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Haha! Thanks guys. :)



Only reason I said 'not enough speakers' is that if anyone on this earth is going to have true 64-channel cinema ATMOS in their room, it'll be Scott...




As we discussed at Brandon's... there is no more room to expand for current home Atmos. There is only one option, a $30,000 option at that. Buy a Trinnov Altitude32 which would support up to 32 outputs and handle it in full with Dolby Atmos.


No thanks. I bought a car instead. :P


But in actuality I am pushing the envelope with current Atmos. It can only go "up to" 7.1 + four overhead speakers right now. I'm using external processing to get another two "channels" and it works but further complicated the whole setup. Really it is set-and-forget so it's just an additional thing to do.

Using this I run a 7.x.6 speaker system.





copper ones"




Um, yeah Scott, think there's room for a few more speakers in there, I can see a couple blank spots on ceiling and side walls.


You happy with the Yamaha? I'm looking at picking one up.



I know, right. I need MOAR!!! :D


I love it. I has a couple things that bug me but otherwise it is fantastic and does pretty much everything I want and needed. Would recommend, for sure.

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Page 14 and 15 will blow your mind.  Looks like there is enough theoretical room to do 24.1.10?


Time to sell that car.




Yup. I'm familiar with all the consumer and cinema level Atmos documentation. ;)


Up to 24 ear level speaker locations and 10 overheads for the home version.


Nope. The SRT stays. B)

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New to the forum and have seen some great systems and lots great info.


My system is as follows.


Integra dtr 8.8 (receiver)

Oppo bdp 105 (blue ray /media)

Thorens td 145 mkii (turntable)

Panamax 5300-pm


Paradigm studio 40v2 (mains)

Paradigm CC470v3 (center)

Paradigm servo 15 (sub)

Swan r3 (surrounds)

WD 5tb HD

LG uf7700 4k (TV)

Sorry for the double posts.



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My equipment


Panasonic 42"LCD

Panasonic DMP-BD65 Blu-Ray


ASUS CM-1745 ( movies music etc )


Yamaha RX-A2010


Klipsch RP-160M, RP-250C

Surround and Surround Back:

Polk RT-35

Front Presence:

Polk TSI-100


Subs and Amps:

4 Infinity 1262W powered by Samson Sx1800

2 Audiopipe TXX BD2 15" W/ One Samson Sx2400 per 15"

2 Stereo Integrity HST18D1 W/ Sanway FP14000 ( placing order next week )

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130" 2.35 cih spandex diy AT screen

Panny ae8000 pj



3 x psa mt110



2x psa mt110sr



4 x klipsch quintets



3 x psa xs30se



Denon x4100

Emotiva xpa-5

Emotiva xpa-200

Minidsp 88a

Minidsp 2x4







Update. Only thing I have left is the psa LCR


Running denon x7200wa


I now have 4- volt6 for atmos 4- volt6 for surrounds and back surrounds (now 7.5.4)


And for subs sold 2 of 3 psa xs30's and now have


2 - si18d4 in 4cu' sealed

1 - si ds4 18 in 4cu' sealed

1 - si ds4 18 in 6cu' sealed near field


All powered by 2 - inuke6000dsp


Wayyyyyy more output from these than the xs30's. Such I went DIY from the beginning!!!

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Denon 4520ci

miniDSP DDRC 88A


Pioneer FD-111 pro

Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 425x5

Emotiva XPA 300 150x2


Xbox One

Dish Hopper 3

Mac mini HTPC

Apple TV 4

Amazon Fire TV

Harmony Elite

Klipsch RF-7 x 2

Klipsch RC-64

Klipsch RW-5800 x 2

Klipsch RF-62ii x 2

SVS PB-13 Ultra

SVS PC-13 Ultra

Power Sound Audio V3600i

106" powered screen

Roku 3

iPad mini running Simple Control

Audioquest Dragonfly Black

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