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  1. no, thank god! it was just a 12" TC-1000 / Epic. Good little driver, plenty loud for my small loft.
  2. I don't add one on my sealed HT sub, then again, I made a mistake once with the amp maxed out and now I have a voice coil ring dent on my metal dish cone Still works fine tho!
  3. I tend to think its a glue problem, or primer problem.
  4. Hard to tell what that might be, best to return it if you can? The noise may be coming from the motor or voice coil. The phase plug won't likely be making any actual noise itself, but any number of things could be wrong with that driver, its very hard to tell sometimes what exactly it is.
  5. Any small issue with glue or primor can lead to failure. Its a bit tricky and takes precision. Hopefully Eminence can get those fixed for you
  6. Welcome! Are these new drivers or did they fail after some time?
  7. Could be room issues. Its pretty easy to stuff your ports and get a sense of what a sealed box sounds like. The larger box volume won't negatively affect the midbass at all. Only really increases efficiency down low. Just make sure to turn off your high pass filter once you seal it... and go easy at first! But what you really might just need it to figure out if you have some standing waves in that room that negatively affect the bass. Just move the subs and see what happens. I would also consider getting a higher efficiency 18" driver and just switching that. But before doing anything cos
  8. Gotcha Charles. Glad you like em! lets see some pictures
  9. Old thread! Yes @Charles the dual 4" ports will have a measurable advantage over the single, even with flaring. PSA subwoofers are interesting to me, it feels like they lean heavy on the driver and its motor and squeeze it in a smallish box (not every sub they sell is small) but many of the B&C drivers they use could gain more from a larger, box, however there is something to be said about how capable they can still be in a reasonably size boxed for home applications. Its kinda cool actually. What is the TV1812? I see V1812 with a slot port? that is ~6.1 cubic feet or so while the Rhy
  10. I would not expect it to be significantly different than the 4 ohm. If anything, a bit better (in the direction of less inductance that is.) Reason for that is you typically drop wire cross section going from 8 to 4 while keeping the same number of layers. The gaps on the 8's are normally tighter as a result.
  11. Kyle

    Dark Theme?

    Which is more blinding for you? the forums or db.com?
  12. @peniku8 Interesting. i dont have an iphone, so I can't check, but try this. Go here: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/notifications/options/ Turn off "play a sound."
  13. Awesome video @Jeff Permanian, thanks for sharing. I see the TC Sounds 18" frame 😉 Dead right about high excursion + good sensitivity, I think you're figured out that threading that needle you do get the best of both. Nate's drives along those lines too.
  14. Its not so much the size, but most pics don't need to be too big, Maybe delete older ones you have uploaded in your profile but also what greatly helps is saving photos as a jpeg with a reduced quality. Really large photos can be just a few hundred k. http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/attachments/
  15. roger that, I gotta do the mobile css thanks for posting that @dgage
  16. This driver is nuts! I need to see this thing run against the 24vU https://www.harbottleaudio.com/24vu.html
  17. I asked an engineer at JL about 2 months ago for a Gotham... somewhat jokingly (I think its $13,000 or something) negative on that unit so far.
  18. Sure, by no means is this wrong and everything on the y-axis is relative so it does work, just means means its windows to a set of dB that makes sense which is already done. Josh has wanted to add this data to the site for a long time now, maybe its time to get it baked in
  19. I really like this idea and concept of comparing output vs size. I think one shortcoming with this graph is that SPL is on the decibel scale which is not linear, but we can think of box volume as linear. What we should do is convert SPL to Sound intensity (assume sea level for air pressure -- close enough). Once we have a linear scale for output and a linear scale for volume, I think the graph can have more meaning.
  20. Seems reasonable, too much is never a bad thing either, just means it won't clip.
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