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    Diy subs are almost always way cheaper or better for the same price than commercial options, and they are easy to build. But some of your goals clash: big space, bang for buck, 2 boxes, small, sealed. Bang for buck: get 32 of these and put them in 4cuft sealed boxes with a used NU6000 amp. $2100 total. Blue line https://www.amazon.com/CS1214-1000-watt-subwoofer-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B003A64AW0 2 boxes: 2x B&C 21ds115-4 tuned to 25hz in 2x 48x30x16" boxes with 1 13.75x7x40in split slot port per box. Used IPR2-7500 amp and a minidsp 2x4. $2100 total. Gree
  2. I was using 1+ and 2+ on an ep2500, an ep4000, and 2x rmx2450's like they are supposed to be for bridge mode. The gain was all the way down on ch 2 and I didn't have an xlr plugged into the ch 2 input. I think having the gain down with no signal may have been important here. Point taken, I was exhausted and rushing to get stuff together and loaded in the trailer at 4am so I could get 2 hours sleep before having to drive. I usually take my time and triple check, but couldn't this time. Pretty sure I killed a couple of them.
  3. I put one there, and started putting stuff on the bay. Was hoping to avoid that. Oh well they can have their slice too. I'll be putting stuff up here for a bit as I get things tested to see if anyone wants it then moving it to the bay.
  4. I just realized this a "minute ago"... I brought my home system out for an event that I do once a year and in hindsight messed up . I changed out my normal sub amp setup from 2x ep4000 running bridged at 8 ohm (running 4x 4ohm loads in dual series) yes channel B was always muted/left to do bridged mode. I changed that to 4x EP4000's running one 4ohm bridged load per amp. Or so I thought. When i disassembled that rack to give an amp to a friend, I noticed the the dip switches on all 4 were configured to accept and output stereo! Not parallel inputs so that I could run one xlr to
  5. Finally home again. Had a great week. I'll have more stuff tested this weekend. I'm surprised I still have these amps. Any idea why? Prices?
  6. I'm taking off for the weekend to hang out with some friends. I'll be back Tuesday. A year ago, one of them brought his "PA system" to a get together. It was a pair of OLD 15 + a horn cabs with a tear in one of the cones, and the other one had a VC rub if you turned it up. He had that hooked to a rmx850 with 1-1/2 working channels run off of a old mackie mixer that looked like it made it through the Normandy landing (barely). Yesterday, I found out that he was definitely showing up this weekend. I asked him how often he uses his "PA" ? He said he used to all the time, they were
  7. Here are the arrays, my 1st test box, a couple surrounds, a weed wacker, and some half full spray cans, . There's a "Pittsburgh toilet" hidden in the back too. lol I had 2 different port designs I was trying out on the mains. Both are slot ports the full height of the towers. I actually came up with the port design on the little one on the floor before I knew that slot ports were a thing, I thought I was pretty slick. LOL The left port is .75 x 6in or so, the right is .125 x .75 both are a 90hz tune. They will take a full ep4000 channel forever without breaking a sweat.
  8. I don't have enough of them, and then all the wasted inputs, and they aren't rack mountable, and all the patch cables, and... oh well. They really should have gotten their ctc spacing lower with that wall thingy, used some higher power drivers and amps. Maybe bear could have looked at what Danley is doing and taken some inspiration from that. Wouldn't have needed so many trucks. I'm sure it sounded amazing for the time tho. Thanks for reminding me, I have a pair of 8ft tall line arrays that I designed and built 6 years ago and don't use anymore. They are made to
  9. I started testing the powered mixers. I need to get them out of my way so I can start tackling the mountain of guitar amps.
  10. Fortunately, I know what my neighbors think about the bass. Nothing... Sometimes It's nice being in the middle of nowhere. Now if I could just get the pizza guy to drive all the way here... oh well. @dgage I love it, the previous and next week they probably had a little bluetooth speaker. Apparently they'd rather have that. I played the movie "9" for the 10yo nephews with the subs 16x 12's all the way up and mains down a bit. After it was over, one of them stood up and said, "That's what a movie is supposed to sound like! Why dosn't everyone do it like that?" I got
  11. I'm testing out an Escort 5000 right now. Everything works except for the RCA input. I think I need to re-flow one bad solder joint and that should work too. If i'm right, it will be up here later today. You could have the coolest suitcase on the block. Edit: It will take more than just that. Not listing it. Got everything to work except the rca's. oh well
  12. Hey Popalock, Before the auction I saw that you asked people to save the lot of all in one pa's for you, I watched it sell and when I found out you didn't get it, I figured I'd just mail you one. Thanks for amusing me with your off the wall shenanigans over the years. I never looked at that lot again till now and didn't realize that there were a couple model lines of these all in one setups in the auction. I'm guessing you haven't seen it yet. I sent you an escort 3000, not the PVI, almost the same thing. This one has speaker stands with it. https://www.amazon.com/Peave
  13. Let's see if this is enough to win the day today. It is a whole lot of win... Apparently it is
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