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  1. actually the price for one Transducer is at ~3000€ before taxes, with the Amps, DSP, Interfaces ect. you should land under 6k, even with the big DSP.... AND it´s much easier to get those than you might think. You don´t even need a VAT number, at least, if you get to the right salesman. I´m actually thinking to build one of the EDM subs (2x M-Force) and put it under 2-4 Skrams... I think that would be a great match up.
  2. the acrylic is 25mm (and about 10kg haha) and has a tongue on its 3 sides. the side panels and the top plate were slotted, there you can also see the epoxy edges we had to cast, as popplar is really soft. to fix the brazings on the front we made external 5mm acrylic tongues and slotted the brazings as well as the acrylic front
  3. after 4.5 months of preperation and four 12h days for assembly, we finished our second skram, the first one world wide with an acryl glass front? We didnt measure the weight yet, but although the front has about 12kg, it feels a lot lighter than our prototype made of birch, as we used popplar instead. It also feels rock solid due to the carbon-epox enhancement on all surfaces and edges, but the measurements will show if the light material has any disadvantages...
  4. Wellif we would change tuning and the relationship, I think we will stick to the original design and re-cut all the internals to 574mm... Yesterday we started with the cf layer on the side panel... with a massive cross and a frame on one side (later the inside), and a recessed drive-in nut on the other side, we pull the panel vie a m12 bolt towards the cross. After the cf layer, this nut should be hidden in the panel. The same way we will also insert more drive-in nuts on the bottom of the side panels, as well as in top and bottom panels... Instead of the cross, we are then easy
  5. I finished my first skram some months ago, which was only a prototype and reference built for us. The next 2 skrams shall be absolutely high end- not only in terms of it´s fantastic bass, but also in manufacturing. They will not be made of 18mm birch, but poplar. Due to the lower density and stiffness, we will overlay all the panels with carbon fabric and Epoxy. To get the side panels even stiffer, we will pre stress them (seen in the first picture) and overlay the stressed panel with carbon, when we press it flat again, the carbon on the outside of the skram should have enorm pre-tension
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