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  1. Agreed here as well. I don't know what type of additional extension you would want, as you'll be giving up to goods above 25hz or so, and that's what's so special about them. Just roll with a Large ported if you want to get to 15hz for HT. I've been running mine now with one port plugged for quite some time now and it handles music excellently... all of it.
  2. Hey buddeh! Unfortunately I don't have the capability for BEQ. I have to agree with you tho, Max brought over his demo disc of BEQ'd stuff when I had my last g2g and it was unbelievable the difference that BEQ can make. Just astounding.
  3. Oh, come off it. AVS is a deep dark place without you present to joke around and poke fun of things with me... Yes yaassssss, That 16hz still about to tickle the -15. The 30hz at -7.5?!?! That is some serious stuff right there. Im ALL about this when I go to buy it next Tuesday...
  4. We gotta new record: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2763785-ultimate-list-bass-movies-w-frequency-charts-85.html#post55059146 Would you look at that beaut! 5 star extension right there.
  5. Naw. Only 6 18's with two of them being HST-18's nearfield to keep up. I made a "two vent block" the same time I made the one vent block but have never tested it out either. I know with one vent plugged I can get dead flat extension to 20hz as anticipated. No need for any shelf or anything. The rolloff profile seems to fit perfect for that. I keep meaning to mess around with the 2 ports closed mode but end up just tweaking what I have to get it ever more dialed in. switching the plugs out would toss all that out the window. Many cold months ahead however, so I will be spending much more time tinkering.
  6. That's not how it works with a design like this. You gotta hornresp all of that to see how it shakes out.
  7. "Get one of these bad boys going pronto" has a direct translation to "Dangit Josh, hurry up and get tired of your skhorn and just bring it to me"
  8. Testing season aka the ground isn't frozen solid? I sell some stuff, I will be wanting to get one of these bad boys going pronto...
  9. I can't help but think this is the case Sergio. I have the song locally on my library at home, and have compared it to the Spotify version and they are basically spot-on. This is one of my main bass go-to demo tracks for folks who don't mind the vulgarity at least. The lowest note that IIRC from it being spec'd showed 17hz-19hz I am pretty sure.
  10. Oh I know that, but the overall slope of the graph is what I basically consider perfectly balanced, and aim to hit anytime I am messing around. Send me the file, I just want to see exactly how close we actually are! Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.
  11. God Almighty... an image of perfection ladies and gents. Send me that OM file, I wanna see how close I stack up. You still have my email address
  12. I haven't seen him post on avs for some time either...but, I kinda just stick to threads that friends open or are pretty long in the tooth and relatively drama-free...
  13. What I meant was that the presentation was clean according to a few sources. LOUD, but clean. I can stomach some clipping, and even feel that even sometimes it is almost used intentionally, but we see it as a mistake around here. Sorry reading back I can see how you took that wrong way. From all accounts the video is just as good as the audio btw too.
  14. Not from what I have heard. After STID, that means we can't put SOLO judgment on JJ Abrams for being the deciding factor here
  15. Oh cmon! Since this mix seems to be so nice, perhaps the next two movies will just be a few Leia-ups for the sound crew.
  16. A new hope? See what I did there? Star Wars jokes are my favorite. I am glad this one looks so promising though, and from those I know that have heard the home mix (lucky buggers), they said it's nothing short of fantastic. A breath of fresh air. We won't be uttering "I find your lack of bass disturbing" while watching this flick. Sorry.....I couldn't help myself....
  17. Sergio posted TFA over on avs. Looks promising: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/1333462-new-master-list-bass-movies-frequency-charts-610.html#post42824186 Little rolloff, but seemingly good extension still.
  18. No kidding. But Snoop nailed it, there can't be much discussion when there is no new content to talk about...
  19. OH boy!!! If you liked that one, try out this one! Tested by one of our very own! http://www.livesoundint.com/archives/2000/julyaug/pyramid/pyramid.php
  20. Lemme know on the radian if you decide to go that route. I can supply an XO schematic if you want to do that...or you can roll your own
  21. I don't know who that is... I have to admit, it is nice now waking up to that silky smooth voice everyday. I have that disc on a timer to go off in the mornings. Sweet, good ole' country tunes to wake you from your slumber.
  22. Wow, perhaps one day when there are no more movies out there to watch, and I just want to be a stinky mood, I will watch it.
  23. Is it odd that having never watched any of the most recent 3 hobbit movies. I mean, not even a second of any of them, that I am slightly interested to watch at least the first one just to see how big of a letdown it really is? I guess I won't even turn my subs on. Like he said, "Humans aren't supposed to survive at the cruising altitude of a 747." This movie shook me to the core. Not only did I feel cold basically the whole second half, but I was emotionally connected to the characters, knowing that they were portraying REAL actual human beings that made that trek. I even had some unsettling dreams that night after watching it. Few movies have ever done that to me. I'm with you though. $65k is a pretty expensive unexpected funeral for many that go up that hill. Not for me bro, no way. If a chairlift or helicopter can't take me to the top and I can ride my snowboard back down it, then it ain't happenin'
  24. That's really good to know. I was dumping all a sanway clone could give to my pair of split coils in 8 cuft boxes and they just laughed at it and kept asking for more. It's good to see they remedied that somewhat with the overhung design.
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