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  1. Awesome! Now send one to Ricci!
  2. Tragic! I'd take it off your hands, but shipping across the pond is probably a bit expensive.
  3. Start with 2 skrams. Then sell 4 of existing 'old' subs. Then do 2 more skrams with raised funds. Then sell remaining old subs.
  4. Or buy a lot of pa460s - put them in a sealed cube enclosure - with dual, dual opposed boxes (4 sided with drivers). They'll be light, easy to stack, and go deep, but will take a bit more space. Or just build SKRAMs and toast a few with Ricci for sharing an excellent design.
  5. Sell 8 usbv2s. Build skrams. Avoid needing extra equipment for integrating, powering, and eq'ing multiple cabinets. Sounds like that is an answer that does not want to be heard.
  6. Inflation does that... I had a few extra drivers still in the box from 3 years back - sold them for more than I paid which was still significantly cheaper than current new price for the buyer.
  7. Hey Kyle, Appreciate all your time, effort, and money in keeping this place going. Sad to see it go.
  8. I wish I had added some double sided work on the bottom panels for assembly to make clamping easier for those areas (the panels around the tuning ports). Everything else was fine for assembly. Good luck! I'm a buy once, cry once type of individual - I'd go B&C or Eminence, unless you aren't the type of person that will wonder 'what if' by going with a "lesser" driver.
  9. I'd just make more skrams, but would love to see you make ckrams and share your experiences
  10. There are dxf files in the beginning of the thread - the CAM work can be done using those CAD files
  11. Both! Which one fits better in your space? Which one is easier / cheaper to make? Are you only making one sub? Do you already have drivers?
  12. Model them and compare or take the outputs provided by gsg and compare. I hope you have a really good DSP as the Devastators need it. The skram performs better, uses less wood, takes up less space. I also would not consider either design as ultra low.
  13. From a build thread - that's what I did around the handle area - speaker gasket IIRC
  14. If/when BB comes down in price, I would like to help.
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