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(8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build


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This PB thing seems to be hosing everyone's threads. :(



Yep.  6-7 years worth of build threads hosed.  


Yeah.... freaked out real good when I read that shit this morning.


I went and checked my major threads with pics and all seem to be working still. Idk if it's because I'm a long time member and I have either been grandfathered in or they haven't got to me yet. Will definitely have to do some heavy uploading and linking of old photos to old threads.




Damn you photobucket!



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28 minutes ago, Infrasonic said:

Are you happy with the output?

Four EBS 21's should bring some damn decent bass in a room like yours, Luke. Hell... ANY room.


You won't lose your man card being happy with this system as-is.

Very happy with the output!  The thought has crossed my mind several times just to stick with 4, but I already have the drivers and all the wood cut for the last four boxes.

Not a lot of incentive to finish the last four so it'll go pretty slow.  

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