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The Low Frequency Content Thread (films, games, music, etc)


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Jurassic World - DTS-HDMA 7.1


Level - 4 Stars (110.61dB composite)

Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz on peak graph)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.59dB)

Execution - 4 Stars


Recommendation - Buy


Notes: Gets 5-Star Extensionion on a technicality, actually a 12Hz film.  Clipping on occasion in the LCRs, all other channels clean, and clipping is not horrible, 4 samples max duration seen.  OK film, good sound, centered at 30Hz.





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We found Pixels to be no sillier a premise than Avengers or Mad Max or Jurassic World and typical of the majority of the Adam Sandler library.


As a MWB, the caps speak for themselves. More specifically, the low end effects, which you can see are extremely wide bandwidth, are quite unique and easily discernible as such when audibly scrutinized. It's a heavyweight. I don't know about the level because my system is in test flux and not calibrated and my PC for SL and REW is being replaced and not on line, so I inquired above because it might be required pre-info before the bassheads grab this one and let it rip. ;)


Sound design and re-recording mixer Steve Boeddeker who did sound design for Tron:Legacy, Hellboy and X-Men has been around the block, working his way up. He goes back to the 90s, including Sound Effects Editor credit for Fight Club. Looking forward to more Design/Mix work from this guy.


Pixels is a contender for MWB of the year, IMO, script/score/acting quality notwithstanding.


Great info, thanks Bosso :)


The next Randy Thom??

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Max: looks like soft limiting but it is well under a WCS and when I zoomed in on the highest

level parts it didn't look like they were playing with square waves.


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Wow.  It looks like this shaping up to be a good year as far as ULF is concerned.  I'm so behind on movies lately.  I've been working hard on my DSP software, designing my new front speakers, and moving to new equipment racks.  Once the mains are built and my front stage rearrangement is done, I'll work on sub upgrades.

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Bølgen (The Wave) - Norwegian disaster movie about a giant wave causing massive destruction.


Opportunity to make some REAL bass here, I would say..




Comes with 2 sound tracks, DTS-HD which is kind on the ears but also with no bass, and TrueHD Atmos which has bass and clipping.

I have not watched it yet, only a few scenes to do the bass-eq.


Original lfe TrueHD/Atmos:




Sum 7.1 TrueHD/Atmos:








Clipping on C:



I don't think it is as bad as it looks, and the bass is not bad either.

Looking forward to watch it, especially since I have the bass-eq version, which is a totally different experience.

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