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  1. Regarding pascal modules they are available in the STA-1000D and STA-2000D amplifiers from img stageline.
  2. Sounds good. A lot more comprehensive than what I can do!
  3. Hey @h3idrun looks like you got decent results. You could try power compression (see testing methods on this site) testing to see how close your actually getting to a 21" (Sweeps increasing in level until your getting 3dB compression). The umik-1 tops out around 120dB so if you will probably need to move it back a few meters to reduce the level. I like the idea of running the Prius as a generator. I have a 6 channel DSP amp box running off a 16S lithium battery I built for portable stuff.
  4. Hi @lowerFE, First time I have seen this thread. I'm quite interested in your measurement methods, when you perform the ground plane measurement do you perform baffle simulations of both the elongated and normal size baffle and then find the difference for your compensation factor? Also does anyone know of a 35mm pole stand that could lift a large 30kg speaker high and stable? something more substantial than the usual tripod stands and with a crank for lifting.
  5. ha ha I think I saw your FB post in speaker freakers
  6. New M-Force transducer (M-Force 301P02): https://www.powersoft.com/en/applications/oem-solutions/m-force-sub?fbclid=IwAR0wy-1oH0yKVQTpaRNLrEOLRJoQA0ryqIiblr2LZnp_KTbaVI6sojCIa78 https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/transducers/m-system/m-force-301p02/ https://www.powersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/datasheet/PS_MFORCE301P02_DS.pdf
  7. kipman725


    They seem to be sealed boxes won't they work fine into the 100Hz+ range? I have seen infra subs that are very narrow band using tuned pipe enclosures arranged in an array of varying pipe length to cover a frequency range not possible using a single pipe.
  8. kipman725


    Got a link? few companies called Ascendo but non of them seem to do 32" woofers.
  9. not in the market but would love to see Kipple data on these under hung subs. I saw the BL curve for this type of driver though: http://www.eighteensound.com/en/products/lf-driver/21-0/8/21ntlw5000 which was impressively flat so I wonder if underhung coils are just a waste of magnet in comparison?
  10. I meant in a DJ playback situation to increase the mud intentionally but only during the most bass heavy parts, using a long attack time. I guess in audiophile terms to add 'warmth'. well live I would always have a compressor on the bass drum mic and possibly, depending on mic technique on vocal mics. Good speakers you should always want to turn it up, only wanting to listen quietly indicates faults.
  11. Regarding the mud issue sometimes in a high headroom system at high SPL (and you don't want to increase the SPL further) putting in a compressor with a medium knee that engages during the loudest passages to increase the harmonic content of the bass is worthwhile as the expectation is that the sub bass system will be limiting (intentionally or not) during those passages. Without the limiting it can sound a bit weird. Its all really easy to do with modern DSP!
  12. I would go for corner placement for the reasons SME states but if you could do 1+2 this would be better. Regarding eq/room correction the best curve tends to be genre/album specific due to the lack of standardization in the frequency response of control rooms so quite often you have a situation where one EQ sounds better with one genre but worse with another.
  13. I have made subs that are long like this and yes you need a lot of stuffing to combat standing waves, the higher you can push the first standing wave up in frequency the more effective the stuffing will be: Another thing to consider is your driver placement is a worst case scenario for standing wave generation (mid pipe). If you consider possible standing waves in the pipe you can have a maximum at the driver and two minima at either end at 86Hz (fundamental modes. You would be better off putting the driver at one end.
  14. I have run between one and 4 subs at home and much prefer 4 subs, they are mostly corner placement. I take a frequency response measurement at each seat of my sofa and vector average the results. After I have dialed in the sub crossover I fit the response to a target curve below 500Hz as my main speakers are close in to the corners and designed to be flat in free space so this has to be compensated for and there are some large peaks in the lower bass that need to be cut to avoid the whole thing been boomy. Works well but I wish there was a more scientific method. SME when you say flattest
  15. Ah ok I thought it might be a double bass setup but was thrown off track a bit. I see a few issues: 1) double bass setup should launch a plane wave which relies on the point sources on the opposed walls been within 1/4 wavelength of each other and there to be point sources within 1/4 WL of the walls. At say a crossover 80Hz this is 1m, however real world this can probably be pushed up a bit: https://www.avsforum.com/threads/double-bass-array-dba-the-modern-bass-concept.837744/ So definitely in your configuration there is no plane wave due to the geometry. 2) Another iss
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