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The Longest, Most Intense Bass Scenes from Movies


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Prometheus (2012) film4

LCR (mix) heads-up Prometheus, crashes into ALIEN space craft.





e16125f193f1c0a579635508e7099f87.png-DTS 7.1

a1d4efd38931144b598d3b8d4ed49139.png-French 5.1 DD

Here is what I get from the ship crash scene from the bluray using the DTS and then Dolby Digital mixes.  There is a huge difference between Andy's and mine, I wonder if it is a disc region thing. 


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Just to link to Bosso's post in the rating thread, Earth to Echo looks good!


Ok guys, I went out and purchased most of the movies in this thread just for the bass sections and I received three of the movies today and one of them was Earth To Echo. I watched the spaceship assembly and takeoff scene as mentioned in this thread and after watching it a few times over and over again turning the volume up each time I quickly called my father (who is a massive bass-head) and told him "Ok...I got in a new movie that's kind of like a new version of ET but you have GOT to hear this one part!" I saw the screen caps in here and man does that scene rock out or what?! Really good stuff there! 


Now I need to get off my arse and get the dedicated 20 amp run into the equiment closet so I can properly feed the DO HST-11's with my Lab Gruppen 14k clone instead of the wimpy Inuke 6k. :D

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