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  1. Just the Othorns and the SP 12k I'm powering them with.
  2. Mint condition, never a single hiccup. $2,500 shipped. I'll supply whatever power cord you need. Right now it's a L6-30P (250v 30A twist lock).
  3. $3k for the pair. I won't ship these but I will drive a few hours from 55337 to deliver them. I have no desire to sell these, and never thought I would, but life happens https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1475195-dual-othorn-build.html
  4. In other amplifier news, SpeakerPower is under new management since Brian has retired. Retail prices appear to have increased as well. http://www.speakerpower.net/about-us.html "CEO's Message Welcome, I am Justin Ryan, CEO of SpeakerPower. In 2018, I acquired SpeakerPower from its founder, Brian Oppegaard, upon his retirement. I am very excited to continue the growth and development of SpeakerPower. As an experienced executive in a variety of industries, and an MIT trained engineer, I know what it takes to develop exciting new products that satisfy the m
  5. Add 4 more Terraforms to what you have now.
  6. When pennynike1 had (2) Othorns + (4) Terraforms I measured 135db in his room, so +12db going from 2 Othorns to 8. I've hit 148db RMS and 154db peak in my room at the LP and I still haven't clipped the three SP2-12k amps.
  7. ^^^ Yep Glop a bunch of pl premium in there and you'll be fine.
  8. I remember audio snobs singing the praises of a REL sub and how "accurate" it was. When put on the bench it was basically a distortion output machine.
  9. I have more 12k's but I still drool over those K20s!
  10. Here's curtain shaker at 126db. The cone excursion is highest (about 1/4") during the 10hz portion at 114db.
  11. Time to sit back and enjoy it. No changes to the subs in the foreseeable future. Maybe next year I'll switch to a projector + AT screen and upgrade the center, but I'm in zero rush.
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