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  1. Looks darn good Luke. The more I see those roundovers in the ports, the more I like them.
  2. Looking good man. Really like that round over. How are you getting this downstairs?
  3. The 4K has some pretty good bass. I have both copies; I may be able to do a spec lab comparison tomorrow.
  4. Did you watch the theatrical or extended version? I ask because the extended version is a much better movie. It really completes a lot of the scenes that are confusing or odd in the theatrical release. Needless to say, I won't ever watch the theatrical again.
  5. Re-watched some of Civil War. Just doesn't sound good to me. I thought something was wrong when I put it in last week. But, it's just a crappy mix, IMO. Now BvS sounds so good. Was watching that at -7 with no issues at all. Everything sounded perfect.
  6. That's really close to the front Luke, it'll be like sitting in the front row at a movie theater.
  7. You've been busy man. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  8. I really enjoyed Everest. I've read 3 books on it since I saw the movie.....well 2.5. The last part of BW book is all about growing up and falling I love with his wife and then his family life. Which is great, but I wanted to read about Everest, and that experience.
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