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The Low Frequency Content Thread (films, games, music, etc)


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Guys, the reason I'm thinking the graphs Dave produces are not line level, but, instead, from the mic'd response at his LP, is because he's repeatedly said this:



With that sort of response, it likely doesn't matter much, but I guess it depends on a variety of other factors.  I thought there was  a pretty decent amount of ULF in AGDTDH based on my digital SL caps direct from the disc.  Reasonable minds can disagree.  :)

I only post mic'd speclab graphs.


In the past, I've posted comparisons of the mic'd version vs the line level version off the player or AVR, but that has been only to confirm the accuracy of mic'ing my system.


Here are examples, done at different times over the years, of HTTYD, HULK and BHD "Irene!", of which I did a THD analysis from the differences in spectral content:










The differences are so slight as to be irrelevant for general posting, so I use the mic to save the hassle of disconnecting the sub system and running the SW out to the mic interface.

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What program are you using to generate images which have measurements from various images overlaid? I know it is Mac based but I'm hoping I can find something similar for windows.


I use Omnigraffle. Unfortunately, the graphs are not overlaid. I pop the graphs into Omni, scale them by stretching horizontally and vertically until they are identical, then create a line with enough data points and lay it on a trace and manipulate the data points until the trace is identically mimicked. I then drag the created trace onto the other graph for comparison.


If it sounds tedious, that's because it is. I'm just so familiar with Omni from creating all of the graphics for my business, sites, etc. over the years, that it's just another graphic to me.


Sorry, I know nothing about W apps. You might ping LTD because I've seen him do similar work and I know he uses W.

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I only post mic'd speclab graphs.


Gotcha, and stand corrected.


I'm not concerned with your system electronics or transducers ... at either end, as your attention to detail, signal path fastidiousness, etc, is solid. I'm sure those elements aren't of concern.

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GI Joe: Retaliation









See the next post for measurements. This one is filtered. Looks to be 15 Hz, 2nd order.


Even with that, the extreme low end blip at the end (see the last speclab cap) still got through, so imagine what level it was at before the filter was applied. Also, my system rolls off starting at 4 Hz, and it still shows up all the way down to 2 Hz!! That may have been why they applied a filter to the whole ST?


Overall a pretty boring action yarn for me. The ST is also unremarkable, YMMV.

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Check your PMs.


GI Joe: Retaliation - it is a tremendously well produced track from a technical standpoint.  No clipping found in any channel.


Here are the numbers:


Level - 4 Stars (110.49dB composite)

Extension - 4 Stars (13Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.13dB)

Execution - By Poll - My vote is 3-4 Stars.  5 years ago, this would have been near 5 Stars, but comparison to WotW, B:LA, TIH and others reveals this is not so.  Also the film is bad (I simply cannot suspend disbelief when the President of the United States says 'the G.I. Joes'), the sound is good, but not great.


Overall - TBA

Recommendation - By Poll


PvA attached.  I did not find a large burst down low like you did (I modified the offset to show colors similar to yours).  Everything is subject to the highpass according to my measurement.  This was a BD from Redbox.


Sorry for the delay, ISP troubles....





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Attack the Block is in a deadlock between 4 and 5 Stars...vote!


Here's an oldy but goody (for its time):


Saving Private Ryan:


Level - 3 Stars (107.67dB composite)

Extension - 1 Star (26Hz)

Dynamics - 4 Stars (26.22dB)

Execution - A solid 4 Stars.  Great film for its time.  I think the theatrical cut had more to it than the BD....


Overall - 3 Stars.


Recommendation - Buy it because it is a great film.  





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Ok, I am now subless and want to start fresh. I am going back to 7.1 and making the room ideal for my 3 front seats And especially the center seat for me. I will add bass traps to where the back surrounds were and panels on the ceiling and the whole front wall. I am also finally going to build a baffle wall and try an IB maybe.


Give me some ideas and which way to go?

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Oblivion (7.1 DTS-HD MA):


Level        - 4 Stars (111.81dB)

Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

Dynamics - 4 Stars (25.92dB)

Execution - 5 Stars by poll. There's not much from 3-15Hz; most of the action is around 30Hz.  It sounds pretty good, and the movie's effects make full use of the rest of the LFE bandwidth, but it's not Gary Rizzo's best mix.  


Overall     - 4.5 Stars.


Recommendation - Buy.  This is an interesting scifi flick that generally gets you to suspend your disbelief, with a few decent twists.  Although not without some typical Tom Cruise movie plot holes, it's gorgeously and innovatively filmed.  While it likely won't win any Oscars, it's prolly worth a place in your library.








00:09:00 - 00:09:20


00:19:06 - 00:19:13



00:27:25 - 00:27:53



00:37:16 - 00:38:25



01:12:10 - 01:12:15



01:14:00 - 01:15:30ish



01:38:11 - 01:39:13



01:39:55 - 01:40:27



01:42:55 - 01:44:20

No scenecap, but deep synth organ.


01:49:20 - 01:49:52



01:52:25 - 01:53:00 (the score's organ is really deep, again)



Finale 01:55:23 - 01:56:03


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Level - 5 Stars (115.4dB Composite!)

Extension - 5 Stars (8Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.1dB)

Execution - 4 Stars by Poll


Overall - 4.75 Stars


Recommendation - RENT.


This film is riddled by clipping.  Attached is how much.  Clipping is in red.  Channels are L, R, C, LFE, SL, SR.


Very impressive PvA, a little something for everyone in it.  






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I believe there's a new kid on the block to rival all of his predecessors...




I'll run this one by the scenes I noted in my first look, but I can just about close my eyes, select any chapter and hit play and it will be low end-loaded.


Abraham, I don't know what's up with your assessment that the ST is low level. This one put a hurtin' on my room and person.


The finale as I heard it:



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