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  1. Nube have you tested The Haunting? its not out on br but the dvd with dts soundtrack is very cool,thinking about those doorknockings,its a Gary Rydstrom sounddesign. N
  2. The french dts track from the movie Inside might fit in here,check with max as i shipped him a copy of it.
  3. nube. Any chance you could get the golden oldie "The Hauning" with dts soundtrack a test,only availible on dvd so far,those doorslams at ref volume scares me : ) a Gary Rydstrom thing around 30Hz but holy smoke : ) Nicle
  4. Max,i think you should give "The Conjuring" a test contains some nice bass,be aware though its a horrorflick that i know you dont like ; )
  5. Looking forward for the test of the SI 24" Ricci,might get some if they are ok for infrabas // Nicke
  6. Gonna lag behind you guys when it comes to voting due to some movies are not yet released in my country (sweden) // Nicke
  7. Guess you should go for a low ~16Hz tuned ported sub setup,due to house as you said,so Max you dont need to worrie about rollof at 1Hz,or did i missunderstand you? Nicke
  8. The amp im using for my subs is O&G RS2000
  9. I have tried a lot of amps for my subs,doesnt like PA amps noice/dist,tried some krell amps 300cx,700fpb-cx those have a limiter for dc so it creates "gunshot" Sound when fed like a (2 Hz) signal from HTTYD dragon crash,my new amp is no problem not cheap bit ot works ; )
  10. Got kontiki,croods and epic to watch this weekend guess i should save kontiki to last acc to those charts //Nicke
  11. I actually had rob zombies movie "lords of salem" it was so bad i throw it in the bin,that was the second one,first was tripple X.
  12. I love the ring trilogy and also the sound/mixing of it,however i have not heard anything that Really stands out in them basswise (kind of darla tapping tank,the .50 cal scene,door knockings in haunting and so on) it just have an amazing soundtrack without any glory moments,thats fine me.
  13. Bosso,pm me your adress and ill ship over a copy of the movie inside,this will give you your smile back regarding lfe on movies.
  14. I have 2ea bluray discs in my shelf with the french dts soundtrack,need your adress nube (pm) and ill post one over to you for free,curious about this movie, it has potential ; )
  15. Lfe man,nice to see you allve : ) give me some help here regarding the movie "inside" i think it suits along here,offered max a disc but no response on that one : (
  16. Nube...have you tried the movie "Inside" a french horror movie,needs to be the french dts soundtrack. got some nice ulf in this one,try it.
  17. i am the only one that kind of hates explotions?? sure it gives you a "muppet moment" but no clean bas as likw from darlas tapping on the tank findig nemo+others
  18. Monster house is another "Randy Thom" movie from 2006,long time since i watched though,remember the end as nice (bass wise) dont wanna spoil anything.
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