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  1. High power closed box doesn't work well for PA the air inside the box gets hot so after an hour or so you will get noticeable reduction in output, I have tried it and changed to a design closer to ported. Some reduction in box size should be possible by accepting a non flat un-equalised response.
  2. https://www.powersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Powersoft_X8_DS_EN_WEB.pdf So you have the choice of running the two channels bridged or as non bridged channels. Bridged is rated down to 4 ohms so you can't run all 4 drivers off this. Then looking at single channels maximum rated power is at 2ohms per channel so you should put two 4 ohm coil drivers on each channel. This excludes the IPAL leaving the SW or DS, the DS has a more powerful motor and slightly higher XVAR so should be capable of more output.
  3. The configuration I have used is the right hand side one with a box that has 3 speakon connectors (input and two outputs). I just used a plastic project box and held it all together with a lot of hot glue.
  4. I have run subs in series with an external "series speakon adaptor" box I made without any issues. I think as long as you are using identical subs there shouldn't be any issue running them in series as speakers are fundamentally current mode devices. This is also why I run the drivers in series in my isobaric subs as this means that the force exerted by each motor should be equal.
  5. oof. 2 sub version of that stack would be nice at home.
  6. Thanks for the info! I had already designed a sub with just pipe ports to try and get something built quickly, however I needed to redesign it as my model would break on changing the material thickness parameter and it was overweight for the application (ultra portable human carried ~5km) resulting in a change from 18mm to 12mm (yes I know 12tbx100 is heavy, but I got them cheaply and this is the easiest thing to change). But then I realized how much output at tune I was potentially giving up (JBL HLA port design information indicates around 9dB at tune). In the future I would be interested
  7. ah ok I have only used 1/2 of the port here so I guess the height is less than I expected?
  8. I liked this port so much I'm basically copying it for my 12TBX100 sub. The height wasn't listed so I guessed it as 44mm from the pictures (3*18mm boards with 10mm of rebate). Tuning came out at 38Hz. How close did I get? I'm also guessing from how your Hornresp response compares to mine that you used complex inductance parameters?
  9. I think for a small box you would be better off looking at reflex as high excursion 12" drivers are usually capable of overloading most practical port designs. The main limitation to SPL is port compression and 'cuffing' due to the high air velocity near tuning. To this end what I think you need to look at more complex port designs that incorporate flares rather than designs using more ports that take away volume that could be used for your fundamental tuning. Here are some guidelines on ports: https://www.subwoofer-builder.com/flare-testing.htm Saying that tapped horns are series
  10. I've built subs out of cheaper hardwood ply and MDF before. The cheaper ply works but is more vulnerable to damage than BB ply, this can to an extent be made up for by rounding (and filling if there are voids) the corners and using a tough coating. MDF is horrible to work with, heavy and vulnerable to damage at any exposed edge. I would use cheaper ply rather than MDF. I don't use screws I use a brad nail gun and glue, this way you can build a cab very quickly!
  11. I had similar subs to this, I found I needed a lot of amp power to cope with the massive low end EQ boost and had problems with heat accumulation in PA applications. But for home use they should be great.
  12. Prices lower than expected but should be there only really for people who can move big subs around but are still restricted on overall truck space (top end touring). If you can afford the volume you can match the IPAL system output using more cheaper subs like ~1000L FLH. saying that if you could buy a finished EDM sub for 10k I think it would be decent value compared to the brands like Funktion one.
  13. Regarding pascal modules they are available in the STA-1000D and STA-2000D amplifiers from img stageline.
  14. Sounds good. A lot more comprehensive than what I can do!
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