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  1. Guys please get hold of ascendo audio and ask for a test unit on one of their 21inch subs and or their 32\50 inch monsters

  2. Nice job on the initial tests of the SI 24! It's a shame that Nick has chosen to adjust the price to $1600! I think TC Sounds has proven that pricing model does not work. Sure it has roughly the displacement of two good 18s but $1600 just is over the top IMO. Even at $999 he might have a prayer of doing some decent sales.
  3. I am hoping you guys can test the SI 24"! It sounds like it is the real deal.
  4. Very interesting! Is there an ETA for this new monster?
  5. It would be a bonus to also get the missing UXL-18 THD measurements. LMS-R2???? Whoa! I did not know about that one. Is it is step up or down from the current 5400?
  6. Hey Guys! Other candidates for the list" lilmike's Lil' Wrecker Is there another round coming soon? Awesome site!!!!! Great work!
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