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  1. Putty and paint, makes it what it ain't! Only downside I see is that you seem to only have 2
  2. Do 4 skrams instead
  3. Only thing bad about the NSW 21s are that I should have bought more when there was that great sale or I should have been 10 minutes faster to buy the one's Ricci had tested.
  4. Hi SME Have really enjoyed all the details /experience / knowledge you have and continue to share. Movie content can indeed flex things a bit. Seems that more recent movies have sound engineers that are already boosting the low end, so I typically do not run as hot there. A recent movie that I thought was mixed well in the recent past was Ford vs Ferrari. With RTA and music, I've always enjoyed the feel (literally) of live music. I run the bass hot in music to get that "feel" in my chest and such of the drums/bass while still saving my ears - still can hear up to 17.5khz in
  5. 8 Stereo Integrity HT18s (2 aren't pictured as they are behind the first row of seats) get 4 channels from 2 cheap inuke 600s The 2 NSW21s in the 2 skrams and 8 PA460s (4 per box with a series parallel wiring between boxes) get 1 channel each of a sinbosen FP20000Q 230v (have an unused channel right now out of the 4 available) Headroom is pretty good. I'll run 75 to 80 db A weighted and hit 105 to 110 db C weighted for music at the main listening position with an RTA running.
  6. I just finished two boxes for a similar configuration. Each box has 4 8ohm 18" drivers. I wired the boxes to be series parellel (4ohm total load). Haven't had any issues.
  7. Finally got everything up and running. 8 pa460s (2 boxes - each has 4 pa460 in a 2x2 dual opposed sealed box). 6 HT18s sealed up front from 0-60hz. 8 PA460s sealed from 10 to 110hz 2 Nsw6021 skrams 31 to 110hz Bass uniformity across all 7 seats improved a bit. If I were starting from scratch, I'd do 16 pa460s sealed and 4 Nsw6021 skrams. Crazy how these pa460s can only be 70ish bucks shipped with bulk pricing and 15% coupon discount. Integration all done via a 10x10 minidsp.
  8. Good luck with the amplifier build. I too will have 502s (6 channel amp - 3 modules). Will be using them alongside the nc500s for the surrounds. These modules continue to provide clean power with efficiency.
  9. Guess it should also be noted that here in the States, birch plywood is typically more expensive than Baltic birch plywood (region and species differences similar to the differences between pine VS southern yellow pine). If in the Midwest States or you don't have access to Baltic birch in your local area - Baird brothers has good stuff. I'm in the Northeast States and with an order of 10+ sheets, Baird Baltic birch BB plywood delivered to my shop was cheaper with better selection. https://www.bairdbrothers.com/mobile/Hardwood-Plywood-C966.aspx
  10. Is that $130 for AA or BB or other quality? Cabinet grade Baltic birch is around $120s to 150s depending on thickness
  11. Baltic Birch 13ply BB/BB from local lumber yards are a few bucks more than maple, oak, and Southern pine 7 ply and MDF at the box stores in most the USA. ($60ish) If painting, the BB/BB is a no brainer in my opinion. If staining, the BB/BB can work as well if you are able to be selective or properly position your cuts around the patches. The AA/XX variety is usually about 100 bucks.
  12. Been really busy... Have one box glued and sanded. Need to get 2nd box going. Hopefully I can get some time soon
  13. Interesting. I do not have FA503s. I have the nc500s https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc500-oem/50. I have also had the nc400s (borrowed). There is zero audible hiss with any signal. I am interested in the newer 502 https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc502mp-oem/77 or 252 for other channel duty. Potentially similar high SINAD and clean power. The nc400s were the same as the nc500 (no audible hiss) and clean power. The Pascal L pro modules had audible hiss that annoyed me during quiet movie passages, soft jazz music, and other genres with similar sonic qualities. The X Pro and M pro w
  14. Interesting RE hypex. I use 3 of the nc500 amp modules to drive my 3 danley SH50s. One of the few amps where I can stick my head inside the horn and it is dead silent. Literally zero audible "hiss" in a ~34 dB noisefloor room inches from the compression driver. Other class D, like Pascal and ice modules, the "hiss" would be audible from 13 feet away. (e. g. from D-sonic amplifiers I've tried). I am interested in the newer self contained hypex modules to see/hear how they compare (e. g. Compare the original 500NC VS the 500mp or 502mp)
  15. Thank you for sharing. Hadn't heard of this brand before. Any thoughts on sinbosen compared to these CVR (if you happen to have experience with sinbosen)?
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