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  1. WOAH: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2763785-ultimate-list-bass-movies-w-frequency-charts-264.html#post56262546 Hurricane Heist has a graph to end all graphs!
  2. xXx return of xander cage outstanding bass throughout...the ocean scenes.,,...woah...haven't had that level of bass in a film in a while...good stuff...extension to 12Hz or so...and not a 30hz monster (no huge peak at 30) recommended if you take the film for what it is
  3. Update. Only thing I have left is the psa LCR Running denon x7200wa I now have 4- volt6 for atmos 4- volt6 for surrounds and back surrounds (now 7.5.4) And for subs sold 2 of 3 psa xs30's and now have 2 - si18d4 in 4cu' sealed 1 - si ds4 18 in 4cu' sealed 1 - si ds4 18 in 6cu' sealed near field All powered by 2 - inuke6000dsp Wayyyyyy more output from these than the xs30's. Such I went DIY from the beginning!!!
  4. this 100%. during the poe examination with the force...I had rattles I never knew I had...time to replay that scene and go rattle hunting!
  5. Bass in my theater for Star Wars was outstanding. In fact was he best bass I have ever heard/felt that WASNT my HT
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