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  1. "Klippel Verified" means whatever the marketing department wants it to... The inductance isn't terrible (5.09 mH vs a 3.95 ohm Re), but it is no mid-bass. Things are rolling off after 100 Hz. https://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/295-166--dayton-audio-mx12-22-spec-sheet.pdf I don't see any suggestion of inductance mitigation in that impedance plot, and the cutaways don't show shorting rings.
  2. Yeah, I saw that the other day. Plenty of motor, decent stroke, and reportedly quiet. Only real gripe after looking at the specs is that Le/Re is greater than 1. Still, it is a decent looking driver for the $$. If I needed a 600W 12, I would certainly consider it.
  3. Yeah - for clarification, it was very much a planned burn, and was actually done a bit earlier this year. One of several cabinets that were burned that day. Definitely does not feel right, but I only have so much room to work in. Got rid of a couple of prototype mains, a few unfinished projects, an old car sub cabinet, and the MicroWrecker. It is easier and cheaper to burn them than to dispose of them, though I have hauled a bunch of prototype cabinets down to the local "recycling center" to be used as fuel for the boilers at the neighboring paper mill, I only got charged $20/truckload for those. I've also cut cabinets up smaller and run them through the woodstove in the winter. Wildfires are something else this year. My heart goes out to those affected. We had a small one that was too close for comfort, thankfully the crews snuffed it out before it spread. Fortunately, all I am dealing with is some nasty smoky air.
  4. I waited a year... Hated to get rid of it, but it was getting in the way.
  5. Try em in Hornresp. Nothing special, just a simple floor-to-ceiling single fold. Tune comes in about 22 Hz. Epically good. Big coil means it soaks up the power and has a nice low inductance too. The temptation is strong with these... Honestly, If I did not have 4 of the 18" 9601s, these would already be in my theater.
  6. I know, right?? Please, someone buy the 9601s so I don't.
  7. Man, that turned out nice and clean! Doesn't look anything like ice cream though...
  8. Wait - what? Did I just see WiSounds post? How the hell are you man?
  9. Why use an amp? Why not use a welder? A sine-wave is a sine wave. My TIG welder can handle short circuits and since it is a TIG, I have a foot pedal for controlling current. Just a thought.
  10. Just an ugly, empty MicroWrecker cabinet. Free to a good home, but you gotta come and fetch it. I'm south of Seattle, Washington.
  11. Man - you're killing me... I want those 9601s, but I sure as hell don't need them. I still have a pair of their 18" little brothers waiting for me to get off my ass and do something with them. Somebody buy these so I don't.
  12. I'll be following along. I really, really want some Synergy horns, I was experimenting with some a while back, but lots of other things got in the way of ever finishing them. I was fortunate enough to be able to check out Bill Waslo's current setups recently,. that definitely rekindled the desire to have my own. As usual, I have plenty of ideas, lots of parts, and nowhere near enough time to turn any of it into reality.
  13. That's a full day... Looking forward to the results.
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