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  1. Hey Ricci, its an honor. Budget is $10K tops but If I can come in lower, perfect. Getting my hands amps shouldn't be a problem as I have access to those already. I am going to be playing pretty loud. I've built a few subs before, and once you go low, it does get addicting hearing and feeling things on subs you couldn't before. My modeling skills aren't the best, but I have some knowledge. As far as size, I have about 6ft tall by 5feet to work with on both sides of the room.
  2. Okay so I'm in the market for subs either already built or a little DIY and some elbow grease. Some of the contenders I'm thinking of are the Captivator 4000, RS2, and Captivator Pro18, Bassboss ZV28 or building some meaty Eminence 21 Ipals, BC21DS115's, SHS24's. I'd like some graphs measurements from the Captivator 4000, RS2, and Pro18 but couldn't find them anywhere to help me make an informed decision. The subs are going to be for both theater and music playback. I love the idea of very low port tunings and high SPL.
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