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  1. Only in the DS3 configuration but they do it for a reason Announced frequency response -3db (we can suppose these are once EQed) : - InfraBass 218 : 25Hz - 80Hz - DS15 : 90Hz - 270Hz - F215 : 50Hz - 280Hz They couldn't cross the InfraBass218 directly with the DS15 so they added some F215 in between. But that doesn't mean it was the best solution, they are just offering what they can with their range of products. In your case (and without any marketing EQ) : - Skram : 26hz - 150hz - 18" BPH (estimation) : 55hz - 220hz You don't need the mini scoops as you can cross the 18 BPH directly with the Skram. You can add them if you want for sure, it's your system, if you want to take more bins, more amps and have a harder time to put everything in phase, you can, it's part of the fun 😁 I'm just unsure about the "real" gain you'll acquire from this.
  2. Hello, If you ever use this setup again, you shouldn't use the mini scoops and just cross your Skrams way higher. If those BPHs are ES18, you can (and should) probably cross them at 80hz directly with the Skrams. Using 3 boxes for the 25hz-220hz seems counterproductive to me, especially if you didn't put them properly in phase. If you build 2 more Skrams, even if the boxes don't have the same drivers inside, let them play together, the phase should be pretty similar, you will win more than using them crossed separately
  3. Yes, this is outdoor ! There was a wall 10 meters on the left and a house 20 meters behind. The mic was at 3 or 4 meters, on the ground, centered on the subs so probably closer to the upper section than the vents.
  4. Hello Ricci, I had the opportunity to get some fresh measurements this week-end. The 2 skrams, 21DS115-4 loaded, were superposed horizontally, mic on the ground at ~3 meters. I did measure one cab (the one sitting on the floor) and two cabs. No LPF, my HPF was set at 19.7hz (as low as my processor was able to go, I think it was a -24dB BW but looking at my precedent curve I may have put a -24dB LR by inattention which would explain the slighty higher -3dB point on those) These are still uncalibrated btw ! Green : 1 cab | Red : 2 cabs
  5. Hello ! Took me a while but I finally remembered to save my measurements to share those with you. They are worth what they are, I'll try to get unfiltered ones the next time. So here is an uncalibrated measurement of 2 Skram units, 21DS115-4 loaded with a 2nd order BW filter at 24hz and a 4th order LR filter at 108.8hz. (No correction EQ). The subs were 8 meters away. Considering how flat it is with the LR filter, you can imagine how the curve is rising after 50hz.
  6. Thanks! My first build (the big cuts were done by the carpentry, just had to do the speaker, middle brace and handles holes) and the first drivers I ever bought ahah. The DIY way makes me discover a lot of things! I like the look they have, the varnish tinted them in yellow, that was a great surprise, it gives them a vintage touch! My last coat was drying yesterday, hope the weather will be fine next week-end!
  7. Mines are almost ready as well, just have to put one more varnish coat, put the driver (21DS115-4) in and measure them ! Will post everything there as soon as I'll have the time to setup everything and when the weather will get better here.
  8. @Droogne It would lower the rear chamber volume and then the bass reflex tuning would go up. If others can confirm. You'll not reach 30hz if you reduce the depth, maybe 35hz with 70cm but with 60cm, you're losing a lot. You can edit the hornresp sim to see what you're gonna lose exactly.
  9. @Ricci Alright, I was drawing the slots and thought "That doesn't sound good". Gonna put them on the sides. Thanks!
  10. Hi ! I'm building my Skrams and just wondered, is there any issue to put handles in vents ? I want to put 2x Adam Hall 3402 to the bottom of my Skrams but they would be right in the vents, reducing quite a lot the area of it to a specific point (around the middle of the vents)
  11. Wood and B&C 21DS115-4 on their way ! 2 Skrams should be up in France before the end of the month
  12. Hey @jay michael now that you built Skrams, would you say they are fast enough for psytrance ? Especially compared to your Othorn ? I plan to play a lot of reggae and dub music but it will certainly have to play some psytrance during the night Thanks again ! Enjoy you news cabs
  13. Of course those help ! It's just quite hard to believe that this cab can do the job of a sub and a kickbin ! And that it possibly do it even better. I really want it to be real ahah, I'm in holidays in 2 weeks, so I have 2 weeks to make my decision between Othorn + ES18BPH or the Skram ! I like the ES18BPH sound, may not be everyone taste btw.
  14. Can't make my mind between Othorn or Skram. At first I was going for 2xOthorn + 2xES18BPH to cover 27.5hz - 110hz, so Othorn playing on one octave (27.5hz - 55hz) and the ES18 on another one (55hz - 110hz). But then the Skram comes out and offer me the possibility to cover those 2 octaves with only one bin + the possibility to tune it lower for movies. That means : - Less amplifiers - Less cabs so less speakers, cables, storage difficulty etc - Less phase problems - Easier building and less wood required I would save a lot of money, almost enough to build two others Skrams quickly. The only thing I'm afraid of is the Skram "kick" power, is it something I should care about ? I like the ES18 kick but it does it with light Mms drivers, the skram would kick with a 412gr Mms (B&C 21DS115-4). @jay michael review makes me hesitate even more ahah. Is the Skram far away of an Othorn + ES18BPH combo ?
  15. Here is a 3D Sketchup file for the Skram if someone is interested. Bracing is missing. It's rounded for metric units but it should not change that much compared to the original one : Became : 610mm x 813mm x 915mm Skram.skp
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