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  1. It has been a while since posting here. Almost forgot about the forum. Always use the measurements guide though. I see different levels of the graphs from avsforum, the BEQ above is pretty close to maxmercy's of 1917. Are some levels off?
  2. It does seem like lower budget films have more extension, they don't pay somebody to mess with the mix. I just want them to utilize the channels they are creating without all the loud clipped audio. There are certain disc you put in and it sounds so dynamic and good just from the opening musical score.
  3. The Dark Night rises started off great, the beginning scene was great, although loud, very loud. I don't own the DVD any more but I remember liking the DVD dts better than the bluray although I still use the Balrog scene for testing purposes(the dark night as well) because I know them so well.
  4. I have not posted here in a while. So this is where all the old guys all hang. Old as in long time posters. Scott, good to see you still around.
  5. In the beginning of BvS where the plane collides with the alien ship there is a loud 6hz shudder! I knew right from the beginning it will sound good unless of course they pulled the DKR and had great intro and then filtered it. Nope, this one sounds great all around.
  6. Let's not get into whether you liked or not, this thread is about LFE content. Someone tell me how to run the numbers and I will do it.
  7. I was forced to watch Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and I believe it has unfiltered bass, it had the same effects as BHD and Lone Survivor with the helicopters and even some parts reminded me FOTP plane crash(some parts, not the whole FOTP scene). This was coming from a Vudu HDX download.
  8. if the static charts say 99 dB at 10 the max output comparison charts only read 96-97. It seems to match up for the other other drivers, just curious. I usually just scroll through the comparison burst and then it really close I look further, not that I am changing anything anytime soon.
  9. Ricci, on your measurements comparison you have the xxx hitting 96 and 97 dB max, not 99. Either way for $850 it was a great value, the mid bass lacked though compared to others now, like your 19(much more expensive) and the 24.
  10. The only time I noticed clipping was during the star killer base weapon scenes. There could be others but that is what I heard while watching the first time. BTW, this was so much better than watching it at Imax.
  11. I was curious if the crest had the same power(or 7500) as the speaker power 2400 or 4000.
  12. Luke, Have you measured the 7500 or crest compared to the Inuke 6000? At 4ohms and then what did the 7500 do at 2 ohms? I might buy another amp if significant. Which speakerpower amp is equivalent?
  13. I know, it is the movie I calibrate to since it shut down my 20 amp breaker running hot! It uses some juice and lasts a long time. It is the most realistic helicopter scene on bluray to date! My screen usually vibrates with loud bass, it waves like water with this scene running hot.
  14. Here is the new rack, still waiting for my XLR cables to make it 7.2.4. Right now it is 5.2.
  15. OK, bass in Imax was good, hope it digs deep BUT Buffalo needs to recalibrate or check their speakers as it was clipping like crazy, it was very annoying. It started when Everest came out and it clipped the rear channels but Star Wars was clipping everywhere. The local Cinema where I live did not clip so it is not the film. I need to see it in Rochester which has the best Imax I have been to so far.
  16. I thought this one was as close as the first one as you will get. All the Dino scenes were better and the bass was awesome! Great soundtrack all around. I really enjoyed this movie as a fan of JP. Chris Pratt is Dr Grant and Malcom Roled into one. I actually recalibrated my system for this to run my front stage bridged and forgot to bump up the LFE to my liking! I actually ran it 2 dB below reference! I can't wait for the bump! Watching again tomorrow.
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