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  1. Hang on... I just realised that my sarcasm detector might be broken today lol Was the original post about spaceships slowing down a sarcastic comment about how they don't do that in real life, but do do that in the film? In the same way that there is no sound in space yet all spaceships must rumble by and explode loudly in films?
  2. Wait... what? I thought that any object travelling on a specific course in space would continue unabated unless an external force acts on it? (Isn't that one of Newton's laws? Or Einstein's? I kind of missed a few Physics lessons at school due to discovering the local club / a girlfriend / alcohol... lol)
  3. Would one or more of the Bossobass amps be suitable if the Clone amps are not up to it? http://bossobass.com/Bossobass.com/Home.html There is a description of the A14k on the Raptor page: http://bossobass.com/Bossobass.com/Raptor Systems.html but the Amplification page itself is giving me a 404... http://bossobass.com/Bossobass.com/Amplification.html I've not seen @Bossobass Dave for ages on here, though - is he still going? Is he still selling kit??
  4. Awesome work on the thunder! All the recordings I have are old and seem to roll off massively at the bottom end, so when I finally sort a computer out for home, I'll have a listen :)
  5. LOL No, it doesn't but thank you for replying! In the end we found some fairly thick carpet and slid it under the subs, then slid them down the stairs with a man underneath them to hold the carpet in place and control the speed of descent. Worked pretty well! Still got a few dings here and there because, well, it was inevitable, but hopefully they will come back out of storage without too much damage!
  6. Awesome replies, thanks chaps IIRC I bought one of these when I got the subs: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Charles-Bentley-Pneumatic-Industrial-Warehouse/dp/B01N9NW0QX/ but we couldn't get it to work - I think the lack of straps was the issue (we couldn't stabilise the boxes by hand, which is not really a surprise, d'oh!) and it also just about ripped the pneumatic tyres off it lol If I actually pump the tyres up a bit more and then order some straps, hopefully that combination will work... An automatically stair-climbing one sounds amazing, though - that is genius!
  7. Many thanks for the replies, chaps Good idea on the rubber gloves, didn't think of that! I think (hope) they are pretty good in terms of weight distribution - drivers being in the centre (side-to-side, top-to-bottom and front-to-back) means the weight is concentrated in the middle, but that doesn't make them any less heavy lol I'm somewhat loathe to remove the drivers - James said they were a massive PITA to fit due to screws being right up against the back of the slot, plus I fear stripping the holes, and it hurts my head thinking about getting them wired in again correctly... I think I will look at wheeled trolleys... perhaps something like this (he says, hoping that trying to hold up all the weight through the handles won't pull the bolts out of the base when attempting to get it down stairs gently...): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Charles-Bentley-Platform-Warehouse-Delivery/dp/B003U9P9FE/
  8. So, joy of joys, I'm going to have to move house in the near future. Currently in a first floor apartment, I got my (handle-less, veneered) 11 cubic feet, dual-18" subs in using sheer grunt, with me and a friend taking bottom corners and walking them up the stairs. IIRC they weigh about 15-16' each, and they have nothing to actually grab hold of to move them (bad planning on my part!). However, since then I've slacked off from the gym for ages and am now weeeeeak, and I fear we'll drop them down the stairs and/or do me an injury if we attempt to carry them out. Has anyone got any recommended moving techniques / equipment? The missus alerted me to these, which are apparently rated up to 650lbs(!): http://www.uscargocontrol.com/Moving-Supplies/Moving-Straps-Mover-Bands/Teamstrap-NEW-IMPROVED-Furniture-Moving-Straps but just one single strap underneath seems to invite whatever you're carring to slide out to one side, especially when it's 200lbs+, very dense and very smooth-surfaced... The only other option appears to be one of those stair-climbing trolleys: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Costway-Wheel-Truck-Trolley-Climber/dp/B07676YF5S/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/capacity-trolley-extendable-OT1001-REVIEWS/dp/B00Y3PAD1O/ but the main issue with those is that the subs are too wide to fit down the stairs sideways, meaning only about a third of the box is actually on the bottom tray when it's on it long-ways, making it very unstable and near-impossible to get it leveraged off the actual ground! Perhaps they would be ok with the box tightly strapped to it?? Any recommendations very gratefully received!
  9. Looks like the BladeRunner 2049 soundtrack is good for 10-15hz http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2763785-ultimate-list-bass-movies-w-frequency-charts-110.html#post55019164 so hopefully the film will also be decent! I'm also liking the look of Train to Busan: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2763785-ultimate-list-bass-movies-w-frequency-charts-110.html#post55027082 Seems like it has low overall levels but some big, full-bandwidth hits?
  10. That looks pretty decent - 20Hz filter is better than a kick in the teeth and it may be a potential contender for BEQ...
  11. I guess it must be incredibly difficult to record, needing massive dynamic range capabilities, so that it can capture the delicate bird song and gently chatting of the public in the viewing area, but then deal with what must be, what, 120? 130? 140? dB of noise down to single digits. The only time I've been to America (many years ago) we were doing the Florida thing and they had a launch scheduled - we were thinking about going to view it but decided not to, and it was cancelled in the end anyway. Would have been awesome to see and feel!
  12. I bought that space shuttle blu ray, the one narrated by Leonardo di Caprio - the shuttle launch is a ruined, clipped, utterly flat-topped mess - I was concerned for my speakers!
  13. Ok, I neeeeeed to invite myself round for a listen at some point LOL Did I hear someone say "UK GTG"?
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