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The Low Frequency Content Thread (films, games, music, etc)


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After a marathon day getting SpecLab to work, with lots of help from JSS (thanks!), finally a decent graph of Olympus Has Fallen's Washington Monument scene:




That's purely digital, with no sound card involved.  Lots of loud 1-20hz content, then that big WHAM going to DC at the end.  Craziness.

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Olympus Has Fallen (DTS-HD MA 5.1)


Level - 4 Stars (112.3dB composite, 0.2dB shy of a 5 star)

Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.9dB)

Execution - 5 Stars  There's some clipping present, but it's not annoying like the clipping in Immortals.


Overall - 4.75 Stars


Recommendation - buy.  This one had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  While barely missing the elusive 5 star rating, it's got the content to go the distance.  An instant classic for subwoofer system demos, the Washington Monument scene is a sub-wrecker.  Don't hurt yourself (or your system) with this one.


Here's the PvA:




SL scenecaps in the previous two posts above this one.


Pretty decent execution - the big stuff had the weight you'd expect - typical action movie fare, but with a lot of very strong content to DC, which is basically unheard of. 


Plus, that Washington Monument scene is one of the toughest to reproduce in any movie, any genre, ever.  It compares very favorably to the TIH - Cop Car Smash / HTTYD - Red Dragon Crash scenes in depth and magnitude, but is significantly longer.

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Holy cow!  That one scene eats up the PvA graph!  Make sure the Offset is zero on that PvA.  It appears too hot at 20Hz, only being a few dB down from dBFS.


I'm gonna have to change the first post to describe the new rating system.



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I made certain the offset was at 0 before running the PvA.  :o  Edit: however, the settings didn't seem to take effect the first time - they often don't with SpecLab.  Sure wish it was coded better.  Anyway...  I reran it.  New PvA shows the same thing, just lower amplitude overall.


It's not just that one scene.  Essentially all the big effects are centered around 20hz.  It's an oddball, from a mix standpoint, but it certainly is effective if you have the displacement to handle it.

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Also how about to get eachother a favorit bass moment,ONLY ONE AT THE TIME,no lists,and maybe a short comment why you liked it.


If i start it will be Finding Nemo,darlas knocking on the fishtank knocked me off,so unexpected,so clean and so brutally fun,loved it,after this one i started to look into bass in movies and found out that i needed an infra system,happy to have now : ) next one.

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TIH - Sonic Cannon Scene.  I don't think anything else really needs to be said about that scene.  That entire film is brutal goodness.  When I first saw it, I had a 30Hz system, and it was still potent.  When I moved to a 15Hz system, it was crazy-insane.  I can't wait to get another octave so I can truly experience the 'cop-car boxing gloves' scene.



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Man I dunno if I have a favourite. I'm not quite the bass head or SPL freak as most here. I do have a sealed sub system, but it can't really do the sub-10hz stuff like a proper quad 15" mega watt system. However, I really enjoyed the Star Trek warps. I also liked the Skyfall helicopter/house scene because it was just so so bad in theatres I debated buying the movie. Then watching it at home really redeemed the movie. So that was nice. A lot of the "famous" scenes here I haven't even watched.

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Tux.... My intension of this was not to brag about "your" system,feel free to express yourself what you liked in an certain movie,and maybe it will be showed by those who can plot it,im useless with computors so i make a humble/soft approach towards those who can : )

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Maybe you are right guys,guess it up to max/jss to decide however fantasic job for those who work on the charts : )


Edit: why i put it up is because i feel it can be abit quieet between the charts,so nice to chat about bas betveen those.

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Level - 4 Stars (112.27dB)

Extension - 4 Stars (11Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.99dB)

Execution - 4 Stars by Poll


Overall - 4.25 Stars


Recommendation - RENT








Beginning of the storm - 15:55-16:29




More storm - 16:57-17:35



The ship arrives - 20:32-21:12





"We can change the pattern."  57:50-58:46




"Stop this thing!" - 01:05:00-01:05:30.jpeg




Doppelganger fight - 01:18:25-01:19:40




Car crash - 01:28:40-01:29:11






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