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  1. And here I am, gone through nearly a dozen different Behringer amps in my adult life. Many of them used. Never a single failure. Not one. And I've fan modded them, even. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Woah nelly! I can't forget experiencing TWO of these in a van back when Nick had just released them. These drivers are HULK-like!
  3. This part. The amount of over-generalizations that continue in these discussions never fails to make me chuckle but I gotta tell ya there are so many variables that account to what we end up getting on disc and play back at home. Nobody (who creates/produces what we hear) has time to go through each and every release made with a fine tooth enthusiast-audiophile "is-this-gonna-sound-awesome-on-my-home-stereo" kind of mentality. The important part is that dialog is intelligible and there are no downmix artifacts/issues and tell a story. That is about it. Next movie on the production line...
  4. From what I have read, I thought it was that tapped horns will not benefit with additional extension when used in stacks. However, front-loaded horn bass systems will.
  5. I shoved all mine in a closet behind the MLP. 😛
  6. I like how these are called the Skram. People don't say scram anymore. Some people should tell other people to scram more often. 🤣
  7. Yeah there was always a DSP version of the iNuke amps. This is a simple rebranding of the iNuke amps, like Behringer seems to do with their products every few years. Not dissimilar to the old Europower amps. The 1500 and 2500 "changed" to the 3000 and 4000. Same amps, new look/label. The iNuke amps are indeed a great value, imho. I own several and have quiet modded them with Noctua fans. I'm kinda annoyed cuz these look better in black than the silver iNukes I have already. 😛
  8. I want a bigger one. Excellent work as always, Josh. You should get paid for this stuff, ya know.
  9. Ah yes. That little machined lip kinda threw me off.
  10. Kinda looks like the upper part based off the pictures of the assembled driver. Not sure, really. Probably more machining to do.
  11. All outputs from immersive audio formats are full range. The playback system handles the bass management. It is up to the mixer(s) to decide how much bass content goes to which location. While rare, it is totally possible to have full range content output from any speaker position, including the overhead speaker positions.
  12. Just thought it was nice to see a nice brand make a return. We scoff at the performance to price ratio now but back in the day, they were the shit. My Tempest still sounds nice today. I guess I have a soft spot for Adire Audio. They got me into DIY audio. So.... yeah.
  13. Was feeling nostalgic and did a Google search on Adire Audio tonight.... They are back and have stock? Waht?! What day is it? What year? Did I wake up from a nap and now back in 2005? I know I've been out of the loop for a while but... Did you you guys know they were back? They have OG Shiva, Tempest, Brahma and even the Tumult on the site. Holy crap! Adireaudio.com Anyway. Just wanted to share you guys. Good ol' days, huh?
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