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  1. Just the Othorns and the SP 12k I'm powering them with.
  2. Mint condition, never a single hiccup. $2,500 shipped. I'll supply whatever power cord you need. Right now it's a L6-30P (250v 30A twist lock).
  3. $3k for the pair. I won't ship these but I will drive a few hours from 55337 to deliver them. I have no desire to sell these, and never thought I would, but life happens https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1475195-dual-othorn-build.html
  4. In other amplifier news, SpeakerPower is under new management since Brian has retired. Retail prices appear to have increased as well. http://www.speakerpower.net/about-us.html "CEO's Message Welcome, I am Justin Ryan, CEO of SpeakerPower. In 2018, I acquired SpeakerPower from its founder, Brian Oppegaard, upon his retirement. I am very excited to continue the growth and development of SpeakerPower. As an experienced executive in a variety of industries, and an MIT trained engineer, I know what it takes to develop exciting new products that satisfy the m
  5. Add 4 more Terraforms to what you have now.
  6. When pennynike1 had (2) Othorns + (4) Terraforms I measured 135db in his room, so +12db going from 2 Othorns to 8. I've hit 148db RMS and 154db peak in my room at the LP and I still haven't clipped the three SP2-12k amps.
  7. ^^^ Yep Glop a bunch of pl premium in there and you'll be fine.
  8. I remember audio snobs singing the praises of a REL sub and how "accurate" it was. When put on the bench it was basically a distortion output machine.
  9. I have more 12k's but I still drool over those K20s!
  10. Here's curtain shaker at 126db. The cone excursion is highest (about 1/4") during the 10hz portion at 114db.
  11. Time to sit back and enjoy it. No changes to the subs in the foreseeable future. Maybe next year I'll switch to a projector + AT screen and upgrade the center, but I'm in zero rush.
  12. Here are some sweeps of each ported stack by itself and then all together (with the 14hz HPF and 32hz LFP engaged). That 115db sweep was under 1% THD until ~12hz where it raised to 2% but that's all below port tune and expected.
  13. Excursions levels are maybe 1/8" peak to peak and I really wish the cell phone would pick up all the noise from the house.
  14. Seems like more trouble than it's worth, and I already fixed the links in a few of my threads.
  15. I just realized all of the pictures in the first post were broken I fixed those.
  16. So am I! I think the double studded and double 5/8" drywall walls really helped.
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