want it if someone gave it to me for free, but apparently, quite a few people think it's a laugh riot. I didn't laugh once watching it, and you couldn't pay me $20 to sit through it again. Max
  7. Definitely. I enjoyed the series including the soundtrack and have the series on BD, but since he was asking 'why' the movies are rarely mentioned when discussing movies with bass, I'm pretty sure it's because of the lower average levels. The lower levels don't elicit the, "WHOA... HELL YEAH!" reaction as much compared to scenes from TIH, WOTW, FOTP, WWZ etc. Can't wait to see the graphs for the rest of the series. Max BTW, I agree that The Half Blood Prince was a disappointment, cinematically and especially for folks who've read the books. The ending of HBP could/should have been so much better.
  8. If you're talking about the HP series, it's probably because the average level is pretty low when comparing them against the heavy hitters. Max
  9. Curious to see what 7 & 8 look like as those were the ones where I was actually surprised by the bass (in comparison to the previous movies in the series). Max
  10. Someone posted a waterfall of the Smaug scene 'over there'. Disgusting. The added extension is limited solely to the added cuts. The graph looks like it switches between the original footage with the original filter to the added footage switching to the lower extension filter. It looks like they didn't realize (or didn't care) about the added scenes having a different filter from the rest of the footage. Sloppy. Max
  11. Don't know why I haven't been receiving notifications from this forum. I thought it had gone stagnant or something till someone posted a link from avs. Max
  12. What countries has OHF been released in already? US release appears to be in August. Gonna be a wait to hear that 20Hz insanity. Max
  13. I'll really curious about this one too. The scenecaps I've seen would potentially make this the first movie I've seen or heard of, where the majority of the loudest LFE content is below the frequencies most theaters can play decently. The graphs seem to indicate the peaks are centered around 20Hz. If that's right, it's a new one for me. I can totally understand some soundtracks being mixed as filtered 30-40Hz monsters (even if I'm not a fan of it), since the mentality is that theaters don't really go lower so why bother. To craft a soundtrack where the majority of theaters wouldn't be able to do justice to the loudest bass effects though, would be a curious decision. Max
  14. I definitely enjoyed the mix on Oz. Thanks for taking the time to provide additional insights to the behind-the-scenes aspects. Definitely looking forward to hearing more soundtracks mixed at your facility as you guys at least get it. Hopefully more facilities and clients 'get it' in the future too. Yes, admittedly, many of us with the capability are fans of those last 10Hz, but it's not just about the lowest possible frequencies, it's about creating the experience. We've all been to fireworks displays. We can all recall not only the visuals but the concussive nature of the big bangs/booms. That you folks understand that and mix it into the effects recreates that sensation and provides cues that we expect. Likewise if there's a 300 foot tall object made of solid rock stomping around and there's no ULF accompanying it (The Hobbit), it just seems unrealistic. Max
  15. Marti, I fully understand not divulging the "how do you..." part of it as that is proprietary. What I was trying to discern is if you guys are fully aware of everything you put into the tracks and effects, i.e. if adding ULF is completely intentional and if you folks have a way of auditioning the full effect of all of it before completion. If your facility is completely cognizant of everything put in the effects and how low and loud they go and how much they add to the experience, why are there so many other soundtracks that are neutered? Is it because they don't have the ability to experience how much of a difference it can make? Or is it a conscious decision to omit ULF for other reasons? Max
  16. Awesome job on the track! And it's always great to hear from folks in the industry. So now that we have someone who actually worked on one of the graphed and measured ULF tracks, how about info straight from the source: When you guys create soundtracks like this with visceral ULF, do you know exactly what you put into it from experience? Or do you test it on a ULF capable system? Or do you simply know that you've put Ultra Low Frequency effects in the track but you're not sure exactly how much and how it will sound when played at Reference levels on a system with huge ULF capability because the mixing soundstage doesn't have the capability to reproduce it? Still trying to figure out why there are some mixes that completely neuter the audio (like The Hobbit), when other facilities like yours can do such an excellent job? Are the neutered tracks simply due to certain facilities not having a clue (or not caring) about how significant an effect the bass and ULF effects can have on the impact (literally and figuratively) on a specific scene and the movie in general? Or is it a conscious decision to filter the lower octaves in order to increase the headroom so they can make the higher octaves even louder? Max
  17. According to FilmMixer, most of the infrasonic content in movies these days are created using 2-3 popular programs. They don't bother recording content down that low. Max
  18. Is that the Ironhide flip? Or another scene? That's insane. You weren't kidding when you said you need a rotary to reproduce that. That red blob is 1-2 Hz! Are you 100% sure that's in the audio track and not some odd anomaly from measuring/graphing? Max
  19. MKT, good to hear the lightning damage was minimal. I wonder how well those surge protectors that go between the cable connections work? Were you using one of those? Max
  20. With heavy rainfall (and or wind) in a typical thunderstorm, I'd say the noise floor is more like 50-60db, but I get your point. It's one of the tricks that they used in MI4, in the Kremlin explosion and especially the car crash: low ambient leels, then suddenly BOOOM! The first time I watrched MI4 was in my HT and I'd had a long day and was pretty tired and began to drift in and out. That car crash scene definitely woke me up and I stayed awake for the rest of the movie. Max
  21. Omitted or improperly recorded/transferred for the BD (is the speculation anyway). And Dave, I think, the one sole instance of a teeny bit of bass is at the very end with the 'eye-opener' (to avoid spoiling it for folks who haven't seen it). Overall though, as I said, even more of a disappointment than Avengers. At least Avengers had a lot of 30Hz stuff. This movie didn't really even have that. Max
  22. LOL, I can't wait to hear your opinions and see the graph. I personally found this soundtrack even more of a letdown thann Avengers. I'm also waiting to see what FilmMixer finds out about the BD soundtrack. Max
  23. Who said The Hobbit was a shit movie? The title of this thread is, 'The Low Frequency Content Thread', and if you reread the posts properly, ALL the comments thus far have been specifically about the LFE in the movie, and there's no question that the LFE was a disappointment. You might be confusing this thread with the AVS thread where folks were talking about being bored during the movie. As far as the movie itself goes, The Hobbit was a fairly short book (not even close to LOTR). I wondered how they were going to stratch it out into another series of movies, and they did it by adding things that were never in the book (not to mention introducing characters that never appeared in the books till later in the LOTR trilogy). Max
  24. Yup. And I rented the 3D version. Decided after being caught double and triple dipping on some titles by the money-grubbing movie studios, that I'm not purchasing this till it's available in the native 48fps 3D. Personally, I found it a MUCH better experience watching it in 48fps 3D than the standard 24fps. In fact, I watched the 3D version in 3D at 24fps, then switched off the 3D which enabled the frame interpolation and I definitely prefer the smoother motion with frame interpolation (need to get a newer display that can do creative frame interpolation on 3D). Unfortunately, it doesn't sharpen moving images the way native 48fps does. Max
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