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  1. The clipping was pick attack so yeah, it sounded less harsh when de-clipped and played by itself but once the bass was put in the mix and EQ'd, it's pretty hard to tell a difference. You still playing these days? Any new recordings or vids?
  2. Hi max, long time no see. Hope you're doing well as well as the rest of you guys here on DB. I found something that I think is pretty cool that might interest you. It's a VST plugin (typically used in DAW's for recording) by iZotope that takes a clipped signal and "de-clips" it: For example I put down a bass part and intentionally clipped it: Close up of the clipped signal: After applying the de-clipper: After de-clipping zoomed in: Anybody who was bothered by a clipped soundtrack could put the separat
  3. Was it just me or was there an octopus sex scene in the intro credits? What kind of an F'd up brain thinks of that?
  4. Spectre DTS-HD MA 7.1 Starts off within the first ten minutes with the loudest transient at -2.95dB from a WCS. A higher level mix than the past few big movies with mostly explosion rumble and only a couple lower level transient hits. Not the worst rumble I've heard/seen but there's nothing noteworthy at or below 20Hz and pretty stock sounds in the sub band. 0:05:56 1:55:55 1:57:05 2:13:40 See rest of SL shots here: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/528-spectre-discussion-and-poll/?p=12703
  5. Spectre DTS-HD MA 7.1 0:05:56 0:46:30 1:13:12 1:34:20 1:55:55 1:57:05 2:13:40 2:15:22 See waveform analysis here: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/425-analyzing-waveforms-of-heavy-hitting-movies/?p=12704
  6. You have the impedance graph. Test the voltage to the cabs with each amp at 10Hz and you can tell us how much power your distributing with your current options. Measure the excursion of the driver with the amp that wins that test to see how much there would be to gain with an additional sp12k.
  7. Had anyone been paying attention to the SL mic'd that was familiar with the SL digital for using that scene as a demo is what he meant. That was the first time that I've ever seen any part of that movie so I was pretty much in the dark. Since then, I've analyzed the whole movie and I believe that it's soundtrack was mixed very poorly. The studio had no software for monitoring levels (or a playback system that could reproduce) sub 20Hz so they should have been experienced enough to put a filter on the heli track. http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/425-analyzing-waveforms-of-heavy
  8. That was this guy ^ This is the highest voltage peak of the movie. I heard that distortion sound you are talking about too. I think that sound was added into the mix for effect. They were probably mixing square waves into the layers.
  9. Everest Atmos dowmixed to 7.1 Let's get ready to RUUUUMMMBLE!!! Lots of filtered in the 30's rumble with only a handful of not very noteworthy blips of 20Hz and down sneaking through the mix at a lower level. Also the movie was so depressing it made me want to off myself like Ronda Rousey. -4.79dB from a WCS 1:16:50 1:18:36 1:20:50 1:26:59 See here for rest of SL shots: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/?p=12301
  10. Everest Dolby Atmos downmixed into 7.1 0:26:30 1:15:40 1:16:30 1:18:27 1:20:15 1:22:00 1:34:13 1:47:30 See here for waveform analysis: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/425-analyzing-waveforms-of-heavy-hitting-movies/?p=12302
  11. What a bunch of ULF pansies. Might be right though, this video kind of blew my mind (it has to do with ULF in a very similar way as the above story)
  12. I'll keep an eye out for it. Is it a good flick?
  13. It's been over a decade since the release of WotW, why wouldn't I expect every large budget action flick to have 5 star extension in the year 2016? Here is Spectre on top of the 1st Avengers movie which as max accurately stated was: "the biggest LF disappointment of all time". Pretty obvious what they're going for with this one.
  14. The Martian DTS-HD MA 7.1 0:04:42 0:08:25 0:11:50 0:14:27 0:26:21 1:04:20 1:56:09 2:06:18 See waveform analysis: http://data-bass.ipb...movies/?p=12151
  15. The Martian DTS-HD MA 7.1 Unfiltered mix with a lot of love for the 10Hz and under crowd. Largest transient is at the end of the movie which peaks out at -6.14dB from a WCS. Most of the peaks are around -9.6dB from a WCS though so a boost in level will probably be preferred if that is safe for the system used for playback. The mix is an interesting departure from the norm with long passages of low frequency rumble while still presenting wide bandwidth transient hits. Probably my favorite mix from a R. Scott film. 0:04:56 0:26:24 1:02:47
  16. The Martian DTS-HD MA 7.1 0:04:42 0:08:25 0:11:50 0:14:27 0:26:21 1:04:20 1:56:09 2:06:18 See waveform analysis: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/425-analyzing-waveforms-of-heavy-hitting-movies/?p=12151
  17. Here's a sneak peak at The Martian. Just giving a heads up on this one: it's unfiltered. Haven't run across anything that is at a crazy high level yet but there seems to be a lot of 10 and under rumble for extended periods that might get some folks into trouble if you run things hot. 0:04:42 0:11:50 0-14-37
  18. Yikes. Luke and Gage, please be careful and re-check your methodology 20 times before using your new tools. You are basically connecting 2 or more sources of high energy together that might all be at different potentials. No joke fellas, this can and has killed people. The only thing that I can advise in good conscience is to get a differential probe and stick to 1 input at a time or return your tools for hand held battery operated units. If you are going to lift ground with a cheater plug or an isolation transformer on either ends of your rig, you are doing this at a high risk and you sh
  19. The Last Witch Hunter DTS-HD MA 5.1 Strongest hit at 1:14:25 puts this mix at -5.55dB from a WCS. Unfiltered mix with most of the transient energy around 40Hz. I like the sound of 40's punch with some ULF tucked into the mix, I thought it was a nice break from the typical peak at 30Hz mix and it had well placed hits. 0:02:50 0:06:14 0:49:10 1:14:25 1:31:33 See rest of SL shots here: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/?p=12014
  20. The Last Witch Hunter DTS-HD MA 5.1 0:02:45 0:06:03 1:09:51 1:12:15 1:13:53 1:30:20 1:31:30 1:32:19 See waveform analysis here: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/425-analyzing-waveforms-of-heavy-hitting-movies/?p=12015
  21. Shredhead


  22. Max, have you changed the settings recently for the PvA's? Look at the difference in resolution for the peak files of yours compared to Fatshaft's: Difference in the content aside, Fatshaft's seems to show more detail in the peaks? Looking at your PvA for MoS looks like it has the higher resolution: I'm not asking you to re-do this movie because I don't really care about it at all. Just wondering why you changed things up.
  23. I have 2 different high quality signal input chains to play with and compare, as well as half a dozen or so different rigs that I've set up for friends. The way I'm running scenes in real-time is different than how Max, Nube and Fat run the PvA's. The most likely reason for the difference in the 2 graphs is that there are 2 different mixes of this movie floating around. Fatshaft noted his graph as a 7.1 Shatmos mix and Max graphed a 5.1 DD mix.
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