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  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (7.1 TrueHD) Level - 5 Stars (113.91dB composite) Extension - 4 Stars (11Hz) Dynamics - 3 Stars (24.28dB) Execution - 5 Stars Overall - 4.25 Stars Recommendation - Buy Notes: Delivering everything pretty over the top, it's only fitting that Mad Max: Fury Road has lots of bass. It does not have much below 20Hz, aside from 2 scenes, and those only have a little bit of content down low. As you can see from the PvA, it drops like a rock below 28Hz. It's also not very dynamic, because of the sheer quantity of bass. I didn't think the mix was exceptional, but it does have a lot of bass. That said, you wouldn't recognize most of the sound team from a list of the heavy hitters, but many of them have been quite recognized by the Academy, so you know it's going to at least be good. The mix is clean, even though it's loud. I could only find very limited instances of flat tops in the waveforms, and no outright clipping. I never heard anything bad when watching, but the dialog could have been a lot cleaner, what with all the heavy British Aussie English (thanks AJ72) being butchered by mush-mouths on the screen. Clearly some of that was intentional, but that was my only real complaint with the movie or mix. Otherwise, it's probably the most action I've ever seen packed into what I would call a pretty good movie. It's not a great movie, but it really is good, and it is most definitely a good HT ride, even without a ton of the deep bass we crave. PvA:
  2. Insurgent (7.1 TrueHD) Level - 4 Stars (110.41dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.08dB) Execution - 4 Stars Overall - 4.5 Stars Recommendation - Buy Notes: I haven't watched it yet. But, from watching the measurements, all effects are steeply rolled off from 20Hz for the first 3/4 of the movie. Then, out of NOWHERE in the last quarter of the flick, all the effects magically become full bandwidth. It's like they used a different foley for the last bit, or changed sound effects editors or something. PvA:
  3. rgdeuce, you might have a room mode at or around 30Hz which prevents you from hearing the great bass in that first graphed scene. Or it might be something else, but I highly doubt it's your discs. I'm sure a fair number of the community buy their discs at Walmart, and I don't recall anyone claiming they're selling neutered and, more importantly, different mixes from all other BR retailers. I'd say, since it's so few discs you've experienced issues with, it's something unique to your system. I'd also say it's probably not worth worrying too much about, BUT, since you did post about it, measure your room response and see if that's it. All you need is a USB mic, a laptop, and REW.
  4. Perhaps this is the issue, Scott & Andy. I might be wrong but, If you look at the below screenshot, the cursor is overtop the 65-67Hz tone in an area that, according to the color palette, should be somewhere between -30 and -45dBFS, but the cursor reports -73dBFS. If that's correct, which I think it is, something in Andy's settings is adding a LOT to the actual signal dBFS. That would account for a lot of what has been shown.
  5. Look again. The graphic is wrong (old testing methodology), but the numbers are correct if you scroll down. 3 Stars for level. http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/page-11#entry323
  6. Children of Men (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 3 Stars (109.04dB composite) Extension - 4 Stars (14.5Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (36.47dB) Execution - 4 Stars Overall - 4 Stars Recommendation - Buy Notes: Huge dynamics really make the bass content in this sound a lot bigger than it is. It's not super deep, being rolled off steadily from the mid-30s. I really like this movie. PvA:
  7. Ex Machina (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 3 Stars (108.03dB composite) Extension - 3 Stars (19Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (33.88dB) Execution - 2 Stars Overall - 3.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent Notes: There are very few bass moments - heck, very few action moments in this one. That's why it has such good dynamics. However, it has almost nothing below the 27Hz spike besides a couple effects. I liked the movie, although many of the emotional components were tenuous, at best. PvA:
  8. Chappie (7.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 3 Stars (109.67dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.57dB) Execution - 4 Stars Overall - 4.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent Notes: Tons of stuff down low. While much of it is near DC, about half of the big single effects have a component below 10Hz, and many of them significant. Decent movie, not great, but I really thought the surround work was excellent. PvA:
  9. Yessir. That's one approach. Purists might not like it if they want to reproduce the mix exactly as the mixers intended, but it's all about finding what works for you. I've been slacking a little on the polls because 1) not enough votes to kill the ties on some (VOTE, PLEASE!); 2) lots of family was in town recently so I haven't had much time; and 3) I've been working overtime to be able to go away to Telluride this weekend. Long story short, things will be back to situation:normal next week, and I'll start retiring old polls and putting up some new ones. I'll also take some time to analyze the waveforms on a couple of movies in question. I might even watch them as well, if given enough time! Happy Independence Day!
  10. If you look at the Google docs spreadsheet linked from the top of the first page on this thread, there's a tab called "To Be Posted." It's on there. Lots of movies, not a whole lot of time, and people have to vote on them or they languish without being resolved. I can't post more if I can't get the existing ones off the board (looking at the MI polls).
  11. The Haunting is one of those fewer-than-a-handful of bass movies with verifiably different mixes across different tracks & formats. Master & Commander is another. I'm hard pressed to come up with others at the moment. On another subject, I just saw Jurassic World (2d) at a Regal RPX theater. The experience was great aside from one really big problem - their QSC SB-15121 subs had either a ground loop hum or an amp issue. The entire time we were in the auditorium, from before the previews through the credits, there was a significantly audible 25Hz hum. It never varied in frequency or SPL, but man was it distracting. It wasn't just my girlfriend and I that could hear it - everyone around us could, and it even made the granny sitting next to me queasy. Why the hell wouldn't Regal notice that and fix it in their premiere auditorium? Tickets were a ridiculous $16 apiece. /boggle. No wonder we never goto the movies.
  12. Hi Mike. We really only do that if there's no alternative or our options are limited in terms of discs/tracks to measure. Until we can measure Atmos, since we've been able to uncouple the 7.1 TrueHD stream from the Atmos stream, we'll probably only ever measure the TrueHD, unless there's a real and legitimate concern that the lossy tracks are significantly different. There's almost never any difference between the lossy and lossless tracks, aside from a little level from bass redirection and such. Most reports of differences between discs/regions/tracks are either exaggerated or simply not true - there are less than a handful of legit differences for bass movies, to date. Rest assured that, if the mix is good in lossless formats, it's essentially guaranteed to be the same in lossy formats, and vice versa.
  13. Jupiter Ascending (7.1 TrueHD) Level - 5 Stars (113.94dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (6Hz) Dynamics - 4 Stars (26.76dB) Execution - 5 Stars (by poll) Overall - 4.75 Stars Recommendation - Buy (by poll) Notes: Lots of bass. Some clipping, but not egregious or really noticeable while watching. Pretty mediocre movie. PvA:
  14. The Admiral: Roaring Currents is Region A, using the Korean language track for measurements. I didn't even look at the English dubbed track - what's the point? If you guys love action, this movie is it! It's like what we all thought M&C should be, but never was, even in all of its 6.1 DTS-ES glory.
  15. The Admiral: Roaring Currents (Korean 5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 4 Stars (110.98dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz) Dynamics - 3 Stars (24.97dB) Execution - 5 Stars Overall - 4.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent Notes: Although probably only Bosso can reproduce this thing's deepest content, be careful because the hottest moments are all below 5Hz. Not a dynamic mix, because of so much constant content, but it's the definition of full-bandwidth. PvA:
  16. The Man With the Iron Fists 2 (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 3 Stars (109.09dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (3Hz) Dynamics - 4 Stars (26.87dB) Execution - 2 Stars (by poll) Overall - 3.5 Stars Recommendation - Avoid (by poll) Notes: Although the movie quality is approximately the same as the first, the sound design is not. The content is rolled off below 30Hz aside from one or two effects. It's not a steep slope, but this sequel doesn't have nearly the deep bass pedigree of the first. While there's a fair amount of bass, it's not deep. PvA:
  17. American Sniper (7.1 TrueHD) Level - 2 Stars (107.25dB composite) Extension - 3 Stars (17Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.19dB) Execution - 3 Stars (by poll) Overall - 3.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent (by poll) Notes: Fairly disappointing bass, with the only real content in the first 30min of the movie. Also thought the movie was decent, not great. PvA:
  18. Paddington (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 1 Star (102.53dB composite) Extension - 3 Stars (19Hz) Dynamics - 4 Stars (25.72dB) Execution - 3 Stars (by poll) Overall - 2.75 Stars Recommendation - Rent (by poll) Notes: I didn't notice the big scene that I think I've read mentioned elsewhere. If anyone has a timestamp, I'll scenecap it. PvA:
  19. Seventh Son (7.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 4 Stars (110.81dB composite) Extension - 4 Stars (10.5Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.56dB) Execution - 4 Stars (by poll) Overall - 4.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent (by poll) PvA:
  20. For everyone who's owned a JTR sub, these results are as expected. While they pretty effectively vindicate all of the claims and hype, they also show why Jeff has moved to less and less amp with slightly lower default tunings over time. It's a very interesting comparison versus the Rythmik FV15HP, against which the Captivator 1400 shines, to the tune of +2-5dB across most of the bandwidth in favor of the Cap, depending on the FV15HP's tuning. The Cap performs much the same, although even more convincingly, versus the much-lauded SVS PB-13 Ultra in either of its tunings. If you're looking for a ported ID sub, this one should be firmly at the top of your list. I hope JTR gets a big boost from these measurements. Now, we just need Mark Seaton to bring his toys down... Josh, how long was Jeff there? Good guy, eh? I hear he's scheduled the sealed sub testing for September of this year? Can't wait, although I think the results of that are more predictable.
  21. Eragon (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Level - 3 Stars (109.55dB composite) Extension - 2 Stars (20.3Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (30.25dB) Execution - 3 Stars (by poll) Overall - 3.25 Stars Recommendation - Tossup Notes: Many of the effects are full bandwidth. It's a shame the movie is so bad, because the book was decent. That spike at 34Hz is clipped. PvA:
  22. Mission Impossible III (DD 5.1 @ 640KBPS) Level - 1 Star (104.31dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars 1Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.9dB) Execution - 3 Stars (by poll) Overall - 3.5 Stars Recommendation - Tossup Notes: This track is again clipped, but starts out with full bandwidth content. Surprisingly, there is a fair amount below 20Hz throughout. Nothing very hot, though, aside from those 1-5Hz spikes. PvA:
  23. Mission Impossible II (DD 5.1 @ 640KBPS) Level - 2 Stars (105.54dB composite) Extension - 1 Star (27Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.62dB) Execution - 1 Star (by poll) Overall - 2.25 Stars Recommendation - Rent (by poll) Notes: This track is also clipped. PvA:
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