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  1. The 4K has some pretty good bass. I have both copies; I may be able to do a spec lab comparison tomorrow.
  2. Did you watch the theatrical or extended version? I ask because the extended version is a much better movie. It really completes a lot of the scenes that are confusing or odd in the theatrical release. Needless to say, I won't ever watch the theatrical again.
  3. Re-watched some of Civil War. Just doesn't sound good to me. I thought something was wrong when I put it in last week. But, it's just a crappy mix, IMO. Now BvS sounds so good. Was watching that at -7 with no issues at all. Everything sounded perfect.
  4. You've been busy man. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  5. I really enjoyed Everest. I've read 3 books on it since I saw the movie.....well 2.5. The last part of BW book is all about growing up and falling I love with his wife and then his family life. Which is great, but I wanted to read about Everest, and that experience.
  6. Thanks Luke! Need to do another movie night.
  7. Your review was one of the deciding factors for me to build one in the first place. Yeah, would have had #2 this spring, but house stuff got in the way. I originally wanted 4, but my wife would kill me and I'd almost never get to have fun with them
  8. Yes it is. Somehow, and I don't even know how, the right channel blew. So I'm trying to get it fixed. Unlike a lot of you guys on here I don't need 900 watts to drive my sub. I'm guessing I use less than 100 to drive it. I want to Adcom for my KLF20s. If it can't be fixed I'll use it to drive my center and buy a Crown xls1000 or 1500 to drive the 20s and another for both subs. Luke is trying to talk me into buying a Crown x1000. Who knows. With just the Denon I can easily play at -5 for an entire movie. I've never tried reference....-5 is plenty loud for me. Lol. Only reason I'm upgrading the sub amp is so I can have just one 2ch amp driving both subs vs the plate amp I'm using now.
  9. Well I guess I'll list my humble system here. I don't have any pics, but I can take some if anyone cares. L/R: Klipsch KLF20 CC: Klipsch KLF7 SL/SR: Klipsch KLF10 SSR/SSL: Klipsch KG1.2 Sub: 24" THT, second one coming this spring Equipment: Denon 4520 Oppo 103 PS4 Panamax 5300PM BASH300 for the sub TV: Panasonic 55VT60 - should have bought the 60" in hindsight. Plan on upgrading my sub amp and hopefully adding my Adcom 555 back into the mix once it's fixed. My HT is our basement, something close to 4500 cu ft. I don't have any acoustic panels yet, but that will change thanks to Luke! Also want to build 3 1099s for the LCR. We'll see when that gets done. lol Lots of great systems here.
  10. Which scene in Xmen is that graph from? The Quicksilver scene, the last fight scene or the moving of the baseball stadium?
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