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  1. Thanks! My first build (the big cuts were done by the carpentry, just had to do the speaker, middle brace and handles holes) and the first drivers I ever bought ahah. The DIY way makes me discover a lot of things! I like the look they have, the varnish tinted them in yellow, that was a great surprise, it gives them a vintage touch! My last coat was drying yesterday, hope the weather will be fine next week-end!
  2. Mines are almost ready as well, just have to put one more varnish coat, put the driver (21DS115-4) in and measure them ! Will post everything there as soon as I'll have the time to setup everything and when the weather will get better here.
  3. @Droogne It would lower the rear chamber volume and then the bass reflex tuning would go up. If others can confirm. You'll not reach 30hz if you reduce the depth, maybe 35hz with 70cm but with 60cm, you're losing a lot. You can edit the hornresp sim to see what you're gonna lose exactly.
  4. @Ricci Alright, I was drawing the slots and thought "That doesn't sound good". Gonna put them on the sides. Thanks!
  5. Hi ! I'm building my Skrams and just wondered, is there any issue to put handles in vents ? I want to put 2x Adam Hall 3402 to the bottom of my Skrams but they would be right in the vents, reducing quite a lot the area of it to a specific point (around the middle of the vents)
  6. Wood and B&C 21DS115-4 on their way ! 2 Skrams should be up in France before the end of the month
  7. Hey @jay michael now that you built Skrams, would you say they are fast enough for psytrance ? Especially compared to your Othorn ? I plan to play a lot of reggae and dub music but it will certainly have to play some psytrance during the night Thanks again ! Enjoy you news cabs
  8. Of course those help ! It's just quite hard to believe that this cab can do the job of a sub and a kickbin ! And that it possibly do it even better. I really want it to be real ahah, I'm in holidays in 2 weeks, so I have 2 weeks to make my decision between Othorn + ES18BPH or the Skram ! I like the ES18BPH sound, may not be everyone taste btw.
  9. Can't make my mind between Othorn or Skram. At first I was going for 2xOthorn + 2xES18BPH to cover 27.5hz - 110hz, so Othorn playing on one octave (27.5hz - 55hz) and the ES18 on another one (55hz - 110hz). But then the Skram comes out and offer me the possibility to cover those 2 octaves with only one bin + the possibility to tune it lower for movies. That means : - Less amplifiers - Less cabs so less speakers, cables, storage difficulty etc - Less phase problems - Easier building and less wood required I would save a lot of money, almost enough to build two others Skrams quickly. The only thing I'm afraid of is the Skram "kick" power, is it something I should care about ? I like the ES18 kick but it does it with light Mms drivers, the skram would kick with a 412gr Mms (B&C 21DS115-4). @jay michael review makes me hesitate even more ahah. Is the Skram far away of an Othorn + ES18BPH combo ?
  10. Here is a 3D Sketchup file for the Skram if someone is interested. Bracing is missing. It's rounded for metric units but it should not change that much compared to the original one : Became : 610mm x 813mm x 915mm Skram.skp
  11. Based on your fresh hornresp inputs and your measured B&C 21DS115-4 T&S, it looks different of your simulations in page 2, is it normal ? Which one should we consider for now ? It's the same for the LaVoce, higher sensitivity with those inputs. Gonna wait for some more measurements but if this one is around 98dB/99dB for 1W/1m as shown in the new simulation, I'll go for it instead of Othorn !
  12. Hello ! @jay michael Your last measurements has been done with 1 cab ? @Ricci How close is it to the simulation (21SW152-4) ? I expect to build 2 Othorns next month but the Skram looks like a real contender, what sensitivity should I expect for 1 Skram, 21DS115-4 loaded ? My aim is to get the highest output between 25hz and 70hz , can't make up my mind between Othorn or Skram...
  13. Alexlel

    The PaleHorn

    Hello ! Just wondering, is the Palehorn still a thing @Ricci ? I'm planning to build 2 Othorns next month (21DS115-4 loaded) but maybe it would be worth it to wait a bit longer and build some Palehorn as an Othorn V3 if you plan to release it ? Thanks
  14. Alright, thanks for the clarification @m_ms ! Actually, I like the Skram for its design, it's an original cab compared to the Othorn which looks more like a "classic" tapped horn. Another good point for it, is the fact that the driver is hidden, I expect to use those cabs in a sound system, I wouldn't have to be afraid of beers or malicious people. But the Othorn is quite perfect for 25hz-70hz + it has a higher sensitivity on that band. I think I prefer +3 dBs than a fully protected driver, otherwise you need more cabs and the cost + the building time + the logistic, make it a clear choice to me. But who knows, maybe with real life measurements, the Skram will change my mind and won't be so far away !
  15. Hello ! Does someone expect to measure a Skram soon ? I aim to build 2 Othorns in August but maybe a Skram could be an alternative. I saw the Ricci's simulations but @m_ms talks about 100dB sensitivity where the sims shows 97dB. I'm looking for the best output between 25hz and 70hz, should I go for two Othorns or two Skrams ?
  16. Alexlel

    B&C 21DS115

    If you get 2x 21DS115-4, the price per unit goes down to reach the same as the 21DS115-8, precisely 382.94€
  17. Alexlel

    B&C 21DS115

    Yes I know, definitely the hardest choice, they sim exactly the same in the Othorn. Here in France the best price I can get on the 21DS115 (same price for both versions) is 383€/unit. The LaVoce SAN214.50 is at 353€/unit. Do I prefer to save 30€/speaker or do I prefer to trust B&C quality ? Can't find that much reviews about the LaVoce speakers, if I really want to play safe, 21DS115-8 is the way to go. But Josh testing seems positive about the LaVoce. Maybe if he see this he can share us his thought !
  18. Alexlel

    B&C 21DS115

    Alright, I think it's going that way ! I'll give a try to the LaVoce then. There are some advantages I can actually see : - If one day I get a better amp and build 2 more Othorns, I can put 2 of those in parallel per channel - A little bit cheaper - Less stress on my cheap amp with 8ohm operation, less power consumption as well - Better impedance for my cables, less signal loss (got 20meters of 4mm²/AWG11) The only disadvantage I can see is that the speaker will only have 1200W available (a little more on crest, 1500W measured) but it's way enough, Xmax is out at 1700W, it's a 1.5dB loss (2dB compared to a 21DS115-4 with 1700W). And as Josh said in his review : I'm not losing that much by not sending 3400W peak into it, avoiding distorsion, power compression and motor noise. If I want more output I'll go for more cabs ! Thanks for your time NiToNi, I'll make a post when everything will be tested !
  19. Alexlel

    B&C 21DS115

    I didn't made those tests myself but I read a lot of reviews about this amplifier, it can do 2.6ohms, some people even pushed it to 2 ohms (4 drivers per channel, PD154 in HD15 if I remember well). I did exactly what you said before posting here ahah, forgot to mention it, in Hornresp, 4 PD154 in HD15 in parallel gets to 2.4ohms. But I was thinking that maybe, driving 1 speaker at 2.2 ohms would be easier for an amp than driving 4 at 2.4 ohms. I know it can do it but how much time ? I can get the LaVoce SAN 214.50 30€ cheaper maybe I should give it a try ! Less output VS caution, difficult choice.
  20. Alexlel

    B&C 21DS115

    Hello ! A quick question about the 21DS115-4, I'm gonna build at the end of August, 2 Othorns loaded with 21DS115-4. But I'm a bit afraid with the impedance curve shown by Hornresp, it's around 2.5ohms on the whole Othorn bandwith, going as low as 2.2ohms, will the reality be the same ? I'm gonna use a Proline 3000 at the beginning which isn't really built for 2ohm operation but easily does 4ohm all night long and can survive to 2.6ohms (driving 3x 8ohm speakers per channel but not recommended). Should I try it or should I go for the B&C 21DS115-8 or the LaVoce SAN214.50 to be careful ? Already got the amp by the way ! They sim well, both close to the B&C 21SW152-4 but less motor force than the B&C 21DS115-4
  21. Hello ! I just saw the Ricci's post on the Skram topic, it seems like the NX6000 could power a pair of Skram, would it be enough for a pair of Othorns (21DS115-4 loaded) ? Here, in Europe, we have the Proline 3000 sold by Thomann which is enhanced on the net thanks to its price (600€) and its performances on subs but its almost 2x the price of a NX6000 and 35 additionals kilograms. What would be your bet ? The Proline 3000 has been measured at 1800W/4ohm continuous instead of the 1500W announced. Could the NX6000 follow up on huge deep bass lines ? For an entire night ? Thanks !
  22. It looks like there are some more informations there : https://www.kvalsvoll.com/Articles/CompactSubwooferTechnology.htm
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