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  1. Many people has high order enclosures, wonder anyone took different approach? multiple drivers cheap decent drivers like faital 18fh500 or bms 18s430v2 100l sealed and whole front wall covered with them like 20pc. If not enough cover rear wall too. faital cost like 149€ and i believe bms could be around 200€ Any thoughts?
  2. Voxengo looks like basic rta. Arta has dual channel too, shows live phase. I´ll bet many high order systems has shitty tune cause they need delay above too. might not notice on watching movies but listening music it shows up
  3. i use smaart to get harder system set up. car audio is impossible set up well without dual channel fft. speakers above my 6th order bandpass needed 12.9ms delay. i think many systems are 0.5 cycles off
  4. https://www.thomann.de/fi/turbosound_ts_18sw700_8a.htm How ´bout this, 9pc costs 1400€. 3P3S =5ohms. Not enough? time for second 9 patch
  5. https://mag-cinema.com/image/catalog/Cinema/MAG-THOR.pdf looks decent
  6. knock knock who´s there? it´s 2020, we want to see M-force
  7. http://www.gascaraudio.com/produkter/comp32extreme?lang=en VAS: 990.3763L Qts: 0,4431 Fs: 18.99Hz Reasonable size 0.5Q sealed box
  8. not bass but has la la land been measured? i watched it +10db over basic "transformers", felt overkill dynamics
  9. just buy them m-forces or 21" ipals and drive them paraller godspeed neighbour, im home
  10. i hope someday you find M-force to test for. waiting to see M-force in a proper 44hz tapped horn in car DbDrag scene too, of course one m-force cant beat 10pc 18"
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