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  1. Hi Members, Just analysing the group delay on this 24" Subwoofer tested by Josh from data-bass. "DIY Stereo Integrity HS-24 Sealed Group Delay" 23.0 ft3 cabinet. From 10 Hz through to 120 Hz the group delay is less than one cycle for this Subwoofer. Incidentally one cycle in milliseconds for each of these Hz frequencies is: 10 Hz (100ms) 20 Hz (50ms) 30 Hz (33.33ms) 40 Hz (25ms) 50 Hz (20ms) 60 Hz (16.66ms) 70 Hz (14.28ms) 80 Hz (12.5ms) 90 Hz (11.11ms) 100 Hz (10ms) 120 Hz (8.33ms) So that tells me this subwoofer is quite fast. My question is how much faster might a 32" or 50" Subwoofer be across the 10Hz to 120Hz range? Ascendo talks about their 24" subwoofers as having good group delay and are suited to movies and music. They also have a 32" and 50" version targeted for home and commercial cinema. Again they state the group delays are even better. Deep Sea Sound has a 24" sealed sub as well. They don't mention the group delay specifically but they mention it's a fast sub. Basically my point is let's say a 24" sealed sub will generally have good group delay figures. How much better might a Mach 5 32" be or one of these Ascendo 32" or 50" ones be? I'm mainly interested in music more than home theatre but I'm interested in the fastest subwoofers with the largest woofers. Edit: I just saw on YouTube the owner of Ascendo state his 50" subwoofer can achieve a group delay of 6ms at 30Hz. Lol. That's incredible. The video is titled: "50" SUBWOOFERS? Talking Subwoofers w/ Ascendo Immersive Audio" on the Spare Change Podcast channel. From the 16 minute mark on the video.
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