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  1. Nope. Ricci mentioned the M-Force catching on fire thing a while ago. It would have to be limited...which is crazy and cheats any customer. AND - IPALmod has a lot of noise to deal with. Not wasting my self education on that. I want a hotrodded updated version of the Aurasound drivers that I have in a larger size. Adire Audio has an 18" named Kal with 30+mm of xmax. The xbl2 motor is attractive given TC Sounds' reputation. McCauley has an 18' that I like - Vas is through the roof. Acoustic Elegance's TDH18+ Apollo is nice. Problem is, I already have the Aurasounds in 18' and they
  2. M-Force/IPAL is a hobbyist's dream. The tech involved makes you smile for a while. Then reality sets in. I would feel bad if someone wanted to rent the thng for $200 a day from me. I like McLaren's. But would rather have an old Panterra on steroids. If I'm going all out - give me the new Panterra and the pricing is understood. Powersoft can do better and charge more. Until then...Canada has some nice stuff to plan around.
  3. atltx


    Something with very low inductance and a lowish fs would work well. Light and stiff with just enough strength. Used from 50hz up to where your mains can effortlessly take over. In a high efficiency 21", that is special order if you want to stay sealed and small. You came to the right place.
  4. Not hard to build https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=92003.0
  5. The 24's from Harbottle Audio that are being discussed in other threads just might help ripole get more attention. Ve series would be the perfect route. 32 inch subs would make them popular for sure. Efficiency for home use would not be a problem. Small intimate spaces would enjoy them too.
  6. Thank you for the time and effort over those 10 years. Still kinda struggling with the reality of complex induction and oem vs consumer availability for drivers. I want deep and clean. HT/Music/Automotive/Nature sounds for sleep. Will eventually reach out to Harbottle Audio for something underhung and nasty. Data-bass helped me understand why that is hard to find in the consumer market. Also understand why the price is north of what can be bought in a couple of mouse clicks.
  7. Ripole is the term I learned for this set up. Ripole brought me to databass. Was looking for 18 inch drivers that would give the best result for my tastes in hi fi. Pandemic killed all the new ideas this website gave me for anything outside of hi fi. The drivers I collected are stored face down and acting as furniture a few feet away from me waiting on 1 more. You found a pot of gold. Enjoy it like it is or upgrade the drivers. Build another 1 or 3 and be done for life.
  8. Thank you kipman for the feedback and link. I lost my mind the first time I saw stuff like this. I think Ricci has a warehouse space with a monster setup. I don't want all this in my home. I just want to play every now and then. No alcohol - equipment protected. I can use my truck as a demo vehicle and mobile advertisement. I have some drivers that have moved with me a few times that can do this small job. My niche will be cone to cone sealed. Would need to replace factory drivers and add dsp/amps/power Bamboo plywood in truck too. Very small expense compared to paint and anythi
  9. Eventually, gatherings will be allowed. Small venues that once were allowed 200 people per fire code may have to scale down to 50 (will increase over time). Beaches are going upscale. Why not do the smae with sound? This website/forum has proven top notch designs AND support. I know of 2 subwoofer manufacturers that I will buy from commercially. Thigpen (just because it looks like an old fan) and Magico. Otherwise, I would use designs from here to build everything from home to sound reinforcement. Data-bass is upscale. I really like sealed systems. They should go well with
  10. Driver from California showed up fried. Paypal and Madisound saved the day. I would like more motors if anyone wants to part with them.
  11. Found one on craigslist in California. One sitting on my floor. That's enough. There are good people on this board that offer awesome advisement.
  12. I appreciate these drivers...don't reduce your price to offset shipping.
  13. I wold like the Aura NS18 motor please. Will PM for details.
  14. Funny. The math and money says go with Danley TH221 or other OEM's that use 21's or even the M-Force. Hence my interest in 24's. You would not pay for it because you have the knowledge and connections to equal what I've found for less. I can not design and build anything close for the money asked. I do not have access to the raw drivers because i can not request special parameters for a minimum bulk order. Example: Madisound told me I would have to put together an order of 300 pieces in order to see another Aurasound NS18-994-A. Didn't bother asking parts express. I'm sure what was avail
  15. Like I'm the only person that talks to self. (Note to self, Infrasonic is not funny) <--------- You don't do that? I am working on growing patience. Give me time. I had to help myself...the anxiety was killing me. Seriously, thanks for your input. The IPAL Mod discussion you all had will help buy an extra driver or 2 instead. You are not welcome because, I'm back. Are you the infrasonic that is Stereo Integrity on other forums? If so, which 24 would be easier to mod for lf/ulf use outdoors? The HS box requirement is too much without clamshelling. The SHS is power hu
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