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(8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build


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Wow I suck with Sketchup...but here's how things will fit behind the mains. 


First box is 2" from the back wall and 10" from the side wall (sub facing the side wall):





Next box will mirror it:





Stack two more on top of those:





Then lay the Othorn on its side and stack that on top (also facing the side wall):





Repeat on the other side:





:D  :D  :D



Why do I feel like the biggest nerd on planet earth right now?

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Why not pointed at you so you can feel da breeze?


The Othorns, like any other horn I've ever tested, perform much better (more SPL, flatter response, deeper extension) when corner loaded, so side firing the ported as well will really help with integration/phase (it certainly did with the sealed).  


Additionally if they all faced forward, I'd only have 3" of space between them and the side walls, so I'd loose access to the cable pass-through in the back wall as well as the outlet I use for the TV/IR repeater/MIC preamp.  

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Kudos on your dedication level...This is a crap ton of work. Good luck. And I thought I had it bad when I had to disassemble my DO XXX cabs, sell those drivers off and re-rout all of the baffles for the 19's, re-wireand reassemble everything and move some of the speakon jacks.

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Keep up the good work. You're only 1/4 done now. :D


Next round will be two at a time.  It's getting warm enough now where one the vehicles won't be staying in the heated garage so I have some space to work.  


Also, I'm going to buy the cheapest mattress topper wal-mart has to offer and line the inside and take another impedance measurement.  



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Nice!  What kind of roller did you use?  I wonder if it will cure faster?


I bought a very fine low nap roller that I haven't tested yet, but I'm hoping it will give me a very smooth matte texture on my cabinets.


For the first coat I tried a 6" high-density foam roller:




The duratex was try to the touch in about 10 minutes maybe even less, but it was impossible to get anything even close to an even finish.  This roller leaves a line on each side no matter how hard or light you press down.


What I'm trying next is the fine low nap roller like you mentioned.  

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The lowest nap roller that HD or Menards had was 1/4", and it's barely better than the foam roller.


I think the biggest issue is that the thinner layer of duratex dries faster, so by the time you make that final pass to get the texture uniform it's already a little "tacky".  


Oh well, these are big ugly boxes that are going to remain big ugly boxes.  They're hidden behind the mains and TV anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter.  

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These are the ones I bought from my local Guiry's:




If I get a chance today, I'll give them a try, but we'll see.  I'm going to try to glue today.


Looks very similar to what I bought:



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Wow, your response doesn't bode well for my plans.  I didn't get to playing with it.  I had my wife help and it still took like 4 hours to get one of the cabinet glued together.  We may do the other one tomorrow if the first one seems dry enough.  Yeesh.


If the surface were smaller it'd be a lot easier, and on top of that you may be more skilled at applying this stuff than me!

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