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  1. Yes, I will second that. A single channel of K20 should be plenty.
  2. Here you go. My 3 kW amplifier could not push it further than +/- 15 mm (~210 V peaks) so you don't actually see where the 70% limits are, but one can have a pretty good estimate.
  3. It also says 5 kW peak amp power. You can choose to believe them or me. I will post the impedance plot for you.
  4. And that was after the LSI test.
  5. Sorry, I am little late to the party. Could you please point me to the newer thread, I could not find it. I did not mean that high moving mass would always be an indicative of high inductance, I was just replying to his question. T/S parameters below. Electrical Parameters Re 4.65 Ohm electrical voice coil resistance at DC Le 3.143 mH frequency independent part of voice coil inductance L2 8.938 mH para-inductance of voice coil R2 16.81 Ohm electrical resistance due to eddy current losses Cmes 898.19 µF electrical
  6. I hear you. What kind of tests/measurements you are after? It is not edgewound coil. It has round wire. 16" Very true. Actually you won't even need two. High moving mass, lots of inductance. SVS has their own proprietary basket (+cone and surround) which indeed is 16". Tymphany's own version is 15". I also had PB12-Ultra and PB12-Plus/2. Great subs. That is correct.
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