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  1. I was just wanting to post it! They've been working on them for a while, changed the motor a lot
  2. Yes, it happened to me with B&C drivers . You will find my video on YouTube
  3. In the last 2 editions of Voice Coil magazine they measured the Eminence drivers, the 18" and the 21".
  4. Extremely interesting idea about this amp? Are you limiting it to 110V-16A it will you go to 230 V and even more, like 32 A ?
  5. This is not M-Force , it’s a chinese A&D audio driver. Neo motor and 8” coil. I heard the M-Force more than once and it is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the users had some unlucky situations with them but they indeed perform extremely well! that Funktion one sub is the loudest sub out there !period ! and it digs deep enough to be extremely impressive. It goes louder under 50 hz than 2 SKhorns XL loaded with Ipal and used with other subs from 60 hz up they will have enough headroom. There are a few companies who have 6 and 8 of them in use constantly with great results.
  6. It is in fact a modified version of 18SW100. Slight difference, mostly in suspension
  7. Improve collateral heat transfer from the coil directly to the environment instead of coil to magnet assembly. With M-FORCE is really easy, but with a moving coil, it is really complicated. I really like a more open assembly, like those made by the car audio sub manufacturers. DD Z series comes to mind. Add a cooler and you're done! I own 2 Ipal modules. They are powerful and really good match for a 21Ipal driver. One could get the other into thermal limit of either one of them , depending on situation. The DPC sensor position has to be in the Apex of the horn
  8. In my SKhorn XLs I put them on the inside, to keep the design . They are absolutely needed in pro use, I found anything from sweaters, bottles, shoes, screws to napkins, purses and all kind of things inside
  9. http://www.atelier-der-tonkunst.de/produkte/pol-ddi This is the link to the product. Really good and very low distortion. Capable of taking 200 Vrms at under 1% THD is super useful. I tested it for limiter settings and it works as it should. I will try to get my hand around on how to use it for live Impedance monitoring. That would help me a lot
  10. Found a solution. Instead of using an oscilloscope to look at the voltage, I got a device with -40 dB of voltage gain reduction, with galvanic separation to be used directly with a sound card. I can now use it to get measurements for sound output in paralel with voltage output. I can even use the output of the amplifier as an input reference for transfer function of the speaker alone, with any nonlinearity of the amp eliminated . But I can also measure the amp dynamically, in use, which is a nice feature
  11. This cabinet is tricky. The sound is absolutely stunning, but the thermal behavior is not best. It is best used in a low bandwidth and techno is to be avoided. Even though a dual 18TBX100 sub is from -6 to-10 dB in maximum output compared to my dual 221 Ipal Skhorn XL subs, half the dimensions, on techno the are as loud when limiters intervenes. They do not sound nowhere near as good, but they are quite close in output. This is because the impredance minimum from 45 Hz to 85 Hz is dead centered in the band where that kind of music is centered
  12. He's K10 doesn't have DSP I suppose, otherwise why wouldn't he use the internal DSP? In a SKhorn or Skram subwoofer, with 8 or 4 ohm drivers , one wouldn't have to use a peak limiter with any amp except K20. Engage clip limiter in K/X series or soft clipping on any other amp and then use a really long term limiter. If the limiter is not a gain reduction system, but a normal limiter, take care with the voltage values , because if there is more distortion than it should, it will increase the average power and decrease the crest factor. A 21SW152 coil without moving can get burne
  13. I am reposting a line of comments I made about this subject on a group on Facebook The limiters are very safe but you have to take care! I use the clip limiter as a 0 time attack, infinite to one ratio peak limiter, sometimes I let soft clipping disabled. This is a voltage limiter and it should be set a bit higher than the peak power of the speaker, or about 6-8 dB over AES RMS power. You will have to use V=✓(P*I ) to find what voltage you need. Next, the peak limiter is set with a time constant high enough to let the transients pass without problems, but low enough to protect the drivers
  14. Try and limit your graph axis to 10-300 Hz and 45-115 dB. It will show us better details. Do you have a way of measuring the Impedance? Maybe create a Google drive folder to share the measurement data from REW. When you save the data, you can find it in your computer and you can upload it to a shareable folder in your account
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