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  1. Pretty cool. At least it doesn't cut off at 50 Hz or anything silly like that. Looks like it should be good.
  2. Too bad really about the OA 18's as their Qts was literallya perfect .707. Couldn't be more perfect for IB.
  3. I'll save you some time. The Obsidian 18's have not been in production for around 4 years now. The company (Obsidian) is no longer a company. The OA 18 was a great IB driver but was massively overlooked prior to OA being closed.
  4. That's why the IB-24 is called the IB-24...because it should be used in an Infinte Baffle alignment. If enclosure size is an issue the HS-24 or SHS-24 are the winners.
  5. Looks like I've got to pick this one up if nothing else but for the fun factor. Anyone want to take bets on how many of my neighbors will complain to my HOA when I listen to this movie at a decent level? Haha.
  6. Well that's surprising. Kind of a bummer about the ULF but it's a great movie and a blast to use for demo's. *edit* You can see the filter by my screen caps. Lots of info around 25 Hz on up with some remnants at/around 10 Hz in some scenes. The thing I like most about this movie is its awesome demo qualities. I think it's a great sci-fi story with awesome graphics, totally neat ideas, massive creatures, neat environments, etc. I suppose what I'm getting at is that I throroughly enjoy "Valerian" even though the movie didn't measure the best in ULF/LFE. By massive contrast the movie "Weaponized" measured very well in ULF/LFE but, to me, the audio sucked. There, I said it. Weaponized sucked. If anyone wants the Blu-Ray shoot me an email. All I ask is that you over the cost of shipping. Weaponized:
  7. Soooo.....you guys (everyone on this forum) needs to purchase Valerian right now. Here are a few screen caps from the first night I tried to watch the movie. I know what you're thinking "now Nick, you said that you 'tried to watch the movie...why did you only try'"? I spent too much time taking screen caps to finish the movie in under 2.5 hours so I had to watch the rest of it the next day. The movie is awesome IMO. I only have a 4.1 system but the use of the rear/surround channels is immense in this movie. It's really really cool the way they heavily used the surround channels. I can only imagine what this movie must sound like in an Atmos setup. Visually the colors and scenes are through the roof. Sound is nuts - PLENTY of low-end throughout the entire movie. But I digress so here are some screen caps from the other night:
  8. Hence my post over a year ago asking for real numbers.
  9. I had a feeling the driver was more linear than the 10 mm spec that someone on another forum eluded to. IIRC SVS mentions 20 mm Xmax (one-way) but it's nice to see the graphs. Pretty linear BL on the driver too. Big pat on the back for the shape of the curve. Thanks for showing us the curves. All of them are nice and symmetrical (which is actually more important than shooting for a high number irregardless of the shape of the curve).
  10. Thanks for posting the complete T/S's (unlike what was available a year ago when I posted and you quoted me). Super stiff driver. But since you mentioned using a lazer for measurements, what is the actual Xmax (70% BL, 82% BL, etc), Xmech, Xsus? One-way figures of course. It's good to see someone with Klippel openly publishing the information on this driver. Thanks again.
  11. Quoting from a full year ago? Please see my comments about this driver in the newer thread. It is a nice driver, just not for those on these forums that are happy to plop subwoofers in 20+ ft^3 tuned low. Apparently small sealed does not go over well (we know this because our 11's and 12's are our lowest selling offerings on the forums). But as to your question about my question of T/S's...a proper T/S parameter spec sheet would be good here at Data-Bass. At the time of my post (a full year ago) SVS didn't post enough T/S parameters to model their driver. They really didn't need to do so as they offer a turn-key product but here on Data-Bass a list of T/S parameters is usually a good starting point. You can add mass without adding inductance. High moving mass is not always indicative of high inductance. See our HST-11 mkII and HST-12 mkII. High moving mass and very good Le:Re ratio behavior.
  12. Is no one going to talk about the audio in Transformers "The Last Knight" whenever Megatron is on camera? The audio has been lightly brushed on here at Data-Bass but I don't recall anyone going into detail. I SpecLab'd a few scenes last night and when Megatron lands in the salt flats the hottest spot is centered at 20 Hz. Sure it's no 7 Hz WOTW, but the sound in the movie makes it worth watching and also using for demo's. I haven't seen much talk about it so I'll go out on a limb and say that I love the proper audio in this movie.
  13. I'm with Ricci on this one. Was it an Oscar winning flick? No. But the bass definitely helped the film.
  14. Wow, that looks like it might be super. Hopefully it comes out pretty soon so we can shove it on our systems and see how the LFE turns out.
  15. Thanks for measuring it Max. Obviously time can change anything but as of right now this movie sits at the top of my demo disks. It is a kids movie so you can show it to anyone at any time and it digs DEEP and is dynamic. Major thumbs up IMO.
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