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  1. Was recommended Glue-All as a fix...let gravity run the glue down between the back of the surround and frame while rotating the driver vertically. Think I'll mount two face to face for easier balancing. Not going to lie... I'm pretty pissed that they go through quality control like that. I know covid has effected things but what's the point of extended excursion when it's ticking at you before xmax. Maybe the price point is a little low for that kind of attention to detail. I don't know. For the record: Two drivers are silent. One was almost silent(nearly passable). One was very noisy, Two replacements are noisy. Out of 6 drivers I would reject 3 outright. 4 if I was picky.
  2. Vortex is 2/3rds the price of the NSW6021, weighs 105lbs vs. 48lbs, inductance is higher, the fabric suspension looks a little shallow for 21mm xmax, 5" vs 6" coil. Not a good trade off imo. The Kraken makes more sense with the foam surround for HT/Car or installs.
  3. ErnieM

    AE Techron

    I'm sure it would perform very well...I would expect that from a 84lb switcher! Need to get one to Ricci to see it could squeeze more out of the T19's.
  4. Josh, I'm starting to see the advantage of your designs over typical bass reflex...thanks for your contributions btw. One replacement driver came in. Same issue. Not as bad but still clearly audible. I'm going to try to fix it myself. Glue through the fabric and doping around the edge surface. If all else fails it looks like a SKRAM or similar hidden driver design is in my future. Thanks for all the comments guys.
  5. In my case it was definitely only the surround. First thing I did was check the leads. I was able to clearly narrow it down with my ear next to it and make it quieter by pressing on that area. The spiders were fine and the motor was quiet besides air noise. Was almost tempted to inject some glue through the fabric and call it a day....maybe if it wasn't brand new.
  6. Yes, that was the one. We'll see how the fixed drivers compare with the two good ones I have. I wonder if it's more common on these high xmax accordion surround drivers.
  7. Thanks! These are new drivers. First test was all drivers wired in free air with a 20hz tone. Stood out immediately even at low levels....which means it was either missed in QC or shipping loosened something up. Kind of wish they (all) went with a suspended inner box with foam edges for shipment. Heavy drivers go on a rough ride. Eminence emailed shipping labels today for two of them. The quieter one wasn't too bad but I imagine it could get worse with time. Hope they turn out out well in the long run.
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fUDVjQIgSk6yMSriJNTysL_wo4IN-vJ/view?usp=drive_web Surround isn't glued perfectly to the frame as I can decrease the noise by putting pressure between the outer roll and gasket. This is the worst out of four. Two are fine, one is very slight, and this one is noisy. The low frequency noise is clipping in the signal. Seems this was an issue with several drivers from other manufactures as well.
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