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  1. Thank you, know i need since i read about skhorn.. we don't have money at the moment as we want to do everything in one purchase (handles, connectors, paint for those and others boxes and some other things like protective angles etc ..) also think i will close two ports and see outcoming as the main purpouse of the Skram will be 30 - 65Hz can’t wait for a little warmer weather to take the whole sound out and test it properly! We need to make two more Skram and a party in the village : D Ricci what do you think about Paraflex C-2E 1x21 ?
  2. As for the speakers I used b&c 21sw152 is more beastly but to me personally ds115 is much more tonal sounds nicer and softer in lower frequencies .. why I chose rcf because it is sharper, much more aggressive about 60hz than all the others, and if I put 4 the skram will go deep enough to cover that small flaw that it has unlike these two .. if we look at the PA purpose and the sound to me personally of these three rcf is the one that meets my needs. I use them primarily for my own pleasure: D hehe for PA purposes, I have my own sound system DIY (DUB / Bass music) and also work for r
  3. Greetings! After listening to "Skram" for a long time(3mon), I can say that the box works very nicely and controls the speaker very well .. I tried to put it inside B&C 21DS115-8 // B&C21SW152-8 // RCF 21N551-8 I am currently using Rcf and staying with it because it is raw and tight, and the overall performance is better , better spread over octaves than with two b&c SW152 is deeper and stronger but therefore more muddy or undefined, ds115 sounds even more beautiful to me in terms of softness and bass, but it lacks "strength" compared to these two before ..
  4. The frequency response is taken from the original pdf 451 and 551
  5. Greetings... Thanks Ricci for the box design and free plans! After a lot of reading about these boxes, I decided to make them for a project I have with a friend! so far we’ve made two and I’m looking forward to turning them on, measuring them and adding them to the rest of the sound. My question is related to the speakers I would use and if anyone can explain to me the difference between these two frequency responses (RCF551 and 451) and why is such a curve at 451. 551 451 I've seen that with the b & c driver 18ds115 which we currently use in the scoops box and it
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