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  1. I hope so. I just don't want it clipped all to hell because I did enjoy it. I hope you're right about the bass. I do remember though that it wasn't ear blasting loud. Maybe I jumped the gun about the level. We shall see. I hope we get a good home release because it does deserve it.
  2. I went with some one who unfortunately, did not see the first one, but I gave a verbal review of what it was about. This person also likes 2049, after reflection though. But one thing was the length. They thought it was too long. It was long. 2 hours and 43 min is a long movie. But I keep on saying to myself, what could they have cut. I won't spoil anything for anybody who hasn't seen it but I do understand. That is a long running time for a movie like that. I mean, even the final cut 4k of Blade Runner is just under 2 hours. I have the BR version of that. But I do hope the au
  3. bmoney, I also heard it was awful. If you look, those numbers are for the first movie that was just called Transformers. That's why it says "it's a terrific film". This one is supposed to be horrible. I was just wondering if someone was going to put down measurements like they do for other films: Level: Extension: Dynamics: Execution You know, that kind of stuff. It is supposed to be really bad but it is a Transformer movie. But, if the audio is really good, then I might just get it for the visual and audio and hope the next ones are better. Sorry for the confusi
  4. Has anyone done measurements and other tests that are done on this site for Transformers The Last Knight. I heard it was not good at all, but that chart does look pretty good. Hopefully it does not clip that much and I am wondering if I should pick it up just to complete the series. But you know I am looking for something like Transformers: Level: 4 Stars (111.57dB composite) Extension: 5 Stars (1Hz) Dynamics: 4 Stars (25.98dB) Execution: 4 Stars - This was a terrific film, and got many into the subwoofer realm because of Ironhide's flip. If it wasn't for a single effect, tho
  5. Well, I watched Kong Skull Island this weekend. Not going to list the level because it was low. But I thought it sounded really good and the Crowsons did add a nice touch to it. I give it high marks for audio. I only have a 5.1 system but I used the Atmos sound track so I got the 5.1 TRUHD audio. I don't know if the DTS-MA track would sound any different (better).
  6. Max, what does this mean " LFE channel clips with sharp corners" Does that mean it's dangerous to put this really loud for fear of "hurting" the sub or the Crowson?
  7. Well that's cool to know. Unless, mine are a bit older and the ones I have only go down to 5hz. Either way, I get a nice shake and shudder on my chair with the really low stuff .
  8. Going back to Logan, it looks good to me. 16Hz but it looks like there may be lower content that my Crowson will pick up, and a great movie to boot. Can't wait to give this one a spin. Plus no clipping makes it even better.
  9. Thanks. I double checked and the lowest the crossover goes is 40hz. Despite the graph, I am still looking forward to watching this. If it is "like" Interstellar I will be fine with that. Interstellar sounds fine on my setup and the Crowson does it's job well with that one.
  10. OK. This may be a stupid question and if it is, please feel free to let me know. In addition to my sub, I have a crowson. It goes down to 5hz i think. It looks like this has low bass, juts not at a high level. I have it setup so it only gets frequencies below 35hz. If that's the case, even though my sub may not get all of the low bass because of that huge spike, my chair should still feel a good portion of it shouldn't it? Or am I totally wrong.
  11. I am not sure if it is a 2nd or 4th order to be honest. I am using a Butt Kicker BKA-1000 amp so all that stuff is done by the amp. I "think" I have it crossed over at 40hz. I would need double check that stuff though. I can try and do that tonight. But the way it's set up now, it feels pretty seamless to me. I can check all the settings and post them later.
  12. I think for most of the people in the home area, it's the picture and not the sound. I have a friend who just bought a brand new top of the line LG 65in OLED TV (he got it for a good price.) He has my old setup of speakers. They were the old Def Tech pro 400's, which were not that bad and my c/l/r 1000 center. The pro 400's are powered and they can put out some nice bass. Nothing like we have but he is in a townhouse so he can't go crazy anyway. But he has not put up surrounds and he doesn't care about them. I think he probably could if he did some work but to him it's not worth it. Pl
  13. +1 on the Crowsons Max. Makes a huge difference on movies that maybe have bass but at a lower level down below. And makes movies that have high impact down low freaking awesome. That's my un-scientific review of them.
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