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  1. It does seem like lower budget films have more extension, they don't pay somebody to mess with the mix. I just want them to utilize the channels they are creating without all the loud clipped audio. There are certain disc you put in and it sounds so dynamic and good just from the opening musical score.
  2. The Dark Night rises started off great, the beginning scene was great, although loud, very loud. I don't own the DVD any more but I remember liking the DVD dts better than the bluray although I still use the Balrog scene for testing purposes(the dark night as well) because I know them so well.
  3. I have not posted here in a while. So this is where all the old guys all hang. Old as in long time posters. Scott, good to see you still around.
  4. In the beginning of BvS where the plane collides with the alien ship there is a loud 6hz shudder! I knew right from the beginning it will sound good unless of course they pulled the DKR and had great intro and then filtered it. Nope, this one sounds great all around.
  5. Let's not get into whether you liked or not, this thread is about LFE content. Someone tell me how to run the numbers and I will do it.
  6. I was forced to watch Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and I believe it has unfiltered bass, it had the same effects as BHD and Lone Survivor with the helicopters and even some parts reminded me FOTP plane crash(some parts, not the whole FOTP scene). This was coming from a Vudu HDX download.
  7. What I see here is a full band movie with a peak at 30hz. If it did not have a peak at 30hz it would look like the amazing Spiderman. The problem is with the Amazing spiderman one can crank it up to a 5 star level where to do this here it would make that 30hz peak too much. I did like this movie and the overall sound was good. I still prefer a cleaner track.
  8. It shows what works in my room. I have owned speakers with parts costing 10x the whole Behringer speaker. I also went through many audiophile higher end amps and processors as well. As for HT the whole is better than the parts and integrating into the room is the biggest factor IMHO. I don't care how good a single speaker is, will the damn thing work in your space for whatever reason. The Behringer has been measured and shows to be very good on axis to about 35 degrees and then starts getting peaky at the crossover. My treatments no doubt take care of those and makes them not harsh at al
  9. I did own the Fusion pure 10 and many other speakers before. I am just not sure it will be that much of a difference for a room like mine. The pure 10 and tempest were on the radar due to a built crossover. I am pretty good at hooking up wires lol. The pure 10s were better than the Sho-10s IMHO but the differences were not huge. I know for sure if I ever tear the wall down and start over I would buy 4722s and spread them out to the corners of the room and build the subs around them. Maybe 1299's too. I could actually fit those now but I don't like putting crossovers together. If there a
  10. I love trying things new toys. Max, if I could find someone to build me passive crossovers for DR-200's I would build them. I really like the simplicity of processor, amp, speaker with no EQ and letting the room do its thing. My room has the lowest noise floor ever with less in the chain. I hear zero noise at the horn when everything is on and set to reference. I would love to get Dr-200s with horns. I replaced the DR-250s with a DIY JBL speaker and then to the Berries. The reason was smoother sound but it has to do with crossovers. The DR speakers are still the most dynamic speaker I
  11. I cross at 120 hz to my subs as that is the smoothest response and the mid bass is awesome from the subs. When I sit in the middle seat my height speakers are 9 feet away in every location and the surrounds are 7-8 feet. There is good separation from them all. You can clearly hear the wrap around effect going in a circle. I actually had the 215s mounted in front of the seats at first but it just did not have that much better separation and they were in the way. This way the separation is nearly as good and they are out of the way.
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