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  1. Well now they've got nominal 8ohm and super low <2ohm covered. Would be nice if we could get SAN214.50 in 4ohm though.
  2. 2 of each. Osborn Point out in the Cascades (Washington). Getting out there on the forest service roads is a bit of a challenge, especially with a ton of gear, but the vantage is amazing and you can make as much noise as you like way up there. 21DS115-4 in the Skrams. Keystones are loaded with some spare OEM ceramic, stamped basket 18s from a friend at a local, well known audio manufacturer. They're no B&Cs but they sim nicely and have stood up to some abuse that is frankly well past the specs I was given for them. They've got a good motor and great excursion capability. I think the excellent driver cooling of the Keystone design helps them stand up to the abuse.
  3. Gig report- very impressed. I didn't have time to do proper measurements/EQ with a mic so I fiddled around in hornrep ahead of time to get a phase match with the keystones. Landed on delaying the Keystones 5.8ms with a phase invert. Based on the rich sound, coverage, and amp levels vs output, I think that must have been reasonably close. We had some issues maintaining voltage with the cable runs and generator capacity, and I was quite conservative running the NX6000 into them since I haven't set up proper limiting, but it was more than enough to prove these cabs are quite capable. Got the same excited feeling of bringing the system up to a brand new level as when I put together the Keystones. Of course, now I've got the itch to pair them with a Powersoft amp...
  4. Some carpentry sins have been committed due to time constraints and lack of both quality tools and experience, but nothing I don't expect PL and Bondo to hide. It's an intimidating build to do by hand, mostly due to the bracing, but I wanted to do it "right" and I expect the cabinet is going to be stiff as hell. Got some 21DS115-4s on deck and if all goes well they'll be at full flex at an event last weekend in June.
  5. Spent a full weekend ripping wood for a pair of cabinets. Plan is to augment or eventually replace a pair of Keystones. I've always been a TH fanboy but I trust that if Ricci thinks bandpass cabs are the business then I'm eager to give it a go. Looking forward to that sweet 30hz.
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