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  1. Interesting experiment for sure. My personal take away is use 240v if available. If you don't have access you can still get solid performance from 120v plugs, just ensure you aren't overloading your amplifiers with too many speakers. On 120v I run 1 amplifier per 2 skrams on a 4ohm load and can achieve likely 90-95% of what can be achieved using 240v. don't expect to get the most of tough 2ohm loads from 120volt. Of course with 120v you will draw twice the amperage, deal with more heat and that may but extra strain on your gear.
  2. Finally spent some sheckles to have a proper power panel build to run my amps on 240v which isn’t super common up here in most venues. While subtle, things felt a little cleaner and tight and amps ran noticeably cooler. We knocked some bottles off the wall of the bar which was a first so it seemed to have helped https://youtu.be/rqMiTLL15s8
  3. While the limiters are basic on the dbx units I think they are enough to get by. I ran a Pa2 for probably close to 7 or 8 years and never burnt up any drivers. The venu360 is a big step up in functionality and sound quality but at that price there should be lots of good options out there. Personally I think if you are running your system into limit hard enough to think your limiter isn't up to the job the problem isn't your limiter, its that you don't have enough system for the job. I haven't needed to run my Skram's or my Danley's into limiting yet, if the day comes that it is required ill just start cutting up more wood
  4. Sorry no experience with the Sanway stuff but there is a lot of info out there regarding their offerings. Those prices on reverb are pretty crazy, real world pricing from a rep should be about 50-60% of those listed prices.
  5. No problem, I agree that article really simplified things on my end. Following the recommendations within, I have a bunch of shows under the bridge at this point and between monitoring magnet temps or getting hands on drivers in my paraflex cabinets I feel confident my drivers are well protected and performing excellent at powers higher than I would have run them using many of the "rules of thumb" I had gathered in other resources. On that note, I am super happy with my XTA DPA100 amplifier. Its a bit spendy but considering the onboard dsp with 4 channels of dsp outputs for controlling of "slave amplifiers" I really think XTA hit a home run with these units. Great sound quality and easy to use software, lots of power onboard, highly recommended. I've done some smaller shows running my big Danley's plus 4 subs run entirely off the single Dpa100 on a single 15amp circuit with no problems. Nice and efficient power.
  6. I cant speak for the 18tbx100 option but I have some thoughts on the amplifiers you listed. I have powered my Skrams using the CVR's, a Powersoft K10, an Admark k420 and Wasi w15k's. All of these amps work great and will give similar results. I would rate the CVR, K10 and Wasi so close in performance I doubt you could tell the difference between them in a blind test. Some people have stated that they think the Admark may have a slight advantage over the cvr on tone but I haven't experienced any evidence to support this, but I have only played around with their 4 channel models vs their 2 channel models. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those options.
  7. Well said tahoe, the overbuilt heavy and robust 21sw152 is meant for high power mayhem, at low volumes I wouldn’t consider it delicate and nuanced. I’m currently using a direct radiating reflex in my living room using a light weight high sensitivity driver and it’s much better suited for the size of the room. Even at low to moderate levels the Skrams were knocking plaster off the roof of my living room, the design is just not meant for home use in my opinion. Perhaps a lighter duty more efficient driver in the skram could work really well in your situation but I don’t have the experience to back that up. where is this war machine truck of yours Tahoe? We should meet up and let our Skrams have a play date haha
  8. Sound quality wise, I'd take skrams over double 18's all day every day.
  9. I have a fairly small listening room at home as well and at one point I had a pair of skram's with sm60f set up. They were pretty exciting for certain types of music, live music recordings in particular were really incredible. I wouldn't have kept them in there though, they were simply too brutish and over excited the room even at lower volumes. If you do try this I would recommend using a different driver than the 21sw152. I think somewhere in this thread someone made some listening impression comments on various drivers and the 21sw152 was characterized as darker sounding compared to some lighter cone options. The 21sw152 is still one of the top drivers for war volume applications, but I think there would be better options for low volume listening.
  10. Yes I have a pair of handles only on the hatch. Standing upright we can lift them 2 persons using the handles on the hatch as well I rounded the upper panel on the mount to serve as a carrying point on the front. I also have casters on the hatch side so the cabinet can be turned onto the wheels for easy rolling. I wouldn’t estimate the cabs are closer to 180 pounds but I haven’t weighed them to confirm. They can be stacked pretty easy with 4 people.
  11. This is a great room to play in, its been properly sound treated due to it being a live music venue. This system crushes in this space
  12. I haven't man, sorry. Hopefully someday the Skram will get the full testing treatment, I would think the Skhorn results should be a pretty good representation of what to expect obviously with lower output. The Skram also has larger vents so overall we would expect 2 skrams to outperform a single skhorn. At the end of the day it comes down to cabinet size. The Skrams 36x34x24 dimensions makes it a real compact 21" cabinet, I doubt any diy plan packs as much punch and deep extension in those dimensions. I can move these around on my own but they are at the very edge of what I would call manageable if its just you. If you have a dedicated crew that will help you move them into storage at 5am then perhaps look into larger cabinets
  13. Have a bit of an interesting field use report for my Skrams. I recently added new processing to my system using an XTA DPA 100. It’s a pretty interesting 4 channel amp, which I am using to bi-amp my Danley sh46 cabs. It also featured 4 channels of output control to add processing to my slave sub amplifiers. I used the information within this XTA/MC2 document on limiters to set up protection on my sub amps. https://audiocore.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/XTA-Application-Note-DPA-Amps-Limiter-Settings.doc.pdf using the chart within this document it says to set up the 21sw152 at 86.9 volts for limiting, minus 1db for safety margin. Having always been a little hesitant on knowing just how hard I can safely drive my Skrams I added a 2 wire thermocoupler temperature sensing system to 1 of the cabinets to monitor magnet temperature. 1 wire is mounted on the external circumference of the magnet, the other right next to the vent on the end of the magnet body. last night I provided sound for a local dubstep crew, 7 hours of continuous deep sine wave bass. Peak volume was held for about the 3 final hours of the night, at maximum I was running about 2db down from where limiting would engage. Monitoring throughout the night, magnet temperature peaked at 44 degrees Celsius. This was also in a packed sweaty room that was raining condensation from the roof. pretty interesting to get some real Information about what the drivers are doing deep within the skram cabinets under real world conditions. I had previously come across a statement from Bennet Prescott who works with B&C saying that the 21sw152 can sustain 100 degrees magnet temperature without thermally damaging the coil. Previously I had been limiting these drivers to around 50 volts, it seems that in the Skram alignment we should be able to safely push them beyond that a bit without getting too much temperature build up. This of course may change for other types of music, I will continue to report back when I can speak to temps I’m seeing when doing other types of music shows. Data is beautiful. Always a pleasure getting to flex these cabinets, in a town where double 18’s rule, the Skrams are raisins eyebrows and making lots of new fans.
  14. Mine don’t, but they have a newer dsp model that might
  15. Dave released an interesting video regarding bridge mono use. I gotta give it another watch or two to digest it more. This is something I’ve never come across, is anyone in here utilizing this technique? Seems to offer some nice benefits. https://youtu.be/HYbvA1DOR9A
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