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  1. Added a follow up video to my previous comparison between the K-10 and CVR 3002. More subs, higher power and load.
  2. This is amazing, thanks Josh. Looks like I can open mine up to go a bit lower than what I had been doing previously. Thank you!
  3. No stress, I can dig through it again. I did play around again a bit over the last week and I think to my ears at least I still like 100 to 110 hz crossover for most music styles. If I drop it down to 80-90 I think it sounds a bit better for stricktly bass music, but for house and techno, rock etc I prefer it a bit higher. Then again its harder hearing it proper indoors. Depending on our pandemic situation when summer rolls around I'm pretty keen on heading out to crown land for a number of days just to work on tuning.
  4. Yeah someone really needs to do some proper bench testing for sure. I guess they beefed up this model already, the 3302 has more power apparently
  5. https://www.facebook.com/CVRAUDIO
  6. added some info in the Luke's amplifier test thread
  7. Thanks SME. I'm just editing a follow up to the previous video. This time I was able to run the cvr up to 48 volts driving 4x 21sw152 at a 2 ohm load. No appreciable difference between it and the k10. I have no illusions that the cvr can hang with the k10 all the way to max power, but it can drive 4 21's on a 2 ohm load to pretty fun levels very well. Ill post the vid when its ready
  8. I have no experience with the sinbosen sorry.
  9. Hey guys. While not as rigorous as the excellent testing in this thread I put together a little vid doing some light testing and listening comparisons between the chinese CVR branded 3002 amplifier up against a Powersoft K-10. Might be a good option for people looking for some decent performance at a good price point. Maybe you will find it interesting. Ill have this set up for a couple more days so if you're quick and send me a request for ideas for further testing I can try to accommodate
  10. Hey Josh. Curious if you would be willing to make a recommendation for high and low pass filters with recommended slopes your Skram design. It’s been a while since I’ve had mine out with the pandemic and all, but I’m planning a day at our studio tomorrow to get everything plugged in and spend some timing tuning and tweaking. Planning to get the measurement mic out and spend some time dialing in the system so I don’t get rusty haha. I’ve been happy with the setting I’ve been running which I don’t remember off hand but I’ve got some different amps on hand so willing to try some new things. Anoth
  11. Bummer about the drive man, that sucks. got any deployment pictures from the playa?
  12. I've decided to order one of the cvr d-3002's to see whats up with them. I don't have the equipment to bench test but I can do some a/b listening tests vs my K10. Ill report back
  13. Thank you for clarifying that for me, I will keep on doing what I am doing. SME, thanks again for your input. Phase alignment has been one of the biggest rabbit holes I've fought with over the last few years but I feel I've finally got a reasonably repeatable process that is giving me good results. peniku8, yeah I know know its not ideal but with this covid thing im trying not rack up too much dept for new sound gear. If/when things get back to normal Ill figure out something proper. I dont let anyone touch my gear so not worried about the random factor playing in.
  14. Thank you. Yeah the possibility of one amp having more latency than the other has crossed my mind. They are both non dsp units. Ill need to get a mic on them and do some testing to confirm. On that note, I'm having trouble coming up with an answer reading through others posts. When using REW in the info I have gained from the tutorials it sounds like an external sound card is NOT required to use the acoustical timing reference functions for measuring for phase alignment. I have however came across a user who says an external sound card is absolutely required. I was messing around with my l
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