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  1. Interesting. I do not have FA503s. I have the nc500s https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc500-oem/50. I have also had the nc400s (borrowed). There is zero audible hiss with any signal. I am interested in the newer 502 https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc502mp-oem/77 or 252 for other channel duty. Potentially similar high SINAD and clean power. The nc400s were the same as the nc500 (no audible hiss) and clean power. The Pascal L pro modules had audible hiss that annoyed me during quiet movie passages, soft jazz music, and other genres with similar sonic qualities. The X Pro and M pro w
  2. Interesting RE hypex. I use 3 of the nc500 amp modules to drive my 3 danley SH50s. One of the few amps where I can stick my head inside the horn and it is dead silent. Literally zero audible "hiss" in a ~34 dB noisefloor room inches from the compression driver. Other class D, like Pascal and ice modules, the "hiss" would be audible from 13 feet away. (e. g. from D-sonic amplifiers I've tried). I am interested in the newer self contained hypex modules to see/hear how they compare (e. g. Compare the original 500NC VS the 500mp or 502mp)
  3. Thank you for sharing. Hadn't heard of this brand before. Any thoughts on sinbosen compared to these CVR (if you happen to have experience with sinbosen)?
  4. Your good reviews sold me. I couldn't resist an opportunity to get 8 pa460s for $565. Currently thinking of doing 2 dual opposed seales cabinets with 4 pa460 each. Then wire both cabinets and all 8 drivers together for a single 4 ohm load.
  5. I have had 2 of these for about 8 years now. I drive them with a used emotiva small 2 channel amp. The cabinets are not small in height or depth, but the width is very manageable. They produce excellent quality bass at SPL levels that are more than enough for the 13'x15'x9' small office they are in.
  6. klipsch


    Combining bass and subbass has provoked many interesting debates (at least I think so with the ones I have read over the years). If I summarize properly, there seems to be a general pattern. It seems that first a distinction between vibrations and spl is characterized and challenged to distinguish properties of bass and subbass. Much of this depends on the listening environment (e. g. The room) and the person (e. g. Different body types with different resonances). Afterwards of that dialogue, different theories and experiences of impulse waves VS sine waves are exchanged. Ma
  7. klipsch


    https://www.aia-cinema.com/active-speakers/smsg50.html At the bottom, it says all speakers come with a grill. I want to see the grill for the smsg50
  8. 4 feet long tube port? 10" diameter? I'd like to see a drawing of that! The cab can double as a tunnel for a toddler or cat.
  9. Great work. Thanks for coordinating. What type of enclosures are you all thinking?
  10. Guess this driver is way better than the 21" IPAL stereo integrity monster considering the price.
  11. So the measurements were on axis and off axis in open air / outside with no boundaries? Or the measurements were on axis and off axis in a room / house / space with boundaries?
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